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2015/16 Division 5 match scorecards

For convenience these are arranged alphabetically by home team

320Cheddleton G22Cheddleton H307
95Paul Shelley01Caroline Mountford114
84Andrei Mihai10Jacob Smith95
71Ali Arshad10Bethany Woolliscroft55
70Joseph Alcock01Emma Scotchford43

303Cheddleton G22Cheddleton I309
84Andrei MihaiOliver Snape85
71Ali ArshadJack Snape71
70Joseph Alcock10Joshua Brown65
r51William Allen01Richard Sheldon43
r27Victoria Sheldon01James Wood45

Board 5 extra board not counting for match result purposes.

324Cheddleton G31Crewe D257
99David Rose01David Price107
84Andrei Mihai10Richard Hinde50
71Ali Arshad10Dave Timmise50
70Joseph Alcock10Simon Layhee50

324Cheddleton G31Fenton D358
99David RoseMichael Smith115
84Andrei Mihai10Ernest Wilkinson98
71Ali ArshadStuart Hull82
70Joseph Alcock10John White63

324Cheddleton G21Meir C332
99David Rose10Eddie Burke91
84Andrei MihaiRaymond Rhodes85
71Ali Arshad10Robert Perry75
70Joseph Alcock01Gwyn Price81

291Cheddleton G22Meir D304
99David Rose10Anthony Cooling76
e87Robert Milner01Gwyn Price81
70Joseph Alcock10Robert Perry75
r35Isabelle Rose01Stuart Green72

324Cheddleton G12Newcastle F348
99David Rose01Richard Cantliff120
84Andrei MihaiJeffrey Tombs97
71Ali Arshad01Derrick Jones74
70Joseph Alcock10Edward Day57

307Cheddleton H12Cheddleton G304
114Caroline Mountford01Andrei Mihai84
95Jacob SmithAli Arshad71
55Bethany Woolliscroft01Joseph Alcock70
43Emma Scotchford10Christian TattumF79

238Cheddleton H40Cheddleton I231
95Jacob Smith10Oliver Snape85
55Bethany Woolliscroft10Jack Snape71
43Emma Scotchford10Aaron Woolliscroft41
45James Wood10Lewis Woolliscroft34
r43Jamie Jones10Louisa Swarbrooke30
e30Jasmine Jones10William Allenr51

Boards 5 and 6 do not count for match result purposes

351Cheddleton H22Crewe D272
114Caroline Mountford01David Price107
102Dominic Taylor10James Marshall65
95Jacob Smith10Dave Timmis62
40Jamie Jones01Simon Layhe38

307Cheddleton H13Fenton D370
114Caroline Mountford01Derek Whitehurst109
95Jacob Smith10Ernest Wilkinson98
55Bethany Woolliscroft01Christopher Briane100
43Emma Scotchford01John White63

307Cheddleton H13Meir C323
114Caroline Mountford01Eddie Burke91
95Jacob Smith10Anthony Cooling76
55Bethany Woolliscroft01Gwyn Price81
43Emma Scotchford01Robert Perry75

307Cheddleton H12Meir D313
114Caroline Mountford01Raymond Rhodes85
95Jacob Smith10Stuart Green72
55Bethany Woolliscroft01Gwyn Price81
43Emma ScotchfordRobert Perry75

359Cheddleton H22Newcastle F339
102Dominic Taylor01Richard Cantliff120
95Jacob Smith01Jeffrey Tombs97
85Oliver Snape10Benjamin Lack65
77Laura Smith10Edward Day57

299Cheddleton I22Cheddleton G349
98David Hallen10David Rose99
85Oliver Snape01Paul Shelley95
71Jack Snape01Andrei Mihai84
45James Wood10Ali Arshad71
65Joshua BrownRichard Sheldon43
r43Jamie Jones10Victoria Sheldonr27
e30Jasmine Jones01Isabelle Roser35
e30Christian Tattum10Ethan Gilman-Hawkese30

Boards 5 to 8 extra boards not counting for match result purposes.

278Cheddleton I22Cheddleton H236
85Oliver SnapeJacob Smith95
77Laura SmithBethany Woolliscroft55
71Jack Snape01Richard Sheldon43
45James Wood10Emma Scotchford43
34Lewis Woolliscroft01Frank Bruce66
41Aaron Woolliscroft01Joshua Brown65
55Thomas Crick10Jamie Jones43
27Victoria Sheldon10Jasmine Jones30
35Isabelle Rose10Louisa Swarbrook30

Boards 5 to 9 extra boards not counting for match result purposes.

