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Newcastle Mini Congress U165 section

An elite eight contested the U165 section, they can be seen in one picture at the top of the main report page. These included first time visitors to the congress Carl Gartside, left, who proceeded to win the section with one round to spare, Pavlo Nefyodov who won both games on Sunday to rectify his poor Saturday and pick up the kangaroo prize and Jaroskaw Gorski who defeated Carl in the last round.
Regular visitor Steve LLoyd seen refusing to smile for the camera (right) was the only player in the U165s eligible for a lower section, but showed why he chose to play up by securing second place.
Jerry Gorski, left, enjoyed the experience so much that he declined to take his planned Saturday evening half point bye, whilst former winners Michael Roberts and Craig Whitfield seen playing each other right were amongst those left in the wake of this year's prize winners.

The section featured my only problem when an illegal move was made. I nearly gave the innocent party an extra 2 hours on their digital clock rather than 2 minutes, but rapidly corrected myself!


 1  Carl Gartside    High Peak     124   4+   2+   3+   7+   5-   4
 2  Steve Lloyd      Chester       114   5+   1-   b=   6+   3+   3.5 
 3  Michael Roberts  Newcastle     142   8+   7+   1-   b=   2-   2.5
 4  Pavlo Nefyodov   Stafford      141   1-   5=   7-   b+   8+   2.5
 5  Jaroskaw Gorski  Fenton       E139   2-   4=   6+   8-   1+   2.5
 6  Stephane Pedder  Stafford      135   7-   8+   5-   2-   b+   2
 7  Craig Whitfield  Cheddleton    151   6+   3-   4+   1-        
 8  Jon Blackburn    Holmes Chapel 124   3-   6-   b=   5+   4-   1.5

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