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2015/16 Division 1 match scorecards

For convenience these are arranged alphabetically by home team

850Cheddleton A32Holmes Chapel A854
204Robert ShawJohn Turner190
190David Buxton10Patrick Bennett170
162Dmitri Whitmore01Michael Hancock175
145Jacob BoswellAndrew Raeburn161
149William Armstrong10Ian Bates158

843Cheddleton A13Newcastle A865
190David BuxtonAlex Richardson190
183Simon GilmoreReinhold Heinlein182
176Simon Edwards01Barry Jones166
149William Armstrong01Alan Paling163
145Jacob BoswellIan Jamieson164

877Cheddleton A31Stafford A662
204Robert ShawGerald Acey187
190David Buxton10Lee Grinsell186
176Simon Edwards01Pavel Nefyodov161
162Dmitri Whitmore10Andrew Leadbetter128
145Jacob Boswell10default 

854Holmes Chapel A22Cheddleton A818
190John Turner01Robert Shaw204
170Patrick BennettSimon Edwards176
175Michael Hancock10Jacob Boswell145
161Andrew Raeburn01William Armstrong149
158Ian Bates10Roger Edwards144

831Holmes Chapel A32Newcastle A850
190John TurnerAlex Richardson190
170Patrick Bennett10Reinhold Heinlein182
175Michael HancockAlan Paling163
161Andrew Raeburn10Barry Jones166
135Malcolm Roberts01Martyn Harris149

 Holmes Chapel A5dStafford A 

850Newcastle A14Cheddleton A858
190Alex Richardson01Robert Shaw204
182Reinhold Heinlein01David Buxton190
166Barry Jones01Simon Edwards176
163Alan Paling10William Armstrong149
149Martyn Harris01Karol Grzybowski139

850Newcastle A23Holmes Chapel A863
190Alex RichardsonJohn Turner190
182Reinhold HeinleinPatrick Bennett170
166Barry Jones01Michael Hancock175
163Alan Paling01Ben Scattergood170
149Martyn Harris10Ian Bates158

865Newcastle A32Stafford A746
190Alex RichardsonGerald Acey187
182Reinhold HeinleinRoger Butters169
166Barry JonesPavel Nefyodov161
163Alan PalingKenneth McNulty124
164Ian Jamieson10Geoffrey Coxe105

847Stafford A22Cheddleton A897
186Lee GrinsellRobert Shaw204
187Gerald AceyDavid Buxton190
189Matthew HarborneSimon Gilmore183
161Pavel Nefyodov01Simon Edwards176
124Kenneth McNulty10Roger Edwards144

890Stafford A32Holmes Chapel A854
220Lawrence Cooper10John Turner190
187Gerald AceyPatrick Bennett170
186Lee GrinsellMichael Hancock175
169Roger ButtersAndrew Raeburn161
128Andrew LeadbetterIan Bates158

NB These are the top 5 boards of the Open final, which was played at Holmes Chapel.
The games will of course only be graded once.

802Stafford A41Newcastle A850
220Lawrence Cooper10Alex Richardson190
169Roger Butters01Reinhold Heinlein182
161Pavel Nefyodov10Barry Jones166
128Andrew Leadbetter10Alan Paling163
124Kenneth McNulty10Martyn Harris149

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