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Newcastle Mini Congress U120 section

Pete Shaw has centre stage against the Fanta-fuelled John Amison in round 2.
To the right John Blackburn takes on Stephen LLoyd,
to the left John Gater takes on Clive Ferry
Rob Moruzzi won the U120 section with a round to spare, but to the delight of all bar one of the other competitors did not ease up in the final round and so ended with a perfect five.

Rob, pictured left turning over his scoresheet in the last round as yet another long game nears its conclusion, attributed his performance to the toughening up gained through competing in division one in recent seasons.

Stephen Lloyd from Chester, pictured right with his ever-present companion cup (thanks for all the 20ps) was the only other player to beat 50%. This section was laid out with four tables in a line, with the fifth placed close by in a corner. This bottom table became known as the dunces table.

John Gater (not his business name) mixed up his starting times. thinking that the Saturday afternoon session started at 2.30 instead of the actual 2.00 he decided he had time to take in an extra pint and part on the Everton - Chelsea match. Wrong, but...
it obviously lubricated his thought processes as he won both the remaining Saturday games. He also lost both games on Sunday. hmm.


 1 John Blackburn   Holmes Chapel 116    6=    8+    2-    5=    4-    2   
 2 Rob Moruzzi      Cheddleton    115    7+    5+    1+   10+    6+    5     1st
 3 Clive Ferry      Creda         114    9-    7-   HPB    4+   10+    2.5 
 4 Watson Fuller    Newcastle     114    8-   10-    7=    3-    1+    1.5
 5 Craig Whitfield  Cheddleton    109   10+    2-   HPB    1=    9=    2.5 
 6 John Amison      Fenton        104    1=    9+   HPB    8=    2-    2.5 
 7 Sandra Blackburn Holmes Chapel 102    2-    3+    4=    9-    8-    1.5 
 8 Stephen Lloyd    Chester        97    4+    1-   HPB    6=    7+    3     2nd
 9 Peter Shaw       Newcastle      93    3+    6-   10-    7+    5=    2.5 
10 John Gater       Kidsgrove      56    5-    4+    9+    2-    3-    2

Clive Ferry ponders his next move against John Gater
in a game that Sandra seems to find more interesting than her own

Craig spotted the camera just in time to adopt this special pose.

John Amison

Sandra Blackburn

Watson caught in Dunces Corner

John Gater

John Blackburn
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