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2018/19 Division 5 match scorecards

For convenience these are arranged alphabetically by home team

292Cheddleton F31Cheddleton G330
116Joseph Alcock10David Rose115
77Joshua Brown10Paul Shelley98
55Lilly Brown01Jasmine Jones67
44Jamie Jones10Charles Swinsone50

302Cheddleton F04Cheddleton H341
116Joseph Alcock01Caroline Mountford115
77Joshua Brown01Roger Walker115
59Tilly Snape01Jasmine Jones67
e50Charles Swinson01Jamie Jones44

351Cheddleton F12Crewe E352
107Harvey Murray-Smith01David Price112
116Joseph Alcock10Adam Fields89
77Joshua Brown01Nigel Gardner81
51Ali ArshadMichael Keenane70

272Cheddleton F12Crewe F281
107Harvey Murray-Smith10Michael Keenane70
51Ali ArshadNigel Gardner81
59Tilly Snape01Lukasz Michalek65
55Lilly Brown01Ben Harrisone65

307Cheddleton F12Meir B297
116Joseph Alcock10Eddie Burke80
77Joshua BrownAnthony Cooling77
59Tilly Snape01Robert Perry68
55Lilly Brown01Gwyn Price72

307Cheddleton F04Meir C359
116Joseph Alcock01Peter Windows124
77Joshua Brown01Raymond Rhodes87
59Tilly Snape01Stuart Green83
55Lilly Brown01Martin Chadwick65

307Cheddleton F13Newcastle F323
116Joseph Alcock01Alberto Gissi119
77Joshua Brown01Henry McKennae100
59Tilly Snape01Dylan Whitneye50
55Lilly Brown10Edward Day54

307Cheddleton F22Stafford B300
116Joseph Alcock10Andrew Leadbetter111
77Joshua Brown01David Barker102
59Tilly Snape01Peter Evans87
55Lilly Brown10default0

287Cheddleton G21Cheddleton F307
115David Rose01Joseph Alcock116
98Paul Shelley10Joshua Brown77
42Isabelle Rose10Tilly Snape59
32Corben RowbothamLilly Brown55

160Cheddleton G04Cheddleton H170
e40Harvey Wheawall01Charles Swinsone50
e40Jasper Cooper01Charlie Heathe40
e40Millie Salmon01Samuel Heathe40
e40Alex Salmon01Ewan Cordene40

389Cheddleton G12Crewe E396
122Colin Abell01Simon Layhe116
110David Shiers01David Price112
115David RoseJulian Bulbeck103
42Isabelle Rose10Lukasz Michalek65

377Cheddleton G21Crewe F286
122Colin AbellNigel Gardner81
115David Rose10Reinhard Haacke70
98Paul ShelleyLukasz Michalek65
42Isabelle RoseMichael Keenane70

389Cheddleton G3Meir B312
122Colin AbellStuart Green83
115David Rose10Ewan Haas96
110David Shiers10Martin Chadwick65
42Isabelle Rose10Robert Perry68

371Cheddleton G13Meir C393
122Colin Abell01Peter Windows124
115David Rose01David Fuller117
92David Hallen10Raymond Rhodes87
42Isabelle Rose01Martin Chadwick65

375Cheddleton G21Newcastle F374
122Colin AbellAlberto Gissi119
115David Rose10Peter Shaw111
98Paul Shelley10David Ashby94
e40Marnie Pointon01Dylan Whitneye50

377Cheddleton G22Stafford B379
122Colin AbellAndrew Leadbetter111
115David Rose10David Barker102
98Paul Shelley01Peter Evans87
42Isabelle RoseGeoffrey Cox79

341Cheddleton H3Cheddleton F307
115Caroline MountfordJoseph Alcock116
115Roger Walker10Joshua Brown77
67Jasmine Jones10Tilly Snape59
44Jamie Jones10Lilly Brown55

