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8th Newcastle Mini Congress
Sponsored by home bargains

The obligatory crowd scene.
Round 5. Some of the U130 section in action, skillfully taken to obscure most of the faces!
In the foreground Jack Healings already finds Pete Tideswell's game more interesting than his own.

I like to place the mini between Frodsham and Easter if possible, and also to avoid any Staffordshire County matches. That left me a choice of two weekends this year - clashimg either with the Warwickshire or Blackpool Congresses. Deciding to play the former myself, I elected to clash with the mini. I didn't realise that this would also clash with a number of family commitments for Newcastle members who usually support the event, so i waspleased that numbers just made it up to 30. Lest anyone should think it was a one man organising effort I shall pass on my thanks publically to Prize winners were
Open/U160: First equal: Doug Barnett, Steve Hill, Daniel Sullivan
U130: First: Ben Scattergood, Second : Brian Birchall, Third: David Price
U100: First Jacob Cartlidge, Second equal: Sam Beardmore, Derrick Jones
Junior Prize: Dominic Taylor
Kangaroo Prize: Peter Shaw

As ever the pictures on these pages have been cropped and degraded, though in several cases the originals are not wonderful, due no doubt to my inability to hold the camera steady! However originals are available if anyone really wants them.

Left: Kangaroo Pete enjoys a cuppa whilst in spectating mode
Right: Steve Hill in action concentrating on his own game.

Open and U160 U130 U100
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