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2016/17 Division 5 match scorecards

For convenience these are arranged alphabetically by home team

221Cheddleton G40Cheddleton H251
99David Rose10Jacob Smith105
40Joshua Brown10Bethany Woolliscroft53
42Lewis Woolliscroft10Emma Scotchford53
e40Isabelle Rose10Jasmine Jonese40

232Cheddleton G40Cheddleton I257
99David Rose10Joseph Alcock94
53Emma Scotchford10Ali Arshad66
40Joshua Brown10Frank Bruce67
e40Robert Cooper10Jamie Jones30
42Lewis Woolliscroft01Isabelle Rosee40

Board 5 an extra board counting for grading purposes but not towards the match result.

287Cheddleton G22Crewe D383
118Colin AbellChris Rhodese120
99David Rose01Martin Gill117
40Joshua BrownLes Hall81
30Jamie Jones10Dylan Sayerse65

327Cheddleton G22Crewe E351
118Colin AbellDavid Price122
99David Rose10James Marshall77
e70Robert CooperNigel GardnerF71
40Joshua Brown01Les Hall81
30Jamie Jones10Harry Gardinere40
F7Jasmine Jones10Charlie Dodde40

Boards 5 and 6 are extra boards counting for grading purposes but not towards the match result.

356Cheddleton G31Fenton C267
118Colin AbellStuart Hull94
99David RoseErnest Wilkinson95
99David Hallen10Christopher Brian78
40Joshua Brown10default0

299Cheddleton G12Meir C386
118Colin AbellPeter Windows124
99David Rose01David Fuller112
40Joshua Brown10Anthony Cooling81
42Lewis Woolliscroft01Robert Perry69

299Cheddleton G22Newcastle F367
118Colin AbellAlberto Gissi121
99David Rose01Peter Shaw109
40Joshua Brown10Jeffrey Tombs91
42Lewis WoolliscroftEdward Day46

251Cheddleton H31Cheddleton G162
105Jacob Smith10Sam Parrye40
53Bethany Woolliscroft01Joshua Brown40
53Emma Scotchford10Lewis Woolliscroft42
e40Robert Cooper10Corben Rowbothame40

241Cheddleton H12Cheddleton I242
105Jacob Smith10Joseph Alcock94
53Bethany WoolliscroftAli Arshad66
53Emma Scotchford01Sam Parrye40
30Jamie Jones01Lewis Woolliscroft42

315Cheddleton H12Crewe D398
104Caroline Mountford01Chris Rhodese120
105Jacob Smith10Martin Gill117
53Bethany Woolliscroft01Les Hall81
53Emma ScotchfordNigel Gardnere80

302Cheddleton H12Crewe E357
104Caroline MountfordMichael Williamse125
105Jacob Smith10Les Hall81
53Emma Scotchford01James Marshall77
e40Jasmine Jones01Simon Layhe74

315Cheddleton H21Fenton C261
104Caroline MountfordStuart Hull94
105Jacob Smith10Jason Plant89
53Bethany Woolliscroft01Christopher Brian78
53Emma Scotchford10default0
53Emma Scotchford01Roger Edwards128

Board 5 counting for grading purposes but not towards the match result.

315Cheddleton H21Meir C370
104Caroline MountfordPeter Windows124
105Jacob Smith10Eddie Burke89
53Bethany Woolliscroft01Anthony Cooling81
53Emma Scotchford10Gwyn Price76

315Cheddleton H13Newcastle F394
104Caroline Mountford01Alberto Gissi121
105Jacob Smith01Nicholas Wright118
53Emma Scotchford01Peter Shaw109
53Bethany Woolliscroft10Edward Day46

348Cheddleton I13Cheddleton G299
121Roger Walker01Colin Abell118
94Joseph Alcock01David Rose99
66Ali Arshad01Joshua Brown40
67Frank Bruce10Lewis Woolliscroft42

154Cheddleton I13Cheddleton H145
e40Isabelle Rose01Joshua Brown40
34Aaron Woolliscroft01Jasmine Jonese40
e40Tilly Snape10Lilly Browne40
e40Marnie Pointon01Michael BoswellF25

380Cheddleton I13Crewe D309
121Roger Walker01Martin Gill117
99Paul Mottram10Les Hall81
94Joseph Alcock01Nigel GardnerF71
66Ali Arshad01Harry Gardinere40

