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Division 5 match scorecards

For convenience these are arranged alphabetically by home team

* Minimum counting grade of 75 applies when totalling.

379Cheddleton E22Cheddleton F362
113Karol Grzybowski01Colin Abell129
110David Rose10Paul Shelley113
81Danny Graham01Emma Smith*
66*George Hamilton10Candice Griffiths*

379Cheddleton E12Cheddleton G391
113Karol GrzybowskiMatthew Wyza155
110David Rose01Jack Healings77
81Danny Graham01Jacob Boswell84
66*George Hamilton10Skye Wiggins56*
 Daniel Lomax10Matthew Edwards 

Board 5 extra board not counting for match result purposes

382Cheddleton E40Cheddleton H310
113Karol Grzybowski10Joseph Jackson85
110David Rose10Andrei Mihai*
84Jacob Boswell10Daniel Lomax*
66*George Hamilton10Matthew Edwards*

379Cheddleton E40Cheddleton I379
113Karol Grzybowski10Roger Edwards144
110David Rose10Joseph Jackson85
81Danny Graham10Ali Arshad*
66*George Hamilton10David Kay*

379Cheddleton E13Fenton D333
113Karol Grzybowski01Stuart Hull98
110David Rose10Peter Tideswell85
81Danny Graham01Derek Whitehurst74*
66*George Hamilton01John Whitee60*

382Cheddleton E13Meir C365
113Karol Grzybowski10Anthony Cooling95
110David Rose01Stuart Green91
84Jacob Boswell01Michael Judd97
*Andrei Mihai01Robert Perry82

392Cheddleton F13Cheddleton E379
129Colin Abell01Karol Grzybowski113
113Paul Shelley10David Rose110
*Emma Smith01Danny Graham81
*Candice Griffiths01George Hamilton66*

390Cheddleton F12Cheddleton G391
129Colin AbellMatthew Wyza155
111Alastair McFadden10Jack Healings77
*Emma Smith01Jacob Boswell84
*Candice Griffiths01Samuel Beardmore*

384Cheddleton F22Cheddleton H316
129Colin Abell10Danny Graham81
105Peter Tomczak01Joseph Jackson85
*Emma Smith01Daniel Lomax*
*Candice Griffiths10Andrei Mihai*

300Cheddleton F22Cheddleton I300
*Mark Cooper01George Hamilton66*
*Emma Smith10Luke Gibson*
*Candice Griffiths10William Maynard*
*Dylan Clarke01Jordan Hine*

390Cheddleton F22Fenton D390
129Colin AbellRobert Taylor126
111Alastair McFadden10Geoffrey Yates105
*Emma SmithDerek Whitehurst74*
*Candice Griffiths01Philip Grocott84

384Cheddleton F12Meir C365
129Colin Abell10Stuart Green91
105Peter TomczakAnthony Cooling95
*Emma Smith01Michael Judd97
*Candice Griffiths01Robert Perry82

378Cheddleton G12Cheddleton E379
142Vlade Luzajic01Karol Grzybowski113
77Jack HealingsDavid Rose110
84Jacob Boswell10Danny Graham81
56*Skye Wiggins01George Hamilton66*

378Cheddleton G21Cheddleton F394
142Vlade Luzajic01Colin Abell129
77Jack HealingsPeter Tomczak105
84Jacob Boswell10Joseph Jackson85
*Samuel Beardmore10Darren Cartlidge*

311Cheddleton G40Cheddleton H300
77Jack Healings10Andrei Mihai*
84Jacob Boswell10Tracey Holland*
*Samuel Beardmore10Daniel Lomax*
*Daniel Holland10Kieran Smith*

311Cheddleton G31Cheddleton I310
77Jack Healings10Joseph Jackson85
84Jacob Boswell10Jacob Cartlidge59*
56*Skye Wiggins01Andrei Mihai*
*Samuel Beardmore10Daniel Lomax*

391Cheddleton G21Fenton D356
155Matthew WyzaStephen Emmerton112
77Jack Healings10Peter Tideswell85
84Jacob Boswell01Philip Grocott84
56*Skye Wiggins10John Whitee60*

391Cheddleton G21Meir C394
155Matthew Wyza10Raymond Rhodes111
77Jack Healings10Michael Judd97
84Jacob BoswellAnthony Cooling95
56*Skye Wiggins01Stuart Green91

398Cheddleton H21Cheddleton E379
147Conrad Green10Karol Grzybowski113
101Joshua HollinsDavid Rose110
69*Matthew Kelly01Danny Graham81
*Oliver Hollins10George Hamilton66*

398Cheddleton H21Cheddleton G311
147Conrad Green10Michael Boswell*
101Joshua HollinsJack Healings77
69*Matthew Kelly10Jacob Boswell84
*Oliver Hollins01Skye Wiggins56*

