Season 2016/17 in figures

The tables below contain information about the strength of teams and boards fielded in the league competitions this season.

Cooking the books

In order to interpret the figures you will want to know the basis of the calculations:

Team totals are calculated after the minimum counting grade has been applied to defaulted boards, ungraded and low graded players.

For individual boards, a minimum counting grade has been applied to defaults (0 in divs 1 and 5), but for lower graded players their grade has been used. For ungraded players estimated grades have been used. Some of these have changed over the course of the season.

The difference in the treatments described above means that in divisions 2 to 4 the sum of the average grades of the boards is less than the team average. All averages have been rounded to the nearest whole number.

Defaulted matches have not been included in the calculations.

The figures

All teams

Division 1Division 2Division 3Division 4Division 5
average team 835705505450329
average board 1196173145133112
average board 218115212912292
average board 31681351219970
average board 41541231038755
average board 5136114   
Av team
- sum av boards

Team by team break down:

All figures are team totals.
Cheddleton A855921761
Holmes Chapel A850946819
Newcastle A821827789
Stafford A814938677
Cheddleton B720725715
Crewe A699713687
Holmes Chapel Rooks669703620
Newcastle B709720665
Newcastle C714722710
Alsager A506514482
Cheddleton C510514483
Cheddleton D510518483
Crewe B508519487
Fenton A510519492
Kidsgrove A481508446
Meir A508512479
Newcastle D503518477
Alsager B455456443
Cheddleton E458459449
Cheddleton F449460433
Crewe C436459428
Fenton B448460426
Meir B446456442
Newcastle E454457442
Stafford B450456439
Cheddleton G289358162
Cheddleton H289329145
Cheddleton I310380154
Crewe D346398275
Crewe E321393213
Fenton C353392261
Meir C368399328
Newcastle F354394298

Head to Head

The following table shows the average grading differences, i.e. shows by how much the weaker team/player is outgraded. Defaulted boards have been omitted.
Division 1Division 2Division 3Division 4Division 5
team 7225161047
board 11021131111
board 212139817
board 32015101123
board 4236171720
board 5218   

For comparison see figures for seasons 2009/10 and 2012/13.