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6th Newcastle Mini Congress

The usual crowd scene.
Round 4. Some of the U130 section in action. In the background Karol and George rest their hands on handy hands, whilst Karl rests his brain by gazing into space

Again entries reached forty before withdrawals and a no-show left 36 starting the course, of whom 35 finished. As usual I was able to arrange a graded game for everyone forced to take a full point bye. There was much determined effort with few games ending inside an hour, and several grinding on beyond 3 hours. Lest anyone should think it was a one man organising effort I shall pass on my thanks publically to Prize winners were
U160: First equal: Matthew Wyza and Stephane Pedder.
U130: First: Karl Walklate, Second equal: Sandra Blackburn, Clive Ferry , George Scattergood.
U100: First Alex Cartlidge, Second: Joshua Hollins
Junior Prize: Liam Dimmick.
Kangaroo Prize: Jack Healings.

Between Rounds
In the main room George Scattergood gets in some practice with son Ben whilst in the Analysis Room Pete Shaw makes a point to John Day.
As ever the pictures on these pages have been cropped and degraded, though in several cases the originals are not wonderful, due no doubt to my inability to hold the camera steady! However originals are available if anyone really wants them.

I end with a caption competition
U160 U130 U100
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