398Cheddleton H13Cheddleton I321
147Conrad GreenJoseph Jackson85
101Joshua HollinsJack Healings77
69*Matthew Kelly01Jacob Boswell84
*Oliver Hollins01Samuel Beardmore*

398Cheddleton H21Fenton D360
147Conrad Green10Robert West101
101Joshua Hollins10Ernest Wilkinson100
69*Matthew KellyPhilip Grocott84
*Oliver Hollins01John Whitee60*

398Cheddleton H12Meir C392
147Conrad GreenThomas Healey119
101Joshua Hollins01Anthony Cooling95
69*Matthew Kelly10Eddie Burke96
*Daniel Washington01Robert Perry82

321Cheddleton I13Cheddleton E393
85Joseph Jackson01Karol Grzybowski113
77Jack Healings01David Rose110
84Jacob Boswell10Liam Dimmick95
*Daniel Holland01George Hamilton66*

300Cheddleton I22Cheddleton F300
*Andrei Mihai10Matthew Cheung*
*Thomas Gaskell10Koorosh Siaggi*
*Dexter Hammonds01Jacob Smith*
*Jordan Brooks01Aiden Lowe*

394Cheddleton I22Cheddleton G378
153William ArmstrongVlade Luzajic142
85Joseph Jackson10Jack Healings77
81Danny Graham01Jacob Boswell84
*Andrei MihaiSamuel Beardmore*

319Cheddleton I31Cheddleton H300
85Joseph Jackson10Michael Boswell*
84Jacob Boswell10Ali Arshad*
66*George Hamilton10Andrei Mihai*
*David Kay01Skye Wiggins56*

361Cheddleton I31Fenton D386
115Alex CartlidgeStephen Emmerton112
85Joseph JacksonGeoffrey Yates105
77Jack Healings10Peter Tideswell85
84Jacob Boswell10Philip Grocott84

389Cheddleton I21Meir C387
153William Armstrong10Thomas Healey119
77Jack Healings10Anthony Cooling95
84Jacob BoswellStuart Green91
*Samuel Beardmore01Robert Perry82

380Fenton D22Cheddleton E379
e120Neal DaviesKarol Grzybowski113
100Ernest WilkinsonDavid Rose110
85Peter Tideswell01Danny Graham81
73*Jozsef Orsolics10George Hamilton66*

355Fenton D12Cheddleton F384
120Neal Davies01Colin Abell129
85Peter TideswellPeter Tomczak105
e60*John White01Emma Smith*
74*Derek Whitehurst10Candice Griffiths*

354Fenton D22Cheddleton G391
105Geoffrey Yates10Matthew Wyza155
99Carl Mustafa10Jack Healings77
73*Jozsef Orsolics01Jacob Boswell84
e60*John White01Skye Wiggins56*

379Fenton D22Cheddleton H358
105Geoffrey YatesEbrahim Arshad112
99Carl MustafaJoseph Jackson85
100Ernest Wilkinson10Jack Healings77
e60*John White01Jacob Boswell84

356Fenton D13Cheddleton I397
101Robert West01William Armstrong153
105Geoffrey Yates01Joseph Jackson85
73*Jozsef Orsolics01Jacob Boswell84
e60*John White10Jacob Cartlidge59*

363Fenton D12Meir C394
105Geoffrey Yates01Thomas Healey119
108Neal DaviesStuart Green91
74*Derek WhitehurstMichael Judd97
60*John WhiteDavid Hackney87

399Meir C21Cheddleton E379
119Thomas Healey10Karol Grzybowski113
111Raymond Rhodes01David Rose110
87David HackneyDanny Graham81
82Robert Perry10George Hamilton66*

394Meir C21Cheddleton F394
119Thomas HealeyColin Abell129
97Michael JuddPeter Tomczak105
91Stuart GreenJoseph Jackson85
87David Hackney10Emma Smith*

360Meir C21Cheddleton G378
95Anthony CoolingVlade Luzajic142
96Eddie Burke01Jack Healings77
87David Hackney10Jacob Boswell84
82Robert Perry10Skye Wiggins56*

377Meir C12Cheddleton H398
111Raymond Rhodes01Philip Birks152
97Michael JuddJoseph Jackson85
87David HackneyJack Healings77
82Robert PerryJacob Boswell84

389Meir C12Cheddleton I392
111Raymond Rhodes01Roger Edwards144
96Eddie Burke10Frank Bruce98
95Anthony Cooling01Jacob Cartlidge59*
87David HackneyDaniel Holland*

380Meir C22Fenton D398
111Raymond RhodesRobert Taylor126
96Eddie BurkeCarl Mustafa99
91Stuart Green10Stuart Hull98
82Robert Perry01Jozsef Orsolics73*

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