2019/20 Grading Performances

Performances for 2019/20 based on all NSDCA league and cup matches upto and including Fri 13th Mar, after which unlucky date competitions were suspended.

As these are meant to be whole season performances a single "current" grade has been used for each player. This is the grade from the August list for those appearing there, with estimates for others, as this is what the league rules say we use. Since estimates may from time to time be changed, performance figures may change despite players not playing further games.

January grades have now been used where possible to overwrite earlier estimated grades and August F category grades.

Note that the ECF database makes monthly updates amending grades in the light of submitted corrections. Amended grades are shown against a partially green background. Grades published elsewhere may be based on thse amendments rather than the August list. A player's August grade can be found on the database by going to their profile and looking for the line showing Standard grade (original unamended).

Although my computer happily crunched the numbers for all players, I have not shown a grading performance in the perf column for those players playing less than 5 games. Additionally, in order to frustrate the morbid curiosity of those who like to search for the lowest numbers, some performances I have simply reported as U50 (for under 50).

Andrew Barker12311122
John Booth1447158
Oliver Davies9011106
Neil Hankey45559
Oliver Horrocks876U50
Neville Jones9511110
John Lightfoot513
James Marshall1006108
Richard Martin47671
John Smith1146109
Tim Twentyman13512122
Colin Abell11518110
Joseph Alcock1138114
William Armstrong13911129
Ali Arshad59890
Allan Beaumonte941
Philip Birks14213127
Jon Blackburn14418136
Sandra Blackburn11217105
Catherine Blackhurste404
Jacob Boswell19213201
Veeom Chadhae251
Peter Cooke501
Matthew Copelande1151
Ewan Cordene405U50
Corey Davise302
Roger Edwards1236118
Simon Edwards1737191
Les Fancourt10311116
Simon Gilmore1871
Karol Grzybowski14621140
David Hallen999110
Peter Hiscocke704
Jamie Jones5712U50
David Millington1264
Caroline Mountford1199114
Harvey Murray-Smith1042
Neo Nurakpakdeee254
Sam Parry15210195
David Rose10917118
Isabelle Rose7010U50
Robert Shaw1963
Paul Shelley938112
David Shiers1171
Charles Swinsone50551
Marcel Taylor1445141
Roger Walker12616127
John Yee1358136
Douglas Barnett13615122
Julian Bulbeck10111130
Koray Callie651
Bartosz Fajfer17413156
Adam Fields959108
Harry GardinerF13118144
Nigel Gardner8912100
James Grangee1591
Reinhard Haack733
Les Hall871682
Ben Harrison874
Adrian Howellse603
David Hulme1449147
George Jelliss661192
Michael Keenan671056
Safwan Khane604
Neville Layhe12619132
Simon Layhe13417129
Karl Lockett15313171
Amy Lovatt1524
Lukasz Michalek11017109
Kobus Nienaber939104
David Price11911108
Mark Randelle601
Richard Renegade12914152
Dylan Sayers961
Russell Smitherse607U50
Pawel Stannye504
Sam Throsbye1303
Philip Wright75983
Gerald Acey1813
Christopher Brian643
Kasian Capatina1526175
Grenville Cross10412113
Stephen Emmerton12714126
Petru Floresc15612173
Julian Hawthorne11916123
Stuart Hull944
Railton Hyde1436151
Glyn Valentine14312124
Robert West882
Derek Whitehurst1048121
Ernest Wilkinson961188
Holmes Chapel
Ian Bates1251
Patrick Bennett1777151
Jonathan Blackburn2106222
Joseph Bussell106998
Stuart Clarke2093
Paul Clifford93599
Michael Hancock1705184
John Hicks1159125
Michael Lee13810133
Liam McIlveen11511132
Colin Mills1335170
Andrew Raeburn1613
Malcolm Roberts1286107
Ellen Scattergood1101282
George Scattergood13713110
John Turner1767156
Gareth Burndrede1144
Julian Cook91791
Andrew Crosby97784
Mohammed Farah566U50
David Johnson1217108
Derek Northage1054
Anthony Brough1337152
Philip Cattermole15210147
Philip Colville1534
Jake Darlingtone1004
Marc Jouannet1061
Geoff Laurence1468149
Denzil Lobo1467131
John Paul Taylor1553
Joachim Trier1386148
Eddie Burke76862
Martin Chadwick74973
Roger Coleman791256
Anthony Cooling75866
Clive Ferry1299102
Steve Filkin366U50
David Fuller10812102
Stuart Green821373
Simon Haas50775
David Hackney68963
Robert Perry5812U50
Gwyn Price621151
Raymond Rhodes781468
Peter Windows12910128
Louis Bakere403
Ethan Barlow514
Devansh Boddue203
Richard Cantliff1174
Paul Clapham981099
Dominic Cooper441
Dylan Cooper554
Roisin Dasanayakee201
John Day13510116
Watson Fuller982
Alberto Gissi11924120
Chris Hankey15113145
Joe Hirst1487139
Barry Jones16413162
Roman Lache1502
Andrew Lowe774
Saranya Miriyalae202
Alan Paling15021163
Raj Rahulan79674
Thivyaa Rahulan1752
Alex Richardson1895178
Peter Shaw10816103
Sanjana Sonnathie202
Isaac Stanleye602
Martyn Stanleye501
Sam Turner1227109
Dylan Whitney761388
Hambel Willow13813148
Nicholas Wright1121698
David Barker102691
Fred Biles991
Geoffrey Cox74792
Peter Evans85583
Andrew Leadbetter1153
Kenneth McNulty1416113
Andrew Mowat1304
John Prout1082
James Topp943
Steve Whatmore1427150