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2017/18 Division 1 match scorecards

For convenience these are arranged alphabetically by home team

861Cheddleton A23H Chapel A860
194David Buxton01Jonathan Blackburn200
177Jacob Boswell10John Turner180
180Simon GilmorePatrick Bennett175
178Simon EdwardsMichael Hancock169
132Matthew Carr01Malcolm Roberts136

905Cheddleton A31Newcastle A758
205Robert Shaw10Reinhold Heinlein184
194David Buxton10Barry Jones160
177Jacob BoswellAlan Paling149
180Simon GilmoreHambel Willow136
149William ArmstrongJohn Day129

 Cheddleton A5dStafford A 

912H Chapel A41Cheddleton A734
209Stuart Clarke10Simon Edwards178
200Jonathan Blackburn10William Armstrong149
175Patrick Bennet10Jon Blackburn141
169Michael Hancock10John Yee135
159Ian Bates01Roger Edwards131

874Holmes Chapel A31Newcastle A784
200Jonathan Blackburn10Reinhold Heinlein184
180John Turner10Barry Jones160
175Patrick Bennett01Martyn Harris155
169Michael Hancock10Alan Paling149
150Andrew RaeburnHambel Willow136

864Holmes Chapel A31Stafford A748
200Jonathan BlackburnGerald Acey193
180John TurnerLee Grinsell187
175Patrick BennettPavel Nefyodov162
159Ian Bates10Andrew Leadbetter117
150Andrew Raeburn10Peter Evans89

750Newcastle A13Cheddleton A903
184Reinhold HeinleinRobert Shaw205
160Barry JonesDavid Buxton194
149Alan PalingJacob Boswell177
136Hambel Willow01Simon Edwards178
121Richard Cantliff01William Armstrong149

758Newcastle A23Holmes Chapel A874
184Reinhold HeinleinJonathan Blackburn200
160Barry JonesJohn Turner180
149Alan PalingPatrick Bennett175
136Hambel WillowMichael Hancock169
129John Day01Andrew Raeburn150

784Newcastle A22Stafford A826
184Reinhold Heinlein01Lawrence Cooper214
160Barry Jones01Gerald Acey193
155Martyn Harris10Derek PriceF167
149Alan Paling10Kenneth McNulty135
136Hambel WillowAndrew Leadbetter117

759Stafford A23Cheddleton A720
214Lawrence CooperRobert Shaw205
191Matthew HarborneCraig Whitfield188
135Kenneth McNulty10default0
117Andrew Leadbetter01Simon Edwards178
102James Topp01William Armstrong149

769Stafford A13H Chapel A874
214Lawrence CooperJonathan Blackburn200
193Gerald Acey10John Turner180
135Kenneth McNulty01Patrick Bennett175
117Andrew Leadbetter01Michael Hancock169
110David Barker01Andrew Raeburn150

611Stafford A4Newcastle A758
193Gerald AceyReinhold Heinlein184
117Andrew Leadbetter01Barry Jones160
110David Barker01Alan Paling149
102James Topp01Hambel Willow136
89Peter Evans01John Day129

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