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2018/19 Division 3 match scorecards

For convenience these are arranged alphabetically by home team

* Minimum counting grade of 105 applies when totalling.

^ Ineligible player. Game scored to opponent and one game point deducted from team score

476Alsager A22Cheddleton C494
152John Booth10John Yee135
111Andrew BarkerColin Abell122
108Sam Turner01Stephen Wootton121
102*Neville JonesLes Fancourt116

491Alsager A22Cheddleton D503
152John BoothJon Blackburn139
111Andrew BarkerPhilip Birks141
120John SmithSandra Blackburn118
108Sam TurnerDavid Hallen92*

444Alsager A3Crewe B518
120John Smith01Richard Renegade138
111Andrew BarkerNeville Layhe137
108Sam Turner01Chris Rhodes127
102*Neville Jones01Simon Layhe116

429Alsager A-3Crewe C501
111Andrew Barker01Karl Lockett149
108^ Sam Turner01David Hulme135
102*Neville JonesJulian BulbeckF99*
81*Michael Williams01David Price112

488Alsager A12Meir A512
152John Booth01Steve Hill145
120John Smith10Clive Ferry126
111Andrew BarkerPeter Windows124
102*Neville Jones01David Fuller117

471Alsager A13Newcastle C508
147Alan Thomason01Alan Paling159
111Andrew BarkerHambel Willow133
102*Neville Jones01Peter Shaw111
108Sam TurnerNicholas Wright104*

501Cheddleton C31Alsager A426
135John YeeAndrew Barker111
129Sam ParryJames Marshall101*
122Colin Abell10Oliver Horrocks91*
115David Rose10Neil Hankey38*

509Cheddleton C12Crewe B518
137Karol Grzybowski01Richard Renegade138
135John YeeNeville Layhe137
122Colin Abell01Chris Rhodes127
115David Rose10Simon Layhe116

510Cheddleton C12Crewe C510
137Karol Grzybowski10Karl Lockett149
135John Yee01Amy Lovatt144
122Colin AbellDavid Price112
116Les Fancourt01Julian Bulbeck103*

490Cheddleton C31Cheddleton D503
135John Yee01Jon Blackburn139
130Roger Edwards10Philip Birks141
110David Shiers10Sandra Blackburn118
115David Rose10David Hallen92*

504Cheddleton C21Meir A491
137Karol Grzybowski10Steve Hill145
130Roger Edwards01Peter Windows124
122Colin AbellDavid Fuller117
115David Rose10Raymond Rhodes87*

458Cheddleton C22Newcastle C508
122Colin Abell10Alan Paling159
115David RoseHambel Willow133
116Les Fancourt01Peter Shaw111
92*David HallenNicholas Wright104*

503Cheddleton DAlsager A429
141^ Philip BirksAndrew Barker111
139Jon Blackburn10^ Sam Turner108
118Sandra Blackburn10^ James Marshall101*
92*David HallenNeil Hankey38*

503Cheddleton D12Cheddleton C482
141Philip BirksJohn Yee135
139Jon BlackburnColin Abell122
118Sandra BlackburnDavid Rose115
92*David Hallen01David Shiers110

503Cheddleton D12Crewe B486
141Philip Birks10Neville Layhe137
139Jon Blackburn01Douglas Barnett128
118Sandra Blackburn01Simon Layhe116
92*David HallenHarry Gardiner104*

503Cheddleton D31Crewe C510
141Philip Birks10Karl Lockett149
139Jon BlackburnAmy Lovatt144
118Sandra BlackburnDavid Price112
92*David Hallen10Lukasz Michalek65*

503Cheddleton D21Meir A491
141Philip BirksSteve Hill145
139Jon BlackburnPeter Windows124
118Sandra BlackburnDavid Fuller117
92*David Hallen10Roger Coleman70*

506Cheddleton D12Newcastle C519
144William Armstrong01Barry Jones162
139Jon BlackburnHambel Willow133
118Sandra BlackburnAlberto Gissi119
92*David HallenNicholas Wright104*

508Crewe B31Alsager A429
138Richard Renegade10Andrew Barker111
137Neville Layhe01Sam Turner108
128Douglas Barnett10Neville Jones102*
104*Harry Gardiner10James Marshall101*

509Crewe B12Cheddleton C499
138Richard Renegade01Matthew Carr141
127Chris Rhodes01Colin Abell122
128Douglas BarnettStephen Wootton121
116Simon Layhe10David Rose115