314Cheddleton H3Cheddleton G329
115Caroline MountfordColin Abell122
115Roger Walker10David Rose115
e40Marnie Pointon10Isabelle Rose42
44Jamie Jones10Charles Swinsone50

393Cheddleton H21Crewe E397
119David MillingtonSimon Layhe116
115Caroline Mountford10Julian BulbeckF99
115Roger Walker10David Price112
44Jamie Jones01Reinhard Haacke70

398Cheddleton H21Crewe F358
121Stephen Wootton10Harry Gardiner104
119David Millington10Adam Fields89
116Les FancourtNigel Gardner81
42Isabelle Rose01Kobus Nienaber84

345Cheddleton H22Meir B310
119David Millington10Ewan Haas96
115Caroline Mountford10Raymond Rhodes87
67Jasmine Jones01Stuart Green83
44Jamie Jones01Simon Haas44

439Cheddleton H31Meir C394
119David Millington10Peter Windows124
115Caroline Mountford10Eddie Burke80*
115Roger Walker10Roger Coleman70*
51*Ali Arshad01Martin Chadwick65*

341Cheddleton H21Newcastle F374
115Caroline MountfordAlberto Gissi119
115Roger Walker10David Meakine102
67Jasmine Jones01David Ashby94
44Jamie Jones10Dylan Whitney59

 Cheddleton H40Stafford B 

365Crewe E3Cheddleton F303
116Simon Layhe10Joseph Alcock116
103Julian Bulbeck10Joshua Brown77
81Nigel GardnerAli Arshad51
65Lukasz Michalek10Tilly Snape59

397Crewe E21Cheddleton G380
116Simon Layhe01Colin Abell122
112David Price10David Rose115
F99Julian BulbeckDavid Hallen92
e70Reinhard Haack10Ali Arshad51

396Crewe E31Cheddleton H341
103Julian Bulbeck01Roger Walker115
116Simon Layhe10Caroline Mountford115
112David Price10Jasmine Jones67
65Lukasz Michalek10Jamie Jones44

274Crewe E12Crewe F281
80Les HallNigel Gardner81
F84Adam Fields10Lukasz Michalek65
e70Reinhard Haack01Michael Keenane70
e40Josh Cross01Ben Harrisone65

370Crewe E3Meir B289
F99Julian BulbeckRaymond Rhodes87
112David Price10Roger Coleman70
F84Adam Fields10David Hackney67
e75Kobus Nienaber10Martin Chadwick65

392Crewe E3Meir C360
112David Price10Peter Windows124
116Simon Layhe10Raymond Rhodes87
F99Julian BulbeckAnthony Cooling77
65Lukasz Michalek10Gwyn Price72

438Crewe E3Newcastle F434
116Simon LayheAlberto Gissi119
112David Price10David Ashby94*
F99*Julian Bulbeck10Edward Day54*
65*Lukasz Michalek10Dylan Whitneye50*

389Crewe E3Stafford B268
116Simon Layhe10James Topp102
103Julian BulbeckPeter Evans87
81Nigel Gardner10default0
89Adam Fields10Geoffrey Cox79

318Crewe F3Cheddleton F362
104Harry GardinerSandra Blackburn118
84Kobus Nienaber10Joseph Alcock116
e65Ben Harrison10Joshua Brown77
65Lukasz Michalek10Ali Arshad51

302Crewe F04Cheddleton G373
84Kobus Nienaber01Colin Abell122
83George Jelliss01David Rose115
e70Michael Keenan01Allan Beaumonte94
e65Ben Harrison01Isabelle Rose42

394Crewe F31Cheddleton H390
e120Martin Frisher10Roger Walker115
104Harry Gardiner10Caroline Mountford115
89Adam Fields01Les Fancourt116
81Nigel Gardner10Jamie Jones44

255Crewe F04Crewe E255
F84Adam Fields01Les Hall80
e75Kobus Nienaber01Reinhard Haacke70
67Philip Wright01Lukasz Michalek65
29Richard Hind01Josh Crosse40

