Nantwich withdraw from competitive matches

Unfortunately Nantwich have decided to withdraw from competitive matches after just one season in the league. However I suspect that they still gather regularly for friendly chess in one of the town center pubs, though possibly not the Red Cow in Beam Street which is where they played matches.
2003/4 Mini-Review
Having decided to enter the Margaret Hankey league rather than division 3 of the Stoke league Nantwich were always likely to find some of the opposition overly strong, but the team played with a smile on their face throughout, and had the pleasure of a whitewash in their favour to act as the seasons highlight.


Fixtures and Results
40229.09.2004Pavilion home
40329.10.2004Cheddleton away
40410.11.2004Newcastle away
40724.11.2004Pavilion away
40815.12.2004Cheddleton home
41126.01.2005Newcastle home
41323.02.2005Pavilion away
41502.03.2005Cheddleton home
41706.04.2005Newcastle home
42029.04.2005Cheddleton away
42104.05.2005Pavilion home
42311.05.2005Newcastle away