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Division 4 match scorecards

For convenience these are arranged alphabetically by home team

* Minimum counting grade of 90 applies when totalling.

444Alsager D13Cheddleton E455
126Brian BirchallPhilip Birks152
120John SmithAlex Cartlidge108
98Oliver Horrocks01Paul Shelley105
100Richard Martin01Jacob Cartlidge81*

400Alsager D3Cheddleton F444
112James Kingston01Matthew Wyza143
98Oliver HorrocksJack Healings103
100Richard Martin01Jacob Boswell108
*Les Hall01Samuel Beardmore88*

426Alsager D22Fenton C409
126Brian Birchall10Stuart Hull105
e110Frank Clarke10Mike Smithe110
100Richard Martin01Geoffrey Yates103
e65*Les Hall01Derek Whitehurst91

378Alsager D13Fenton D396
98Oliver Horrocks10Stuart Hull105
100Richard Martin01Geoffrey Yates103
*Les Hall01Ernest Wilkinson97
68*Stephen Duncan01Derek Whitehurst91

428Alsager D13Meir B459
125Neville Jones01Clive Ferry143
98Oliver Horrocks01Thomas Healey132
100Richard MartinMichael Judd93
e105Andrew BarkerStuart Green91

400Alsager D12Meir C460
112James Kingston01Steve Hill159
e90Andrew Barker01David Fuller121
98Oliver Horrocks10Robert Perry79*
100Richard MartinDavid Hackney82*

449Alsager D31Newcastle E420
126Brian Birchall10Peter Shaw116
125Neville Jones01Paul Clapham114
98Oliver Horrocks10Steven Cooper100
100Richard Martin10Hamid Shabani74*

458Cheddleton E21Alsager D413
152Philip Birks10Neville Jones125
108Alex CartlidgeAndrew Barkere90
108David Rose10Oliver Horrocks98
81*Jacob Cartlidge01Richard Martin100

455Cheddleton E31Cheddleton F444
152Philip Birks01Alastair McFadden143
108Alex Cartlidge10Jack Healings103
105Paul Shelley10Jacob Boswell108
81*Jacob Cartlidge10Samuel Beardmore88*

455Cheddleton E22Fenton C374
152Philip Birks10Geoffrey Yates103
108Alex Cartlidge10Derek Whitehurst91
105Paul Shelley01Jason Plant*
81*Jacob Cartlidge01Mike Smith*

455Cheddleton E31Fenton D382
152Philip BirksStuart Hull105
108Alex Cartlidge10Ernest Wilkinson97
105Paul ShelleyPeter Tideswell85*
81*Jacob Cartlidge10Roy Hammersley75*

455Cheddleton E21Meir B459
152Philip BirksClive Ferry143
108Alex Cartlidge10Thomas Healey132
e105David ShiersAnthony Cooling93
81*Jacob CartlidgeStuart Green91

455Cheddleton E22Meir C460
152Philip Birks01Steve Hill159
108Alex Cartlidge10David Fuller121
105Paul Shelley01Robert Perry79*
81*Jacob Cartlidge10Abigail Sergeant24*

455Cheddleton E3Newcastle E457
152Philip Birks01Martyn Harris163
108Alex CartlidgePaul Clapham114
e105David Shiers01Hamid Shabani74*
81*Jacob Cartlidge01Scott McGowan34*

444Cheddleton F21Alsager D420
143Alastair McFadden10Neville Jones125
103Jack HealingsAndrew Barkere105
108Jacob Boswell01Richard Martin100
66*Daniel Holland10default*

444Cheddleton F04Cheddleton E455
143Matthew Wyza01Philip Birks152
103Jack Healings01Alex Cartlidge108
108Jacob Boswell01Paul Shelley105
88*Samuel Beardmore01Jacob Cartlidge81*

444Cheddleton F31Fenton C374
143Matthew WyzaGeoffrey Yates103
103Jack HealingsDerek Whitehurst91
108Jacob Boswell10Jason Plant*
88*Samuel Beardmore10Mike Smith*

444Cheddleton F22Fenton D374
143Matthew Wyza10Geoffrey Yates103
103Jack Healings01Derek Whitehurst91
108Jacob Boswell10Philip Grocott86*
88*Samuel BeardmoreJohn White62*