346Cheddleton I40Crewe E283
121Roger Walker10David Price122
94Joseph Alcock10Les Hall81
66Ali Arshad10Charlie Dodde40
F65Christian Tattum10Amy Lovatte40

348Cheddleton I12Fenton C365
121Roger Walker10Jason Plante98
94Joseph Alcock01Ernest Wilkinson95
66Ali ArshadStuart Hull94
67Frank Bruce01Christopher Brian78

341Cheddleton I22Meir C354
e114Harvey Murray-SmithPeter Windows124
94Joseph Alcock10Gwyn Price76
66Ali ArshadMartin Chadwicke85
67Frank Bruce01Robert Perry69

338Cheddleton I31Newcastle F361
100Peter Mottram-Epson10Richard Cantliff115
103Alastair Mottram-Epson10Peter Shaw109
e70Robert Cooper01Jeffrey Tombs91
F65Christian Tattum10Edward Day46

369Crewe D3Cheddlton G299
117Martin GillColin Abell118
105Chris Rhodes10David Rose99
81Les Hall10Lewis Woolliscroft42
66Dylan Sayers10Joshua Brown40

343Crewe D21Cheddleton H315
105Chris RhodesCaroline Mountford104
91Steve Ballantyne01Jacob Smith105
81Les Hall10Emma Scotchford53
66Dylan Sayers10Bethany Woolliscroft53

275Crewe D22Cheddleton I260
105Chris Rhodes10Joseph Alcock94
e90Philip Wright10Ali Arshad66
e40Amy Lovatt01Daniel Coopere60
e40Harry Gardiner01Joshua Brown40

356Crewe D12Crewe E351
117Martin Gill10Michael Williamse125
e120Chris RhodesNigel Gardnere80
91Steve Ballantyne01Les Hall81
28Richard Hind01Dylan Sayerse65

369Crewe D31Fenton C384
117Martin Gill10Michael Smith110
91Steve Ballantyne10Robert West101
81Les HallErnest Wilkinson95
e80Nigel GardnerChristopher Brian78

356Crewe D13Meir C384
117Martin Gill01Peter Windows124
e120Chris Rhodes10David Hackney95
91Steve Ballantyne01Stuart Green82
28Richard Hind01Raymond Rhodes83

398Crewe D3Newcastle F298
117Martin Gill10Alberto Gissi121
e120Chris RhodesJeffrey Tombs91
81Les Hall10Edward Day46
e80Nigel Gardner10Josh Sepee40

348Crewe E12Cheddleton G299
e125Michael WilliamsColin Abell118
77James Marshall01David Rose99
81Les Hall01Joshua Brown40
e65Dylan Sayers10Lewis Woolliscroft42

213Crewe E12Cheddleton H315
105Michael Williams01Caroline Mountford104
28Richard HindJacob Smith105
e40Harry Gardiner01Bethany Woolliscroft53
e40Amy Lovatt10Emma Scotchford53

269Crewe E22Cheddleton I346
77James Marshall01Roger Walker121
81Les HallJoseph Alcock94
F71Nigel GardnerAli Arshad66
e40Amy Lovatt10Christian TattumF65

332Crewe E22Crewe D317
e125Michael WilliamsMartin Gill117
77James MarshallSteve Ballantyne91
e65Dylan Sayers01Les Hall81
e65David Taylor10Richard Hind28

333Crewe E22Fenton C283
122David Price01Michael Smith110
105Michael WilliamsErnest Wilkinson95
66Dylan SayersChristopher Brian78
e40Harry Gardiner10default0

331Crewe E13Meir C370
105Michael Williams01Peter Windows124
74Simon Layhe10David Hackney95
F71Nigel Gardner01Stuart Green82
81Les Hall01Robert Perry69

304Crewe E12Newcastle F376
122David Price01Alberto Gissi121
74Simon Layhe10Nicholas Wright118
e80Nigel GardnerJeffrey Tombs91
28Richard Hind01Edward Day46

377Fenton C3Cheddleton G299
110Michael Smith10Colin Abell118
95Ernest WilkinsonDavid Hallen99
94Stuart Hull10Joshua Brown40
78Christopher Brian10Lewis Woolliscroft42

