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2018/19 Division 1 match scorecards

For convenience these are arranged alphabetically by home team

830Cheddleton A22Fenton A777
200Robert ShawGerald Acey188
178Jacob Boswell01Petru Floresc184
178Simon Edwards10Glyn Valentine145
144William Armstrong10Stephen Emmerton131
130Roger Edwards01Maximilien Launay129

874Cheddleton A32Newcastle A816
200Robert Shaw01Thivyaa Rahulan175
189David Buxton10Reinhold Heinlein187
178Jacob Boswell01Barry Jones162
178Simon Edwards10Alan Paling159
129Sam Parry10Hambel Willow133

820Fenton A32Cheddleton A823
188Gerald Acey10Simon Gilmore188
184Petru Floresc10Simon Edwards178
152Kasian Capatina01Jacob Boswell178
151Railton Hyde01John Yee135
145Glyn Valentine10William Armstrong144

798Fenton A32Holmes Chapel A857
188Gerald Acey01Jonathan Blackburn207
184Petru Floresc10Patrick Bennett176
152Kasian Capatina10John Turner173
145Glyn Valentine01Andrew Raeburn155
129Maximilien Launay10Ian Bates146

763Fenton A23Newcastle A809
184Petru Floresc01Thivyaa Rahulan175
151Railton Hyde01Reinhold Heinlein187
145Glyn ValentineBarry Jones162
152Kasian Capatina10Alan Paling159
131Stephen EmmertonRichard Cantliff126

762Cheddleton A23Holmes Chapel A872
189David Buxton01Jonathan Blackburn207
178Jacob Boswell10Patrick Bennett176
135John Yee01John Turner173
144William Armstrong10Michael Hancock161
116Joseph Alcock01Andrew Raeburn155

863Holmes Chapel A23Cheddleton A750
207Jonathan Blackburn01Jacob Boswell178
176Patrick Bennett10Simon Edwards178
173John Turner10Roger Edwards130
161Michael Hancock01John Yee135
146Ian Bates01Sam Parry129

930Holmes Chapel A4Fenton A755
213Stuart Clarke10Gerald Acey188
207Jonathan Blackburn10Petru Floresc184
176Patrick Bennett10Glyn Valentine145
173John TurnerStephen Emmerton131
161Michael Hancock10Grenville Cross107

872Holmes Chapel A4Newcastle A790
207Jonathan Blackburn10Alex Richardson198
176Patrick Bennett10Barry Jones162
173John TurnerAlan Paling159
155Andrew Raeburn10Myron Odingo152
161Michael Hancock10Alberto Gissi119

835Newcaste A23Cheddleton A835
175Thivyaa Rahulan01Robert Shaw200
187Reinhold Heinlein10David Buxton189
162Barry Jones01Jacob Boswell178
159Alan PalingJon Blackburn139
152Myron OdingoSam Parry129

835Newcastle A32Fenton A798
175Thivyaa RahulanGerald Acey188
187Reinhold Heinlein10Petru Floresc184
162Barry Jones01Kasian Capatina152
159Alan PalingGlyn Valentine145
152Myron Odingo10Maximilien Launay129

816Newcastle A13Holmes Chapel A857
187Reinhold HeinleinJonathan Blackburn207
175Thivyaa Rahulan01Patrick Bennett176
162Barry JonesJohn Turner173
159Alan Paling01Andrew Raeburn155
133Hambel WillowIan Bates146

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