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2016/17 Division 1 match scorecards

For convenience these are arranged alphabetically by home team

877Cheddleton A31H Chapel A824
203Robert Shaw10Patrick Bennett187
195David BuxtonJohn Turner178
182Simon EdwardsMichael Hancock176
165Jacob BoswellAndrew Raeburn152
132John Yee10Malcolm Roberts131

761Cheddleton A31Newcastle A827
182Simon Edwards10Alex Richardson190
165Jacob Boswell10Reinhold Heinlein175
149William Armstrong10Martyn Harris159
137Karol Grzybowski01Barry Jones157
128Roger EdwardsAlan Paling146

 Cheddleton A5dStafford A 

825Holmes Chapel A13Cheddleton A828
187Patrick Bennett01Robert Shaw203
178John TurnerSimon Edwards182
176Michael Hancock01Jacob Boswell165
153Ian Bates10Jon Blackburn141
131Malcolm Roberts01Karol Grzybowski137

This match consisted of the top five boards of the Open Cup semi between the clubs.
The games will only be graded once.

819H Chapel A4Newcastle A827
187Patrick Bennett01Alex Richardson190
178John TurnerReinhold Heinlein175
176Michael Hancock01Martyn Harris159
153Ian Bates01Barry Jones157
125George Scattergood01Alan Paling146

946H Chapel A31Stafford A779
208Stuart ClarkeLawrence Cooper210
197Jonathan BlackburnLee Grinsell187
187Patrick BennettPavel Nefyodov161
178John Turner10Andrew Leadbetter123
176Michael Hancock10James Topp98

827Newcastle A13Cheddleton A921
190Alex Richardson01Robert Shaw203
175Reinhold Heinlein10David Buxton195
159Martyn Harris01Simon Edwards182
157Barry Jones01Simon Gilmore176
146Alan PalingJacob Boswell165

789Newcastle A31H Chapel A825
190Alex Richardson10Patrick Bennett187
175Reinhold HeinleinJohn Turner178
157Barry Jones10Michael Hancock176
146Alan Paling10Ian Bates153
121Alberto Gissi01Malcolm Roberts131

827Newcastle A31Stafford A677
190Alex RichardsonGerald Acey196
175Reinhold Heinlein10Ray Dolan140
159Martyn Harris01Andrew Leadbetter123
157Barry Jones10David Barker117
146Alan Paling10Peter Evans101

797Stafford A22Cheddleton A886
196Gerald AceyRobert Shaw203
190Matthew Harborne10David Buxton195
e148Derek PriceSimon Edwards182
140Ray Dolan01Jacob Boswell165
123Andrew LeadbetterJon Blackburn141

878Stafford A13H Chapel A863
210Lawrence CooperJonathan Blackburn197
196Gerald AceyPatrick Bennett187
190Matthew HarborneJohn Turner178
e148Derek Price01Michael Hancock176
134Kenneth McNulty01George Scattergood125

938Stafford A31Newcastle A827
210Lawrence CooperAlex Richardson190
196Gerald AceyReinhold Heinlein175
190Matthew HarborneMartyn Harris159
187Lee Grinsell10Barry Jones157
e155Michael Jones10Alan Paling146

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