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Division 5 match scorecards

For convenience these are arranged alphabetically by home team

* Minimum counting grade of 75 applies when totalling.

387Cheddleton F31Cheddleton G342
132Neil Dimmick01Colin Abell117
99Liam Dimmick10Joseph Jackson64*
81Nicholas Salt10Danny GrahamE75
*William Foster10George HamiltonE40*

381Cheddleton F31Cheddleton H357
132Neil Dimmick01Nicholas McLean132
99Liam Dimmick10Jacob Cartlidge63*
*Nicholas Damsell10Alex Cartlidge64*
64*Joseph Jackson10Jack Healings62*

381Cheddleton F13Fenton D378
132Neil Dimmick01Mark Whitby111
99Liam DimmickCarl Mustafa98
*Nicholas Damsell01Peter Tideswell87
60*William FosterPhilip Grocott82

381Cheddleton F21Hassell359
132Neil Dimmick01Conrad Green125
99Liam DimmickJoshua Hollins84
64*Joseph Jackson10Edward Davies74*
E60*William Foster10Amil MohammedE40*

381Cheddleton F12Meir C380
132Neil Dimmick01Clive Ferry124
99Liam Dimmick10Anthony Cooling88
64*Joseph JacksonMichael Judd90
E60*William Foster01Robert Perry78

381Cheddleton F31Newcastle E381
132Neil DimmickPaul Clapham107
99Liam Dimmick10Steven Cooper105
64*Joseph JacksonDerrick Jones94
E60*William Foster10May JonesU*

366Cheddleton G13Cheddleton F381
117Colin AbellNeil Dimmick132
99Frank Bruce01Liam Dimmick99
64*Joseph JacksonDanny GrahamE75
E40George Hamilton01William FosterE60*

366Cheddleton G31Cheddleton H357
117Colin Abell10Nicholas McLean132
99Frank Bruce10Jacob Cartlidge63*
64*Joseph Jackson01Alex Cartlidge64*
E40*George Hamilton10Jack Healings62*

366Cheddleton G13Fenton D393
117Colin AbellMark Whitby111
99Frank BruceErnest WilkinsonE97
E75Danny Graham01Carl Mustafa98
E40*George Hamilton01Peter Tideswell87

366Cheddleton G22Hassell388
117Colin AbellConrad Green125
99Frank Bruce10Richard Crick104
E75Danny GrahamJoshua Hollins84
E40*George Hamilton01Matthew Kelly65*

372Cheddleton G04Meir C339
117Colin Abell01Eddie Burke98
99Frank Bruce01Anthony Cooling88
81Nicholas Salt01Robert Perry78
E40George Hamilton01Stuart GreenE65*

366Cheddleton G22Newcastle E394
117Colin Abell10Peter Shaw107
99Frank Bruce01Paul Clapham107
E75Danny Graham01Steven Cooper105
E40*George Hamilton10Brian Swinnerton30*

357Cheddleton H21Cheddleton F381
132Nicholas McLeanNeil Dimmick132
64*Alex Cartlidge10Liam Dimmick99
62*Jack Healings01Joseph Jackson64*
63*Jacob Cartlidge10William FosterE60*

378Cheddleton H13Cheddleton G372
153William Armstrong10Colin Abell117
64*Alex Cartlidge01Frank Bruce99
62*Jack Healings01Nicholas Salt81
63*Jacob Cartlidge01George HamiltonE40*

392Cheddleton H22Fenton D386
136Roger Edwards10Mark Whitby111
106David Hallen01Stephen Emmerton106
64*Alex Cartlidge10Peter Tideswell87
63*Jacob Cartlidge01Philip Grocott82

362Cheddleton H3Hassell309
137Matthew WyzaJoshua Hollins84
64*Alex Cartlidge10Matthew Kelly65*
63*Jacob Cartlidge10John Hollins40*
62*Jack Healings10Oliver HollinsU*

362Cheddleton H22Meir C393
137Matthew WyzaSteve Hill152
64*Alex Cartlidge10Anthony Cooling88
63*Jacob Cartlidge01Robert Perry78
62*Jack HealingsStuart GreenE65*

357Cheddleton H21Newcastle E379
132Nicholas McLeanPaul Clapham107
62*Jack Healings01Richard Mansell103
63*Jacob Cartlidge10Derrick Jones94
64*Alex Cartlidge10Brian Swinnerton30*

395Fenton D21Cheddleton F381
111Mark WhitbyNeil Dimmick132
111Karl Walklate10Liam Dimmick99
98Geoffrey YatesAlex Cartlidge64*
72*Jozsef OrsolicsWilliam FosterE60*

331Fenton D13Cheddleton G366
106Stephen Emmerton01Colin Abell117
72*Jozsef Orsolics01Frank Bruce99
*Derek Whitehurst10Danny GrahamE75
*John White01George HamiltonE40*

