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Division 4 match scorecards

For convenience these are arranged alphabetically by home team

* Minimum counting grade of 60 applies when totalling.

260Alsager B½Cheddleton G321
80Oliver Horrocks01Colin Abell98
*Stephen Wild01Matthew Wyza85
54*David Ross½½Ian Vaughan78
*Peter Thompson01Joseph Jackson*

357Alsager B13Cheddleton H334
117Alan Thomason01Paul Shelley92
E100Brian Birchall10Karol Grzybowski88
80Oliver Horrocks01David Rose86
*Peter Thompson01Frank Bruce68

300Alsager B22Fenton C353
E100Brian Birchall01Robert Taylor104
80Oliver Horrocks10Stephen Emmerton94
47*Timothy Sullivan½½Mark Whitby80
*Peter Thompson½½Stuart Hull75

307Alsager B22Kidsgrove A366
107Stephen Brown01Chris Ford106
80Oliver Horrocks01Simon Elliott101
*Peter Thompson01Steve Burndred99
54*David Ross10default*

Kidsgrove overgraded, board 3 scored to Alsager for match result purposes.

300Alsager B31Meir B262
E100Brian Birchall10Eddie Burke69
80Oliver Horrocks10Robert Perry63
*Peter Thompson10David Hackney70
54*David Ross01Stuart Green*

343Alsager BNewcastle D349
103John Smith½½Nicholas Wright100
100Brian Birchall10Peter Shaw99
80Oliver Horrocks01Paul Clapham82
*Matthew Cole01Steven Cooper68

321Cheddleton G22Alsager B317
98Colin Abell01Alan Thomason117
85Matthew Wyza½½Oliver Horrocks80
78Ian Vaughan½½Peter Thompson*
*Joseph Jackson10Matthew Cole*

321Cheddleton G½Cheddleton H319
98Colin Abell01Paul Shelley92
85Matthew Wyza01David Rose86
78Ian Vaughan½½Megan Moruzzi73
*Joseph Jackson01Frank Bruce68

321Cheddleton GFenton C328
98Colin Abell10Mark Whitby80
85Matthew Wyza10Karl Walklate94
78Ian Vaughan½½Stephen Emmerton94
*Joseph Jackson01Philip Grocott52*

327Cheddleton GKidsgrove A354
98Colin Abell10Steve Burndred99
85Matthew Wyza10Simon Elliott101
84David Hallen½½Julian Cook94
*Joseph Jackson01Steven Nixon49*

321Cheddleton G22Meir B272
98Colin Abell½½Eddie Burke69
85Matthew Wyza10Raymond Rhodes80
78Ian Vaughan½½Robert Perry63
*Joseph Jackson01Michael Judd58*

321Cheddleton G22Newcastle D359
98Colin Abell10Sam Onions110
85Matthew Wyza½½John Day99
78Ian Vaughan½½Paul Clapham82
*Joseph Jackson01Steven Cooper68

339Cheddleton HAlsager B317
92Paul Shelley01Alan Thomason117
88Karol Grzybowski01Oliver Horrocks80
86David Rose½½Timothy Sullivan47*
73Megan Moruzzi10Matthew Cole*

326Cheddleton H31Cheddleton G283
92Paul Shelley½½Matthew Wyza85
88Karol Grzybowski½½Ian Vaughan78
86David Rose10Joseph Jackson*
*Ian Spry10James Nicol*

341Cheddleton HFenton C357
88Karol Grzybowski01Robert Taylor104
96Nicholas McLean01Karl WalklateE94
86David Rose10Mark Whitby80
71Nicholas Salt½½Geoffrey Yates79

329Cheddleton HKidsgrove A322
92Paul Shelley01Chris Ford106
86David Rose01Julian Cook94
78Ian Vaughan½½Steven Nixon49*
73Megan Moruzzi10David Johnson62

319Cheddleton H½Meir B274
92Paul Shelley½½Michael Andrews88
86David Rose10Anthony Cooling63
73Megan Moruzzi10Michael Judd58*
68Frank Bruce10Robert Perry63

339Cheddleton HNewcastle D359
92Paul Shelley½½Sam OnionsE110
88Karol Grzybowski01Peter Shaw99
86David Rose10Paul Clapham82
73Megan Moruzzi10Steven Cooper68

329Fenton C½Alsager B317
E120Jaroskaw Gorski10Alan Thomason117
79Geoffrey Yates½½Oliver Horrocks80
70Robert West10Peter Thompson*
53*Jozsef Orsolics10David Ross54*

302Fenton C½Cheddleton G321
E80Karl Walklate10Colin Abell98
73Carl Mustafa½½Matthew Wyza85
79Geoffrey Yates10Ian Vaughan78
70Robert West10James Nicol*

