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Division 5 match scorecards

For convenience these are arranged alphabetically by home team

333Cheddleton J22Cheddleton K361
124Roger WalkerColin Abell124
105Caroline Mountford10Paul Shelley99
71Ali ArshadJoseph Alcock67
33Libby Sherratt01Frank Bruce71
31Emma Scotchford10William Sanzeri51
39Richard Sheldon10Lewis Wooliscroft38
 James Wood10Henry Goodhead 
 Thomas Crick10Joshua Brown 

Players in italics are extra boards not counting towards match result

 Cheddleton J4dFenton C 

293Cheddleton J31Fenton D353
124Roger Walker10Steven Walley102
105Caroline Mountford10Jason Plant94
33Libby Sherratt01Robert West91
31Emma Scotchford10John White66

293Cheddleton J22Meir C347
124Roger Walker10Peter Windows115
105Caroline Mountford10Raymond Rhodes81
33Libby Sherratt01Anthony Cooling77
31Emma Scotchford01Stuart Green74

293Cheddleton J04Meir D362
124Roger Walker01David Fuller119
105Caroline Mountford01Eddie Burke89
33Libby Sherratt01Robert Perry74
31Emma Scotchford01Gwyn Price80

385Cheddleton J21Newcastle F363
125Samuel BeardmoreRichard Cantliff108
124Roger Walker10Brian Wagstaff100
105Caroline Mountford01Alberto Gissi90
31Emma Scotchford10Ben Lack65

355Cheddleton K3Cheddleton J293
124Colin AbellRoger Walker124
97David Rose10Caroline Mountford105
79Oliver Snape10Libby Sherratt33
55Jack Snape10Emma Scotchford31

338Cheddleton K31Fenton C354
124Colin Abell10Mike Smith118
97David RoseStuart Hull86
79Oliver Snape10Peter Tideswell84
38Lewis WooliscroftJohn White66

351Cheddleton K21Fenton D407
124Colin AbellStephen Emmerton125
109David Shiers10Steven Walley102
67Joseph Alcock01Jason Plant94
51William Sanzeri01Stuart Hull86

Fenton overgraded, this board scored to Cheddleton for match result purposes.
373Cheddleton K40Meir C228
124Colin Abell10Gwyn Price80
97David Rose10Stuart Green74
85Jacob Smith10Robert Perry74
67Joseph Alcock10default0

357Cheddleton K3Meir D318
124Colin AbellEddie Burke89
99Paul Shelley01Raymond Rhodes81
79Oliver Snape01Robert Perry74
55Jack Snape01Stuart Green74

396Cheddleton K21Newcastle F319
124Colin AbellBrian Wagstaff100
108David Hallen01Alberto Gissi71
97David Rose10Derrick Jones83
67Joseph Alcock10Ben Lack65

363Fenton C13Cheddleton J348
118Mike Smith01Roger Walker124
93Geoffrey Yates01Caroline Mountford105
86Stuart HullSian Jones67
66John WhiteBethany Wooliscroft52

353Fenton C11Cheddleton K301
103Ernest Wilkinson10Colin Abell124
93Geoffrey YatesPaul Shelley99
91Robert West*10Aaron Wooliscroft40
66John White10Lewis Wooliscroft38

*Ineligible player, game scored to Cheddleton K for match result purposes and one point deducted from Fenton score.

347Fenton C31Fenton D392
103Ernest WilkinsonStephen Emmerton125
e85Kas Capatina10Steven Walley102
93Geoffrey YatesStuart Hull86
66John White10Jozsef Orsolics79

373Fenton C22Meir C306
118Mike Smith10Raymond Rhodes81
103Ernest WilkinsonDavid Hackney74
86Stuart Hull01Michael Judd77
66John WhiteStuart Green74

362Fenton C3Meir D228
118Mike Smith10Robert Perry74
e85Kas Capatina10Anthony Cooling77
93Geoffrey YatesMichael Judd77
66John White10default 

362Fenton C31Newcastle F343
118Mike Smith10Richard Cantliff108
103Ernest WilkinsonPaul Clapham109
e75Chris BrianBen Lack65
66John White10Edward Day61

362Fenton D12Cheddleton J348
125Stephen EmmertonRoger Walker124
102Steven Walley01Caroline Mountford105
e75Chris Brian10Sian Jones67
e60Edward Brian01Bethany Wooliscroft52

393Fenton D31Cheddleton K384
125Stephen Emmerton10Jack Healings125
102Steven Walley01Colin Abell124
91Robert West10David Rose97
e75Chris Brian10Lewis Wooliscroft38