371Fenton D22Cheddleton H373
101Robert West01Philip Birks148
98Carl Mustafa10Jacob Cartlidge63*
97Ernest Wilkinson10Alex Cartlidge64*
72*Jozsef Orsolics01Jack Healings62*

345Fenton D21Hassell363
98Carl Mustafa01Eliot Green109
97Ernest Wilkinson10Richard Crick104
72*Jozsef Orsolics10John KellyE40*
*John WhiteMatthew Kelly65*

349Fenton D21Meir C351
101Robert West10Eddie Burke98
98Carl MustafaAnthony Cooling88
72*Jozsef Orsolics10Michael Judd90
*John White01Stuart GreenE65*

381Fenton D21Newcastle E381
108Neal DaviesPaul Clapham107
101Robert WestSteven Cooper105
97Ernest WilkinsonDerrick Jones94
72*Jozsef Orsolics10Brian Swinnerton30*

343Hassell22Cheddleton F381
109Eliot GreenNeil Dimmick132
84Joshua Hollins10Liam Dimmick99
65*Matthew KellyJoseph Jackson64*
E40*Emma Crick01William FosterE60*

329Hassell04Cheddleton G366
104Richard Crick01Colin Abell117
40*John Hollins01Frank Bruce99
U*Oliver Hollins01Joseph Jackson64*
U*Daniel Washington01Danny GrahamE75

359Hassell12Cheddleton H357
125Conrad Green01Nicholas McLean132
84Joshua Hollins01Alex Cartlidge64*
74*Edward DaviesJack Healings62*
65*Matthew Kelly10Jacob Cartlidge63*

384Hassell12Fenton D356
125Conrad GreenRobert West101
109Eliot Green10Geoffrey Yates98
74*Edward Davies01Jozsef Orsolics72*
U*Oliver Hollins01Philip Grocott82

359Hassell21Meir C331
125Conrad Green10Anthony Cooling88
84Joshua Hollins10Robert Perry78
65*Matthew Kelly01Michael Judd90
E40*Amil MohammedStuart GreenE65*

359Hassell12Newcastle E379
125Conrad GreenPeter Shaw107
84Joshua Hollins01Richard Mansell103
65*Matthew Kelly01Derrick Jones94
E40*Amil Mohammed10May JonesU*

370Meir C22Cheddleton F381
98Eddie Burke01Neil Dimmick132
88Anthony Cooling10Liam Dimmick99
94David Hackney01Nicholas Damsell*
90Michael Judd10William Foster60*

351Meir C21Cheddleton G366
98Eddie Burke01Colin Abell117
88Anthony CoolingFrank Bruce99
90Michael Judd10Danny GrahamE75
65*Stuart Green10George HamiltonE40*

386Meir C12Cheddleton H373
104Raymond Rhodes01Philip Birks148
98Eddie BurkeJack Healings62*
94David Hackney10Jacob Cartlidge63*
90Michael Judd01Alex Cartlidge64*

381Meir C22Fenton D366
98Eddie Burke01Mark Whitby111
99Peter Woodward01Geoffrey Yates98
90Michael Judd10Philip Grocott82
94David Hackney10John White50*

352Meir C31Hassell393
99Peter Woodward01Conrad Green125
88Anthony Cooling10Eliot Green109
90Michael Judd10Joshua Hollins84
E65*Stuart Green10David Davies53*

358Meir C22Newcastle E394
98Eddie Burke01Peter Shaw107
88Anthony Cooling10Paul Clapham107
94David Hackney01Steven Cooper105
78Robert Perry10Brian Swinnerton30*

381Newcastle E12Cheddleton F381
107Paul Clapham01Neil Dimmick132
105Steven Cooper10Liam Dimmick99
94Derrick JonesJoseph Jackson64*
30*Brian Swinnerton01William FosterE60*

390Newcastle E22Cheddleton G366
107Paul Clapham01Colin Abell117
105Steven Cooper10Frank Bruce99
103Richard Mansell10Danny GrahamE75
*default01George HamiltonE40*

400Newcastle E04Cheddleton H373
113Nicholas Wright01Philip Birks148
107Paul Clapham01Alex Cartlidge64*
105Steven Cooper01Jack Healings62*
*default01Jacob Cartlidge63*

394Newcastle E22Fenton D346
113Nicholas WrightCarl Mustafa98
107Paul Clapham10Geoffrey Yates98
94Derrick JonesJozsef Orsolics72*
E80William Keay01Derek WhitehurstU*

386Newcastle E3Hassell384
107Paul Clapham10Conrad Green125
105Steven Cooper10Eliot Green109
94Derrick Jones10Edward Davies74*
E80William KeayAmil MohammedE40*

381Newcastle E22Meir C358
107Paul Clapham10Eddie Burke98
105Steven Cooper10Anthony Cooling88
94Derrick Jones01Robert Perry78
*May Jones01David Hackney94

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