Initial Fenton estimate

313Fenton C½Cheddleton H339
E80Karl Walklate01Paul Shelley92
80Richard Cantliffe01Karol Grzybowski88
73Carl Mustafa01David Rose86
80Mark Whitby½½Megan Moruzzi73

338Fenton C22Kidsgrove A359
104Robert Taylor10Chris Ford106
94Karl Walklate01Steve Burndred99
80Mark Whitby10Julian Cook94
52*Philip Grocott01Steven Nixon49*

338Fenton CMeir B265
94Stephen Emmerton½½Peter Woodward72
E94Karl Walklate01Anthony Cooling63
80Richard Cantliffe10David Hackney70
70Robert West10Michael Judd58*

344Fenton C22Newcastle D310
116Abdulbari Kabiri½½Nicholas Wright100
80Mark Whitby½½Paul Clapham82
73Carl Mustafa01Steven Cooper68
75Stuart Hull10default*

336Kidsgrove A22Alsager B300
99Steve Burndred01Oliver Horrocks80
101Simon Elliott½½Brian BirchallE100
74Robert Brock½½Peter Thompson*
62David Johnson10David Ross54*

359Kidsgrove ACheddleton G327
138Derek Northage10Colin Abell98
101Simon Elliott½½Matthew Wyza85
49*Steven Nixon½½David Hallen84
*Ashley Johnson½½Joseph Jackson*

354Kidsgrove A½Cheddleton H347
138Derek Northage10Paul Shelley92
94Julian Cook10David Rose86
49*Steven Nixon½½Martin Gee96
62David Johnson10Megan Moruzzi73

356Kidsgrove A13Fenton C323
101Simon Elliott½½Robert Taylor104
99Steve Burndred½½Geoffrey Yates79
94Julian Cook01Karl WalklateE80
62David Johnson01Philip Grocott52*

Initial Fenton estimate

334Kidsgrove A½Meir B262
101Simon Elliott½½Eddie Burke69
99Steve Burndred10Michael Judd58*
74Robert Brock10Robert Perry63
38*Oliver Brock10David Hackney70

353Kidsgrove ANewcastle D352
138Derek Northage10Sam Onions110
94Julian Cook10Nicholas Wright100
49*Steven Nixon01Paul Clapham82
62David Johnson½½Derrick Jones54*

281Meir BAlsager B360
80Raymond Rhodes01Alan Thomason117
72Peter Woodward½½John Smith103
69Eddie Burke01Oliver Horrocks80
58*Michael Judd10Timothy Sullivan47*

261Meir BCheddleton G321
69Eddie Burke01Colin Abell98
72Peter Woodward01Matthew Wyza85
58*Michael Judd½½Ian Vaughan78
*Stuart Green10James Nicol*

253Meir B13Cheddleton H339
63Anthony Cooling01Paul Shelley92
70David Hackney01Karol Grzybowski88
58*Michael Judd10David Rose86
*Stuart Green01Megan Moruzzi73

262Meir B22Fenton C282
63Anthony Cooling01Mark Whitby80
69Eddie Burke10Geoffrey Yates79
70David Hackney10Peter Tideswell63
*Stuart Green01Jozsef Orsolics53*

256Meir B31Kidsgrove A313
63Anthony Cooling10Steve Burndred99
63Robert Perry10default*
70David Hackney10Julian Cook94
58*Michael Judd01Steven Nixon49*

262Meir B22Newcastle D360
69Eddie Burke½½Sam OnionsE110
63Anthony Cooling01Nicholas Wright100
70David Hackney½½Paul Clapham82
58*Michael Judd10Steven Cooper68

360Newcastle DAlsager B317
E110Sam Onions01Alan Thomason117
100Nicholas Wright10David Ross54*
82Paul Clapham½½Oliver Horrocks80
68Steven Cooper01Timothy Sullivan47*

360Newcastle D22Cheddleton G327
110Sam Onions½½Colin Abell98
100Nicholas Wright½½Matthew Wyza85
82Paul Clapham½½David Hallen84
68Steven Cooper½½Joseph Jackson*

360Newcastle D31Cheddleton H337
110Sam Onions10Paul Shelley92
100Nicholas Wright10Karol Grzybowski88
82Paul Clapham01David Rose86
68Steven Cooper10Nicholas Salt71

360Newcastle D13Fenton C296
110Sam Onions½½Stephen Emmerton94
100Nicholas Wright01Geoffrey Yates79
82Paul Clapham½½Peter Tideswell63
68Steven Cooper01Philip Grocott52*

360Newcastle DKidsgrove A354
E110Sam Onions10Steve Burndred99
100Nicholas Wright01Simon Elliott101
82Paul Clapham½½Julian Cook94
68Steven Cooper10Steven Nixon49*

360Newcastle D40Meir B265
E110Sam Onions10Eddie Burke69
100Nicholas Wright10Anthony Cooling63
82Paul Clapham10Robert Perry63
68Steven Cooper10David Hackney70

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