328Crewe F21Meir B286
84Kobus Nienaber10Stuart Green83
e90Reinhard Haack01Roger Coleman70
89Adam Fields10Robert Perry68
e65Ben HarrisonMartin Chadwick65

261Crewe F22Meir C394
81Nigel GardnerPeter Windows124
65Lukasz MichalekDavid Fuller117
e75Kobus Nienaber10Stuart Green83
e40Josh Cross01Roger Coleman70

327Crewe F04Newcastle F311
84Kobus Nienaber01Nicholas Wright104
e90Reinhard Haack01David Ashby94
e70Michael Keenan01Edward Day54
83George Jelliss01Dylan Whitney59

307Crewe F31Stafford B390
81Nigel GardnerAndrew Leadbetter111
F84Adam FieldsDavid Barker102
e75Kobus Nienaber10John Proute90
67Philip Wright10Peter Evans87

366Meir B12Cheddleton G425
96Ewan HaasColin Abell122
68*Robert Perry01David Rose115
65*Martin Chadwick10Paul Shelley98
44*Simon Haas01Isabelle Rose42*

280Meir B04Cheddleton H341
96Ewan Haas01Roger Walker115
72Gwyn Price01Caroline Mountford115
68Robert Perry01Jasmine Jones67
44Simon Haas01Jamie Jones44

277Meir B04Crewe E333
72Gwyn Price01Julian Bulbeck103
70Roger Coleman01Nigel Gardner81
67David Hackney01Kobus Nienaber84
68Robert Perry01Lukasz Michalek65

291Meir B04Crewe F310
83Stuart Green01Nigel Gardner81
96Ewan Haas01Kobus Nienabere75
68Robert Perry01Adam FieldsF84
44Simon Haas01Reinhard Haacke70

288Meir B3Meir C301
96Ewan HaasRaymond Rhodes87
83Stuart Green10Anthony Cooling77
65Martin Chadwick10Roger Coleman70
44Simon Haas10David Hackney67

296Meir B22Cheddleton F307
80Eddie Burke01Joseph Alcock116
77Anthony Cooling01Joshua Brown77
72Gwyn Price10Tilly Snape59
67David Hackney10Lilly Brown55

281Meir B04Newcastle F375
e90Steve Filkin01Peter Shaw111
80Eddie Burke01Nicholas Wright104
67David Hackney01Paul Clapham101
44Simon Haas01Dylan Whitney59

288Meir B30Stafford B407
83Stuart GreenAndrew Leadbetter111
70Roger ColemanJohn Prout107
67David Hackney10David Barker102
68Robert Perry01Peter Evans †87

† Ineligible player, game scored to Meir and one game point deducted for match result purposes

360Meir C21Cheddleton F277
124Peter Windows01Joseph Alcock116
87Raymond RhodesJoshua Brown77
77Anthony Cooling10Jamie Jones44
72Gwyn Price10Marnie Pointone40

328Meir C22Cheddleton G386
124Peter Windows10Colin Abell122
72Gwyn Price01David Rose115
67David Hackney10Paul Shelley98
65Martin Chadwick01Ali Arshad51

351Meir C31Cheddleton H341
124Peter Windows10Roger Walker115
80Eddie BurkeCaroline Mountford115
77Anthony Cooling10Jasmine Jones67
70Roger ColemanJamie Jones44

408Meir C03Crewe E393
124Peter Windows10Simon Layhe116
117David Fuller01David Price112
87Raymond Rhodes01Adam FieldsF84
80Eddie BurkeNigel Gardner81

Meir C overgraded, board 4 declared ineligible.

353Meir C21Crewe F325
124Peter Windows10Kobus Nienaber84
87Raymond RhodesNigel Gardner81
77Anthony Cooling01Reinhard Haacke90
65Martin Chadwick10Michael Keenane70

320Meir C21Meir B316
124Peter Windows10Stuart Green83
80Eddie BurkeEwan Haas96
72Gwyn Price01Roger Coleman70
44Simon Haas10David Hackney67
87Raymond Rhodes10Robert Perry68

Board 5 extra board not counting for match result purposes.

