North Staffs & District Doubles 2016

The North Staffs Doubles was played at the Victoria Club in Holmes Chapel on Saturday 10th December. The upper limit of the lower section was nudged up to 235, giving an all play all upper section of six teams and a lower one of four.

The lower section commenced with an all play all, with two further rounds of repeat matches but with individual pairings against the other member of the opposition relative to the first meeting.


320 Section

1 a  Jonathan Blackburn 197  310   6b+    5b+    4a+    3b=    2b+    5.5    2nd
  b  Sandra Blackburn   113        6a=    5a-    4b-    3a-    2a=

2 a  Steve Emmerton     123  308   5b+    4b-    3b-    6a=    1b=    5
  b  Alex Richardson    185        5a-    4a+    3a+    6b+    1a-

3 a  Jon Blackburn      127  306   4a-    6b+    2b-    1b+    5b+    6      1st
  b  Suzy Cooke         179        4b+    6a-    2a+    1a=    5a=

4 a  Ian Bates          135  297   3a+    2b-    1a-    5b+    6b=    5
  b  Geoff Laurence     162        3b-    2a+    1b+    5a=    6a-

5 a  Ben Scattergood    161  276   2b+    1b+    6b-    4b=    3b=    4
  b  George Scattergood 115        2a-    1a-    6a+    4a-    3a-

6 a  Chris Rhodes       120  271   1b=    3b+    5b-    2a=    4b+    4.5
  b  Rich Wiltshir      151        1a-    3a-    5a+    2b-    4a=

235 Section

10 a  Alberto Gissi     104  232  13b+   12a-   11a+   13a-   12b+    6.5    1st
   b  Michael Lee       128       13a=   12b+   11b+   13b+   12a-

11 a  Robert West       101  204  12b+   13a-   10a-   12a-   13b-    2.5
   b  Derek Whitehurst  103       12a-   13b=   10b-   12b+   13a-

12 a  Doug Barnett      128  208  11b+   10a+   13a+   11a+   10b+    5
   b  Les Hall           70*      11a-   10b-   13b-   11b-   10a-

13 a  Neville Layhe     125  205  10b=   11a+   12a-   10a+   11b+    6      2nd
   b  Simon Layhe        72*      10a-   11b=   12b+   10b-   11a+

* Minimum counting grade 80