373Fenton D22Fenton C372
102Steven Walley01Mike Smith118
94Jason Plant10Ernest Wilkinson103
91Robert West01Kas Capatina85
86Stuart Hull10John White66

351Fenton D13Meir C299
102Steven Walley01Stuart Green74
86Stuart HullDavid Hackney74
84Peter TideswellMichael Judd77
79Jozsef Orsolics01Robert Perry74

358Fenton D12Meir D312
102Steven Walley10Robert Perry74
86Stuart Hull01Gwyn Price80
91Robert WestRaymond Rhodes81
79Jozsef Orsolics01Anthony Cooling77

390Fenton D12Newcastle F334
125Stephen EmmertonRichard Cantliff108
102Steven Walley01Brian Wagstaff100
79Jozsef Orsolics1d0Edward Day61
84Peter Tideswell01Ben Lack65

312Meir C22Cheddleton J348
81Raymond Rhodes01Roger Walker124
80Gwyn Price01Caroline Mountford105
74David Hackney10Sian Jones67
77Michael Judd10Bethany Wooliscroft52

305Meir C13Cheddleton K379
80Gwyn Price01Colin Abell124
74Stuart Green01Paul Shelley99
74David Hackney10Frank Bruce71
77Michael Judd01Jacob Smith85

359Meir C21Fenton C399
115Peter Windows10Mike Smith118
89Eddie Burke01Ernest Wilkinson103
81Raymond RhodesKas Capatinae85
74David Hackney10Geoffrey Yates93

314Meir C13Fenton D397
89Eddie Burke01Stephen Emmerton125
77Anthony CoolingSteven Walley102
74David Hackney01Stuart Hull86
74Robert PerryPeter Tideswell84

305Meir C12Meir D351
74David HackneyDavid Fuller119
80Gwyn PriceRobert Perry74
77Anthony Cooling01Raymond Rhodes81
74Stuart GreenMichael Judd77

320Meir C13Newcastle F334
89Eddie Burke01Richard Cantliff108
74David Hackney01Brian Wagstaff100
80Gwyn Price10Ben Lack65
77Michael Judd01Edward Day61

366Meir D21Cheddleton J348
119David FullerRoger Walker124
89Eddie Burke01Caroline Mountford105
81Raymond Rhodes10Bethany Wooliscroft52
77Michael Judd10Sian Jones67

363Meir D21Cheddleton K396
119David Fuller10Colin Abell124
89Eddie BurkeDavid Hallen108
81Raymond Rhodes01David Rose97
74Robert Perry10Joseph Alcock67

366Meir D21Fenton C373
119David Fuller10Mike Smith118
89Eddie BurkeErnest Wilkinson103
81Raymond RhodesStuart Hull86
77Anthony CoolingJohn White66

320Meir D21Fenton D321
89Eddie BurkeSteven Walley102
80Gwyn Price10Peter Tideswell84
74David Hackney01Chris Briane75
77Michael Judd10Edward Briane60

320Meir D3Meir C344
89Eddie Burke01Peter Windows115
74Robert Perry01Raymond Rhodes81
80Gwyn PriceStuart Green74
77Michael Judd01David Hackney74

308Meir D13Newcastle F360
77Anthony Cooling01Nicholas Wright117
80Gwyn Price01Richard Cantliff108
74David Hackney01Alberto Gissie71
77Michael Judd10Ben Lack65

363Newcastle F21Cheddleton J383
108Richard Cantliff10Roger Walker124
100Brian WagstaffRon Harrison123
90Alberto Gissi01Caroline Mountford105
65Ben Lack10Emma Scotchford31

359Newcastle F21Cheddleton K387
108Richard Cantliff10Colin Abell124
100Brian WagstaffSandra Blackburn114
90Alberto Gissi01David Rose97
61Edward Day10Bethany Wooliscroft52

285Newcastle F13Fenton C355
109Paul Clapham10Mike Smith118
e115Jeff Tombs01Kas Capatinae85
 default01Stuart Hull86
61Edward Day01John White66

342Newcastle F22Fenton D404
108Richard Cantliff01Stephen Emmerton125
90Alberto Gissi10Steven Walley102
83Derrick Jones01Robert West91
61Edward Day01Stuart Hull86

Fenton overgraded. Board four to Newcastle for match result purposes.

324Newcastle F3Meir C340
109Paul ClaphamPeter Windows115
83Derrick Jones10Stuart Green74
e71Alberto Gissi10Michael Judd77
61Edward Day10David Hackney74

378Newcastle F22Meir D344
108Richard Cantliff10David Fuller119
109Paul Clapham10Anthony Cooling77
100Brian Wagstaff01David Hackney74
61Edward Day01Robert Perry74

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