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Division 5 match scorecards

For convenience these are arranged alphabetically by home team

* Minimum counting grade of 40 applies when totalling.

220Alsager C13Cheddleton I252
E100Brian Birchall01Paul Shelley92
25Roy Pitcher01Neil Dimmick80
*Peter Thompson10William Foster*
*Matthew Cole01Liam Dimmick*

227Alsager C13Cheddleton J275
100Brian Birchall½½Nicholas McLean96
47Timothy Sullivan01Allan Beaumont99
*Peter Thompson01Jacob Cartlidge*
*Matthew Cole½½Jack Healings*

214Alsager C31Hassell230
80Oliver Horrocks10Eliot Green76
25*Roy Pitcher01Richard Crick74
54David Ross10David Davies25*
*Matthew Cole10John Kelly*

207Alsager C22Kidsgrove B230
80Oliver Horrocks10John Gater79
47Timothy Sullivan01David Johnson62
25*Roy Pitcher01Steven Nixon49
*Peter Thompson10Ashley Johnson*

260Alsager C31Newcastle E244
E100Brian Birchall10Paul Clapham82
80Oliver Horrocks10Steven Cooper68
*Peter Thompson10Derrick Jones54
*Matthew Cole01Richard Mansell*

257Cheddleton I13Alsager C260
88Karol Grzybowski01Neville JonesE100
89Ebrahim Arshad½½Oliver Horrocks80
*Ali Arshad½½Peter Thompson*
*Liam Dimmick01Roy Pitcher25*

249Cheddleton I½Cheddleton J236
80Neil Dimmick½½Matthew Wyza85
89Ebrahim Arshad10Nicholas Salt71
*Ali Arshad10Jack Healings*
*Liam Dimmick10Jacob Cartlidge*

252Cheddleton I31Hassell270
92Paul Shelley10Conrad Green109
80Neil Dimmick10Eliot Green76
*Ali Arshad01Joshua Hollins45
*Liam Dimmick10Matthew Kelly*

277Cheddleton IKidsgrove B245
80Neil Dimmick10Julian Cook94
89Ebrahim Arshad½½David Johnson62
68Frank Bruce01Steven Nixon49
*Liam Dimmick10David Sayer*

249Cheddleton I13Newcastle E244
80Neil Dimmick10Paul Clapham82
89Ebrahim Arshad01Steven Cooper68
*Ali Arshad01Derrick Jones54
*Liam Dimmick01Richard Mansell*

259Cheddleton JAlsager C260
96Nicholas McLean10Neville JonesE100
83Thomas Adams01Oliver Horrocks80
*Jack Healings½½Peter Thompson*
*Jacob Cartlidge10Roy Pitcher25*

unofficial estimate

248Cheddleton J22Cheddleton I249
85Matthew Wyza½½Neil Dimmick80
83Thomas Adams½½Ebrahim Arshad89
*Jack Healings10Ali Arshad*
*Jacob Cartlidge01Liam Dimmick*
 Ricky Dalton01William Foster 
 Alex Cartlidge10Nathaniel Crawford 
 James Nicol01Danny Graham 

Top 4 boards count for league purposes

276Cheddleton J13Hassell254
96Nicholas McLean10Richard Crick74
*Alex Cartlidge01Joshua Hollins45*
*Jacob Cartlidge01Edward Davies42*
*Jack Healings01Matthew Kelly*
 Danny Graham½½David Davies25

Top 4 boards count for league purposes

273Cheddleton JKidsgrove B245
98Colin Abell½½Julian Cook94
85Matthew Wyza10David Johnson62
*Jack Healings01Steven Nixon49
*Jacob Cartlidge10default*

265Cheddleton JNewcastle E270
85Matthew Wyza10Paul Clapham82
*Alex Cartlidge½½Steven Cooper68
*Jack Healings01Derrick Jones54*
*Jacob Cartlidge10Richard Mansell*

201Hassell13Alsager C207
74Richard Crick01Oliver Horrocks80
45Joshua Hollins01Timothy Sullivan47
*Matthew Kelly10M Cole*
42Edward Davies01Roy Pitcher25*

236Hassell½Cheddleton I249
109Conrad Green01Neil Dimmick80
42Edward Davies01Ebrahim Arshad89
*Matthew Kelly½½Ali Arshad*
45Joshua Hollins01Liam Dimmick*

236Hassell22Cheddleton J279
109Conrad Green01Nicholas McLean96
42Edward Davies01Chris Baxter103
45Joshua Hollins10Jack Healings*
*Matthew Kelly10Jacob Cartlidge*

236HassellKidsgrove B245
109Conrad Green10Julian Cook94
42Edward Davies01Steven Nixon49
45Joshua Hollins½½David Johnson62
*Matthew Kelly10P Staples*

236Hassell22Newcastle E244
109Conrad Green10Paul Clapham82
*Matthew Kelly01Steven Cooper68
42Edward Davies01Derrick Jones54
45Joshua Hollins10Brian Swinnerton20*

225Kidsgrove BAlsager C160+
74Robert Brock½½Neville Jones
49Steven Nixon01Oliver Horrocks80
62David Johnson10Peter Thompson*
38*Oliver Brock01Roy Pitcher25*

275Kidsgrove B22Cheddleton I249
99Steve Burndred½½Neil Dimmick80
74Robert Brock½½Ebrahim Arshad89
62David Johnson10Ali Arshad*
*Ashley Johnson01Liam Dimmick*

275Kidsgrove BCheddleton J268
99Steve Burndred01Peter Hallen103
74Robert Brock½½Matthew Wyza85
62David Johnson½½Jack Healings*
38*Oliver Brock½½Jacob Cartlidge*

245Kidsgrove B22Hassell230
94Julian Cook½½Eliot Green76
49Steven Nixon01Richard Crick74
62David Johnson10David Davies25*
38*Oliver Brock½½John Kelly*

279Kidsgrove BNewcastle E244
94Julian Cook10Paul Clapham82
74Robert Brock01Steven Cooper68
62David Johnson10Derrick Jones54
49Steven Nixon½½Richard Mansell*

244Newcastle E½Alsager C267
82Paul Clapham½½Neville Jones100
68Steven Cooper10Oliver Horrocks80
54Derrick Jones10Timothy Sullivan47
*Richard Mansell10Peter Thompson*

244Newcastle E22Cheddleton I254
82Paul Clapham10David Rose86
68Steven Cooper01Karol Grzybowski88
54Derrick Jones01William Foster*
*Richard Mansell10Liam Dimmick*

230Newcastle E22Cheddleton J260
82Paul Clapham01Nicholas McLean96
*default01David Hallen84
68Steven Cooper10Jack Healings*
*William Keay10Jacob Cartlidge*

244Newcastle E31Hassell270
82Paul Clapham½½Conrad Green109
68Steven Cooper½½Eliot Green76
54Derrick Jones10Joshua Hollins45
*William Keay10Matthew Kelly*

244Newcastle E½Kidsgrove B250
82Paul Clapham01Steve Burndred99
68Steven Cooper½½David Johnson62
54Derrick Jones01Steven Nixon49
*May Jones01Oliver Brock38*

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