364Meir C12Newcastle F329
124Peter Windows01Alberto Gissi119
87Raymond RhodesWatson Fuller97
83Stuart Green10Dylan Whitney59
70Roger Coleman01Edward Day54

348Meir C21Stafford B385
124Peter WindowsAndrew Mowat117
80Eddie Burke01David Barker102
77Anthony Cooling10Peter Evans87
67David Hackney10Geoffrey Cox79

284Newcastle F21Cheddleton F348
94David AshbyJoseph Alcock116
e71Derrick Jones01Sandra Blackburn118
59Dylan Whitney10Tilly Snape59
e60Andrew Lowe10Lilly Brown55

327Newcastle F12Cheddleton G371
119Alberto GissiColin Abell122
94David Ashby10David Rose115
e60Andrew Lowe01David Hallen92
54Edward Day01Isabelle Rose42

305Newcastle F13Cheddleton H341
119Alberto GissiCaroline Mountford115
94David Ashby01Roger Walker115
e50Dylan WhitneyJasmine Jones67
54Edward Day01Jamie Jones44

332Newcastle F13Crewe E376
119Alberto Gissi10Julian BulbeckF99
104Nicholas Wright01David Price112
e50Dylan Whitney01Adam FieldsF84
e59Raj Rahulan01Nigel Gardner81

319Newcastle F21Crewe F300
111Peter Shaw10Kobus Nienaber84
94David AshbyNigel Gardner81
e60Andrew Lowe10Michael Keenane70
54Edward Day01Ben Harrisone65

283Newcastle F22Meir B215
119Alberto Gissi10Anthony Cooling77
e60Andrew Lowe01Roger Coleman70
e50Dylan Whitney01Robert Perry68
54Edward Day10default0

343Newcastle F13Meir C398
119Alberto GissiPeter Windows124
94David AshbyDavid Fuller117
e71Derrick Jones01Raymond Rhodes87
59Dylan Whitney01Roger Coleman70

335Newcastle F22Stafford B375
119Alberto Gissi10John Prout107
103Jeffrey Tombs01David Barker102
e59Raj Rahulan10Peter Evans87
54Edward Day01Geoffrey Cox79

373Stafford B3Cheddleton F296
117Andrew MowatJoseph Alcock116
87Peter Evans10Joshua Brown77
e90John Prout10Tilly Snape59
79Geoffrey Cox10Jamie Jones44

385Stafford B22Cheddleton G387
117Andrew Mowat10Colin Abell122
102David Barker01David Rose115
87Peter Evans01David Hallen92
79Geoffrey Cox10Robert Milner58

373Stafford B22Cheddleton H341
102James Topp01Roger Walker115
102David Barker01Caroline Mountford115
e90John Prout10Jasmine Jones67
79Geoffrey Cox10Jamie Jones44

398Stafford B13Crewe E396
107John ProutJulian Bulbeck103
102David BarkerDavid Price112
102James Topp01Simon Layhe116
87Peter Evans01Lukasz Michalek65

399Stafford B12Crewe F325
111Andrew LeadbetterReinhard Haacke90
107John ProutAdam Fields89
102James ToppNigel Gardner81
79Geoffrey Cox01Lukasz Michalek65

400Stafford B3Meir B319
117Andrew Mowat10Ewan Haas96
102David BarkerStuart Green83
102James Topp10Gwyn Price72
79Geoffrey Cox10Robert Perry68

399Stafford B31Meir C394
117Andrew Mowat10Peter Windows124
102James Topp10Raymond Rhodes87*
87*Peter Evans01Roger Coleman70*
79*Geoffrey Cox10Gwyn Price72*

379Stafford B40Newcastle F338
111Andrew Leadbetter10Alberto Gissi119
102James Topp10David Ashby94
87Peter Evans10Derrick Jonese71
79Geoffrey Cox10Edward Day54

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