284Cheddleton I04Crewe D317
98David Hallen01Rafal Pytele110
66Frank Bruce01David Price107
65Joshua Brown01Simon Layhee50
r55Thomas Crick01Dave Timmise50

258Cheddleton I31Fenton D364
98David Hallen10Michael Smith115
85Oliver Snape10Ernest Wilkinson98
41Aaron Woolliscroft01Christopher Brian76
34Lewis Woolliscroft10John-Junior Graingere75

341Cheddleton I22Meir C324
113Sandra Blackburn10Eddie Burke91
98David Hallen10Anthony Cooling76
85Oliver Snape01Raymond Rhodes85
45James Wood01Stuart Green72

215Cheddleton I3Meir D313
85Oliver SnapeRobert Perry75
55Bethany Woolliscroft01Raymond Rhodes85
41Aaron Woolliscroft01Gwyn Price81
34Lewis Woolliscroft01Stuart Green72

346Cheddleton I3Newcastle F349
113Sandra BlackburnRichard Cantliff120
77Laura Smith01Nicholas Wright112
85Oliver Snape01Rhys Jonese60
71Jack Snape01Edward Day57

278Crewe D12Cheddleton G324
120Lukasz Holcman10David Rose99
65James Marshall01Andrei Mihai84
62Dave TimmisAli Arshad71
31Richard Hind01Joseph Alcock70

305Crewe D13Cheddleton H307
108Rakshpal Khandekar01Caroline Mountford114
101Steve Ballantyne10Jacob Smith95
e65David Taylor01Bethany Woolliscroft55
31Richard Hind01Emma Scotchford43

323Crewe D21Cheddleton I243
120Lukasz HolcmanSandra Blackburn113
76Les Hall10Bethany Woolliscroft55
e65David Taylor10Aaron Woolliscroft41
62Dave Timmis01Lewis Woolliscroft34

287Crewe D12Fenton D385
107David Price01Michael Smith115
e80Steve BallantyneDerek Whitehurst109
e50Dave Timmis01Ernest Wilkinson98
e50Richard Hind10John White63

277Crewe D12Meir C333
107David Price10Eddie Burke91
e80Steve BallantyneRaymond Rhodes85
e50Richard Hind01Gwyn Price81
e50Simon Layhe01Anthony Cooling76

277Crewe D13Meir D358
108Rakshpal Khandekar01Thomas Healey122
76Les Hall10Raymond Rhodes85
62Dave Timmis01Anthony Cooling76
31Richard Hind01Robert Perry75

287Crewe D22Newcastle F378
107David Price10Richard Cantliff120
e80Steve Ballantyne10Jeffrey Tombs97
e50Richard Hind01Brian Wagstaff104
e50Simon Layhe01Edward Day57

352Fenton D22Cheddleton G324
115Michael Smith01David Rose99
98Ernest Wilkinson10Andrei Mihai84
76Christopher Brian10Ali Arshad71
63John White01Joseph Alcock70

376Fenton D21Cheddleton H307
109Derek WhitehurstCaroline Mountford114
115Michael Smith10Jacob Smith95
98Ernest Wilkinson10Bethany Woolliscroft55
54Joszef Orsolics01Emma Scotchford43

385Fenton D3Cheddleton I243
115Michael SmithSandra Blackburn113
109Derek Whitehurst10Bethany Woolliscroft55
98Ernest Wilkinson10Aaron Woolliscroft41
63John White10Lewis Woolliscroft34

379Fenton D40Crewe D257
115Michael Smith10David Price107
101Robert West10Dave Timmise50
e100Christopher Brian10Richard Hinde50
63John White10Simon Layhee50

396Fenton D12Meir C324
115Michael SmithEddie Burke91
101Robert West01Raymond Rhodes85
98Ernest Wilkinson01David Hackney76
82Stuart Hull10Stuart Green72

390Fenton D31Meir D308
115Michael Smith10Raymond Rhodes85
101Robert West01David Hackney76
98Ernest Wilkinson10Stuart Green72
76Christopher Brian10Robert Perry75

388Fenton D3Newcastle F354
e118Glyn ValentineRichard Cantliff120
109Derek Whitehurst10Jeffrey Tombs97
98Ernest Wilkinson10Kevin Ryane80
63John White10Edward Day57

324Meir C12Cheddleton G309
91Eddie Burke01David Rose99
81Gwyn Price01Paul Shelley95
76Anthony Cooling10Joseph Alcock70
76David HackneyJames Wood45