Match score adjusted to 2 - 2

444Cheddleton F21Meir B459
143Matthew Wyza10Clive Ferry143
103Jack Healings10Thomas Healey132
108Jacob Boswell01Michael Judd93
88*Samuel BeardmoreStuart Green91

444Cheddleton F21Meir C435
143Matthew Wyza01Steve Hill159
103Jack HealingsRaymond Rhodes93
108Jacob Boswell10Robert Perry79*
88*Samuel Beardmore10Anthony Cooling93

431Cheddleton F3Newcastle E410
143Matthew Wyza10Peter Shaw116
108Jacob BoswellPaul Clapham114
88*Samuel Beardmore10Hamid Shabani74*
66*Daniel Holland10Scott McGowan34*

410Fenton C21Alsager D443
127Robert TaylorNeville Jones125
103Geoffrey Yates01John Smith120
*Jason Plant10Oliver Horrocks98
*Mike Smith10Richard Martin100

445Fenton C22Cheddleton E440
127Robert Taylor01Philip Birks152
125Jason Plant01Alex Cartlidge108
103Geoffrey Yates10Jacob Cartlidge81*
85*Peter Tideswell10Darren Cartlidge*

465Fenton C13Cheddleton F444
127Robert TaylorMatthew Wyza143
e125Jason PlantJack Healings103
e110Mike Smith01Jacob Boswell108
103Geoffrey YatesSamuel Beardmore88*

Fenton overgraded, board 4 scored to Cheddleton F for match result purposes.

410Fenton C3Fenton D391
127Robert TaylorStephen Emmerton126
103Geoffrey Yates10Peter Tideswell85
*Jason Plant10Roy Hammersley*
*Mike Smith10John White62*

374Fenton C22Meir B459
103Geoffrey Yates01Clive Ferry143
91Derek Whitehurst01Thomas Healey132
*Jason Plant10Michael Judd93
*Mike Smith10Stuart Green91

421Fenton C21Meir C435
127Robert TaylorSteve Hill159
100Neal Davies10Raymond Rhodes93
103Geoffrey YatesRobert Perry79*
91Derek WhitehurstMichael Judd93

382Fenton C3Newcastle E410
103Geoffrey Yates10Peter Shaw116
99Carl MustafaPaul Clapham114
*Jason Plant10Hamid Shabani74*
*Mike Smith10Scott McGowan34*

370Fenton D22Alsager D413
100Neal Davies10Neville Jones125
86*Jozsef Orsolics01Oliver Horrocks98
*Roy Hammersley10Richard Martin100
*Keith Plimmer01Andrew Barker*

392Fenton D12Cheddleton E455
103Geoffrey YatesPhilip Birks152
100Neal DaviesAlex Cartlidge108
99Carl MustafaPaul Shelley105
*Roy Hammersley01Jacob Cartlidge81*

457Fenton D31Cheddleton F444
128Derrick WallaceMatthew Wyza143
126Stephen EmmertonJack Healings103
100Neal Davies10Jacob Boswell108
103Geoffrey Yates10Samuel Beardmore88*

371Fenton D12Fenton C374
101Robert West01Geoffrey Yates103
85*Peter TideswellDerek Whitehurst91
86*Jozsef Orsolics10Jason Plant*
*Keith Plimmer01Mike Smith*

373Fenton D12Meir B459
103Geoffrey Yates01Clive Ferry143
85*Peter TideswellThomas Healey132
86*Jozsef Orsolics10Anthony Cooling93
62*John White01Stuart Green91

370Fenton D31Meir C363
100Neal Davies10Anthony Cooling93
85*Peter Tideswell01Eddie Burke90
86*Jozsef Orsolics10David Hackney82*
*Roy Hammersley10Robert Perry79*

381Fenton D31Newcastle E410
100Neal DaviesPeter Shaw116
101Robert WestPaul Clapham114
85*Peter Tideswell10Hamid Shabani74*
86*Jozsef Orsolics10Scott McGowan34*

456Meir B12Alsager D443
143Clive Ferry01Neville Jones125
132Thomas HealeyJohn Smith120
90Eddie Burke01Oliver Horrocks98
91Stuart Green10Richard Martin100

408Meir B3Cheddleton E454
132Thomas Healey01Philip Birks152
93Raymond RhodesAlex Cartlidge108
93Michael Judd01Paul Shelley105
90Eddie Burke01Jacob Cartlidge81*