518Crewe B22Cheddleton D503
137Neville LayheJon Blackburn139
138Richard Renegade01Philip Birks141
127Chris RhodesSandra Blackburn118
116Simon Layhe10David Hallen92*

518Crewe B3Crewe C501
138Richard Renegade01Karl Lockett149
137Neville Layhe01David Hulme135
127Chris Rhodes01David Price112
116Simon LayheJulian BulbeckF99*

518Crewe B21Meir A491
138Richard Renegade01Steve Hill145
137Neville LayhePeter Windows124
127Chris Rhodes10David Fuller117
116Simon Layhe10Roger Coleman70*

518Crewe B22Newcastle C508
138Richard Renegade01Alan Paling159
137Neville Layhe01Hambel Willow133
116Simon Layhe10Peter Shaw111
127Chris Rhodes10Nicholas Wright104*

510Crewe C12Alsager A488
149Karl LockettJohn Booth152
144Amy Lovatt10Andrew Barker111
104*Harry Gardiner01John Smith120
112David Price01James Marshall101*

518Crewe C21Cheddleton C509
144Amy Lovatt01Karol Grzybowski137
149Karl Lockett10John Yee135
e120Martin Frisher10Colin Abell122
F99*Julian BulbeckDavid Rose115

501Crewe C21Cheddleton D503
149Karl Lockett01Jon Blackburn139
135David Hulme10^ Philip Birks141
F99*Julian BulbeckSandra Blackburn118
112David PriceDavid Hallen92*

510Crewe C3Crewe B518
149Karl Lockett01Richard Renegade138
144Amy Lovatt01Neville Layhe137
F99*Julian Bulbeck01Chris Rhodes127
112David PriceSimon Layhe116

518Crewe C21Meir A491
149Karl Lockett10Steve Hill145
152Rich Wiltshir01Peter Windows124
103*Julian BulbeckDavid Fuller117
112David Price10Martin Chadwick65*

501Crewe C31Newcastle C508
149Karl LockettAlan Paling159
135David HulmeHambel Willow133
F99*Julian Bulbeck10Peter Shaw111
112David Price10Nicholas Wright104*

512Meir A12Alsager A491
145Steve Hill01John Booth152
124Peter WindowsAndrew Barker111
126Clive Ferry10John Smith120
117David Fuller01Sam Turner108

512Meir A3Cheddeton C477
145Steve Hill10John Yee135
126Clive Ferry10default0*
124Peter Windows10Colin Abell122
117David FullerDavid Rose115

491Meir A21Cheddleton D503
145Steve Hill10Jon Blackburn139
124Peter WindowsPhilip Birks141
117David Fuller10Sandra Blackburn118
87*Raymond Rhodes01David Hallen92*

493Meir A3Crewe B518
145Steve Hill01Neville Layhe137
126Clive Ferry01Richard Renegade138
117David FullerChris Rhodes127
96*Ewan Haas01Simon Layhe116

491Meir A13Newcastle C515
145Steve HillAlan Paling159
124Peter Windows01Myron Odingoe140
117David Fuller01Peter Shaw111
87*Raymond RhodesNicholas Wright104*

512Meir A13Crewe C510
145Steve Hill01Karl Lockett149
124Peter Windows01Amy Lovatt144
126Clive FerryJulian BulbeckF99*
117David FullerDavid Price112

506Newcastle C21Alsager A473
152Myron Odingo10John Booth152
130John DayAndrew Barker111
119Alberto Gissi01James Marshall101*
94*David Ashby10Oliver Daviese80*

517Newcastle C13Cheddleton C509
159Alan Paling01Karol Grzybowski137
127Joe Hirst10John Yee135
126Richard Cantliff01Colin Abell122
101*Paul Clapham01David Rose115

483Newcastle C22Cheddleton D503
162Barry Jones10Jon Blackburn139
111Peter Shaw01Philip Birks141
104*Nicholas WrightSandra Blackburn118
101*Paul ClaphamDavid Hallen92*

511Newcastle C12Crewe B518
162Barry Jones10Neville Layhe137
133Hambel WillowRichard Renegade138
111Peter Shaw01Chris Rhodes127
104*Nicholas Wright01Simon Layhe116

505Newcastle C13Crewe C510
159Alan Paling10Karl Lockett149
130John Day01Amy Lovatt144
111Peter Shaw01David Price112
104*Nicholas Wright01Julian Bulbeck103*

519Newcastle C12Meir A512
162Barry Jones01Steve Hill145
133Hambel Willow10Clive Ferry126
119Alberto Gissi01Peter Windows124
104*Nicholas WrightDavid Fuller117

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