389Fenton C31Cheddleton H315
110Michael SmithCaroline Mountford104
103Derek WhitehurstJacob Smith105
e98Jason Plant10Bethany Woolliscroft53
78Christopher Brian10Emma Scotchford53

377Fenton C31Cheddleton I328
110Michael Smith10Sam Parrye99
95Ernest WilkinsonJoseph Alcock94
94Stuart Hull10Robert Coopere70
78Christopher BrianChristian TattumF65

389Fenton C21Crewe D355
110Michael Smith01Martin Gill117
103Derek Whitehurst10James Marshall77
e98Jason PlantLes Hall81
78Christopher Brian10Nigel Gardnere80

361Fenton C13Crewe E393
110Michael Smith01David Price122
103Derek Whitehurst01Michael Williamse125
78Christopher Brian01Les Hall81
e70Edward Brian10Dylan Sayerse65

392Fenton C31Meir C342
110Michael Smith10David Hackney95
103Derek WhitehurstEddie Burke89
101Robert West10Stuart Green82
78Christopher BrianGwyn Price76

344Fenton C21Newcastle F380
110Michael Smith10Alberto Gissi121
94Stuart Hull10Peter Shaw109
78Christopher BrianBrian Wagstaff104
62John White01Edward Day46

328Meir C22Cheddleton G358
95David Hackney01Colin Abell118
83Raymond Rhodes10David Rose99
81Anthony Cooling01David Hallen99
69Robert Perry10Lewis Woolliscroft42

339Meir C21Cheddleton H329
95David Hackney01Sandra Blackburn119
83Raymond RhodesCaroline Mountford104
e85Martin Chadwick10Bethany Woolliscroft53
76Gwyn Price10Emma Scotchford53

387Meir C21Cheddleton I350
124Peter WindowsRoger Walker121
95David Hackney01Joseph Alcock94
83Raymond Rhodes10Robert Coopere70
e85Martin Chadwick10Christian TattumF65

378Meir C21Crewe D278
124Peter Windows01Martin Gill117
83Raymond Rhodes10Les Hall81
89Eddie Burke10Harry Gardinere40
82Stuart GreenAmy Lovatte40

358Meir C21Crewe E360
112David Fuller10David Price122
83Raymond Rhodes10James Marshall77
82Stuart Green01Les Hall81
81Anthony CoolingNigel Gardnere80

399Meir C12Fenton C363
124Peter Windows10Robert West101
112David FullerErnest Wilkinson95
82Stuart Green01Jason Plant89
81Anthony Cooling01Christopher Brian78

386Meir C22Newcastle F362
124Peter Windows10Alberto Gissi121
95David Hackney01Brian Wagstaff104
e85Martin Chadwick01Jeffrey Tombs91
82Stuart Green10Edward Day46

355Newcastle F3Cheddleton G310
121Alberto Gissi10Colin Abell118
118Nicholas Wright10David Rose99
e70Andrea CastellucciJoshua Brown40
46Edward Day10Bethany Woolliscroft53

322Newcastle F13Cheddleton H315
121Alberto Gissi01Caroline Mountford104
115Richard Cantliff01Jacob Smith105
46Edward Day10Bethany Woolliscroft53
e40Josh Sepe01Emma Scotchford53

344Newcastle F12 Cheddleton I313
121Alberto Gissi01David Shiers122
109Peter ShawAli Arshad66
68Derrick Jones01Daniel Coopere60
46Edward Day10Christian TattumF65

380Newcastle F31Crewe D334
121Alberto Gissi10Chris Rhodes105
109Peter Shaw01James Marshall77
104Brian Wagstaff10Nigel GardnerF71
46Edward Day10Les Hall81

344Newcastle F22Crewe E268
121Alberto Gissi01David Price122
109Peter Shaw10Dylan Sayers66
68Derrick Jones10Harry Gardinere40
46Edward Day01Amy Lovatte40

298Newcastle F22Fenton C392
121Alberto Gissi10Michael Smith110
91Jeffrey Tombs10Derek Whitehurst103
46Edward Day01Robert West101
e40Josh Sepe01Christopher Brian78

380Newcastle F13Meir C376
121Alberto Gissi01Peter Windows124
109Peter ShawEddie Burke89
104Brian WagstaffStuart Green82
46Edward Day01Anthony Cooling81

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