Season 2012/13 in figures

The tables below contain information about the strength of teams and boards fielded in the league competitions this season.

Cooking the books

In order to interpret the figures you will want to know the basis of the calculations:

Team totals are calculated after the minimum counting grade has been applied to defaulted boards, ungraded and low graded players.

For individual boards, a minimum counting grade has been applied to defaults, but for lower graded players their grade has been used. For ungraded players estimated grades have been used. Some of these are unofficial estimates, and some have changed over the course of the season.

The difference in the treatments described above means that in divisions 2 to 4 the sum of the average grades of the boards is less than the team average. All averages have been rounded to the nearest whole number.

Defaulted matches have not been included in the calculations.

The figures

All teams

Division 1Division 2Division 3Division 4
average team 816695497418
average board 1186168148128
average board 2175151126102
average board 316213311188
average board 41551209573
average board 5138107  
Av team
- sum av boards

Team by team break down:

All figures are team totals.
Alsager A708797571
Cheddleton A811901775
Holmes Chapel Kings825855810
Newcastle A801857781
Stafford A883950788
Cheddleton B702722673
Cheddleton C720723666
Holmes Chapel Knights685705631
Holmes Chapel Rooks658665634
Newcastle B704725677
Alsager B506527461
Cheddleton D508518491
Cheddleton E518520509
Fenton A489520441
Holmes Chapel Pawns454515427
Kidsgrove A503511481
Meir A499515478
Newcastle C499518442
Newcastle D494518465
Stafford B499516466
Alsager C428462391
Alsager D413455373
Cheddleton F433460415
Cheddleton G440460426
Fenton B440451406
Fenton C401424375
H Chapel Tiny Pawns385421360
Meir B421445360
Meir C404456360
Newcastle E415455385

Head to Head

The following table shows the average grading differences, i.e. shows by how much the weaker team/player is outgraded.
Division 1Division 2Division 3Division 4
team 74362428
board 114181820
board 211131513
board 320131616
board 415102323
board 52814  
And finally, since there seems to be some concern about the lower divisions, I've looked at the extent to which each board for each team in divisions three and four outgraded their opponents - red numbers show boards that were outgraded on average. Inevitably these figures will be affected by the estimated grades I've chosen to use.
Board 1Board 2Board 3Board 4
Division 3
Alsager A31521
Cheddleton D1349
Cheddleton E8132415
Fenton A111511
Holmes Chapel Pawns21181625
Meir A4617
Newcastle C27111317
Newcastle D4311
Stafford B14512
Division 4
Alsager C13923
Alsager D4356
Cheddleton F100163
Cheddleton G32145
Fenton B7111334
Fenton C222110
H Chapel Tiny Pawns15162139
Meir B4649
Meir C61522
Newcastle E222328

Some figures for season 2009/10 are available here for comparison.