323Meir C22Cheddleton H307
91Eddie Burke01Caroline Mountford114
76David Hackney01Jacob Smith95
81Gwyn Price10Bethany Woolliscroft55
75Robert Perry10Emma Scotchford43

303Meir C12Cheddleton I243
85Raymond Rhodes01Sandra Blackburn113
72Stuart Green10Bethany Woolliscroft55
75Robert PerryAaron Woolliscroft41
71Michael Judd01Lewis Woolliscroft34

317Meir C12Crewe D328
85Raymond RhodesMartin Gill121
81Gwyn Price01David Price107
76David Hackney10Dave Timmise50
75Robert Perry01Simon Layhee50

324Meir C3Fenton D396
91Eddie Burke01Michael Smith115
85Raymond Rhodes01Ernest Wilkinson98
76Anthony Cooling01Robert West101
72Stuart GreenStuart Hull82

314Meir C22Meir D313
91Eddie Burke01Raymond Rhodes85
76Anthony Cooling10Gwyn Price81
76David Hackney10Robert Perry75
71Michael Judd01Stuart Green72

319Meir C22Newcastle F359
81Gwyn Price01Brian Wagstaff104
91Eddie Burke01Alberto Gissi101
72Stuart Green10Jeffrey Tombs97
75Robert Perry10Edward Day57

308Meir D22Cheddleton G324
76Anthony Cooling01David Rose99
76David Hackney01Andrei Mihai84
81Gwyn Price10Ali Arshad71
75Robert Perry10Joseph Alcock70

360Meir D13Cheddleton H314
122Thomas Healey01Caroline Mountford114
85Raymond Rhodes01Dominic Taylor102
81Gwyn Price01Bethany Woolliscroft55
72Stuart Green10Emma Scotchford43

336Meir D3Cheddleton I243
109David FullerSandra Blackburn113
76Anthony Cooling10Bethany Woolliscroft55
76David Hackney10Aaron Woolliscroft41
75Robert Perry10Lewis Woolliscroft34

355Meir D31Crewe D257
122Thomas Healey01David Price107
85Raymond Rhodes10Dave Timmise50
76David Hackney10Richard Hinde50
72Stuart Green10Simon Layhee50

359Meir D22Meir C315
122Thomas HealeyEddie Burke91
85Raymond RhodesDavid Hackney76
81Gwyn PriceStuart Green72
71Michael JuddAnthony Cooling76

304Meir D22Fenton D379
81Gwyn Price01Michael Smith115
76David Hackney01Robert West101
72Stuart Green10Christopher Briane100
75Robert Perry10John White63

308Meir D21Newcastle F378
85Raymond Rhodes01Richard Cantliff120
76Anthony CoolingJeffrey Tombs97
72Stuart Green10Brian Wagstaff104
75Robert Perry10Edward Day57

339Newcastle F22Cheddleton G320
120Richard Cantliff10Paul Shelley95
97Jeffrey Tombs01Andrei Mihai84
65Benjamin Lack10Ali Arshad71
57Edward Day01Joseph Alcock70

339Newcastle F12Cheddleton H307
120Richard CantliffCaroline Mountford114
97Jeffrey Tombs01Jacob Smith95
65Benjamin Lack01Bethany Woolliscroft55
57Edward Day10Emma Scotchford43

395Newcastle F21Cheddleton I374
120Richard CantliffSandra Blackburn113
104Brian WagstaffColin Abell120
97Jeffrey Tombs10Ali Arshad71
74Derrick JonesJoseph Alcock70

343Newcastle F21Crewe D390
120Richard Cantliff01Lukasz Holcman120
101Alberto Gissi10David Price107
65Benjamin LackSteve Ballantyne101
57Edward Day10Dave Timmis62

360Newcastle F3Fenton D390
120Richard Cantliff10Michael Smith115
101Alberto Gissi10Robert West101
74Derrick JonesErnest Wilkinson98
65Benjamin Lack10Christopher Brian76

339Newcastle F12Meir C320
120Richard Cantliff01Eddie Burke91
97Jeffrey Tombs10Anthony Cooling76
65Benjamin LackGwyn Price81
57Edward Day01Stuart Green72

339Newcastle F13Meir D346
120Richard Cantliff10Thomas Healey122
97Jeffrey Tombs01Anthony Cooling76
65Benjamin Lack01David Hackney76
57Edward Day01Stuart Green72

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