458Meir B22Cheddleton F443
143Clive Ferry10Carl Gartside142
132Thomas HealeyJack Healings103
93Anthony CoolingJacob Boswell108
90Eddie Burke01Samuel Beardmore88*

458Meir B22Fenton C374
143Clive Ferry10Derek Whitehurst91
132Thomas Healey10Geoffrey Yates103
93Anthony Cooling01Jason Plant0
90Eddie Burke01Mike Smith*

458Meir B13Fenton D406
143Clive FerryStephen Emmerton126
132Thomas HealeyNeal Davies100
93Anthony Cooling01Peter Tideswell85*
82*David Hackney01Roy Hammersleye75*

417Meir B13Meir C435
143Clive Ferry01Steve Hill159
93Michael Judd01Raymond Rhodes93
91Stuart Green01Anthony Cooling93
90Eddie Burke10David Hackney82*

455Meir B13Newcastle E410
143Clive FerryPeter Shaw116
132Thomas HealeyPaul Clapham114
82*David Hackney01Hamid Shabani74*
*Abigail Sergeant01Scott McGowan34*

364Meir C3Alsager D459
93Anthony Cooling01Alan Thomason141
91Stuart Green01John Smith120
82*David Hackney01Oliver Horrocks98
79*Robert PerryRichard Martin100

419Meir C13Cheddleton E455
159Steve HillPhilip Birks152
79Robert Perry01Alex Cartlidge108
82*David Hackney01Paul Shelley105
91Stuart GreenJacob Cartlidge81*

394Meir C13Cheddleton F431
121David Fuller01Matthew Wyza143
93Raymond Rhodes01Jacob Boswell108
90Eddie Burke10Samuel Beardmore88*
79*Robert Perry01Daniel Holland66*

369Meir C04Fenton C374
93Raymond Rhodes01Geoffrey Yates103
93Anthony Cooling01Derek Whitehurst91
93Michael Judd01Jason Plant*
*Abigail Sergeant01Mike Smith*

394Meir C13Fenton D456
121David Fuller01Alex Richardson186
93Michael Judd01Peter Tideswell85*
82*David Hackney10Roy Hammersleye75*
79*Robert Perry01John White62*

366Meir C21Meir B364
93Raymond RhodesAnthony Cooling93
93Michael Judd10Stuart Green91
90Eddie Burke01David Hackney82*
79*Robert Perry10Abigail Sergeant*

460Meir C31Newcastle E396
159Steve HillPeter Shaw116
121David Fuller10Steven Cooper100
82*David Hackney10Hamid Shabani74*
*Abigail SergeantScott McGowan34*

410Newcastle E21Alsager D433
116Peter Shaw10Frank Clarkee110
114Paul ClaphamNeville Jones125
74*Hamid Shabani10Oliver Horrocks98
34*Scott McGowan01Richard Martin100

396Newcastle E22Cheddleton E442
116Peter ShawPhilip Birks152
74*Hamid Shabani10Paul Shelley105
100Steven Cooper01Frank Bruce95
34*Scott McGowanJacob Cartlidge81*

396Newcastle E3Cheddleton F444
116Peter ShawMatthew Wyza143
100Steven Cooper01Jack Healings103
74*Hamid Shabani01Jacob Boswell108
34*Scott McGowan01Samuel Beardmore88*

396Newcastle E13Fenton C446
116Peter Shaw01Robert Taylor127
100Steven Cooper10Jason Plant125
74*Hamid Shabani01Geoffrey Yates103
34*Scott McGowan01Derek Whitehurst91

410Newcastle E21Fenton D361
116Peter ShawDerek Whitehurst91
114Paul ClaphamPeter Tideswell85*
74*Hamid Shabani10Jozsef Orsolics86*
34*Scott McGowanJohn White62*

433Newcastle E13Meir B459
163Martyn HarrisClive Ferry143
100Steven Cooper01Thomas Healey132
74*Hamid Shabani01Michael Judd93
34*Scott McGowanStuart Green91

457Newcastle E12Meir C397
163Martyn Harris10David Fuller121
114Paul ClaphamRaymond Rhodes93
74*Hamid Shabani01Michael Judd93
34*Scott McGowan01Robert Perry79*

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