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Division 1 match scorecards

For convenience these are arranged alphabetically by home team

428+Alsager05Cheddleton A647
E165Julian Kirk O'Grady01David Buxton178
146John Booth01Philip Birks141
 Robert Kermeen01William Armstrong144
117Alan Thomason01Nicholas McLean96
 Jack Savas01Karol Grzybowski88

708Alsager23Cheddleton B784
180Simon Hood½½Robert Shaw188
E165Julian Kirk O'Grady01Martin Olsson158
146John Booth10Simon Edwards156
117Alan Thomason½½Simon Crowley155
E100Brian Birchall01John Yee127

580Alsager32Holmes Chapel Kings712
E165Julian Kirk O'Grady10Michael Hancock165
146John Booth10John Turner163
E105Brian Birchall01Ian Bates141
117Alan Thomason10Malcolm Roberts127
47Timothy Sullivan01Ian Chester116

760Alsager14Newcastle A748
180Simon Hood½½Andrej Furjel156
E165Julian Kirk O'Grady½½Alan Paling162
146John Booth01Barry Jones149
135Ben Zitha01Martyn Harris143
134Andrew Pitcher01Diarmid Gibson138

771AlsagerStafford A716
180Simon Hood01Gerald Acey174
E165Julian Kirk O'Grady01Malcolm Armstrong167
163Nick Edmonds½½Stephane Pedder135
146John Booth10Andrew Leadbetter123
117Alan Thomason10Kenneth McNulty117

 Cheddleton A5dAlsager 

803Cheddleton ACheddleton B804
200Alan Smith½½Robert Shaw188
178David Buxton½½Jason McKenna178
144William Armstrong01Simon Edwards156
E140Conrad Bushnell10Simon Crowley155
141Philip Birks½½John Yee127

715Cheddleton AHolmes Chapel Kings729
178David Buxton01John Turner163
160Yangshi Yu01Patrick Bennett161
141Philip Birks01Ian Bates141
140Conrad Bushnell½½R Gronau148
96Nicholas McLean10Ian Chester116

780Cheddleton A14Newcastle A769
178David Buxton01Alex Richardson178
177Simon Gilmore½½Alan Paling162
141Philip Birks01Barry Jones149
144William Armstrong01Martyn Harris143
E140Conrad Bushnell½½Tim Stevens137

651Cheddleton AStafford A685
178David Buxton½½Gerald Acey174
144William Armstrong10Pavlo Nefyodov141
141Philip Birks01Andrew Leadbetter123
85Matthew Wyza½½Ray HydeE130
103Chris Baxter½½Kenneth McNulty117
unofficial estimate

 Cheddleton B5dAlsager 

804Cheddleton BCheddleton A695
188Robert Shaw01David Buxton178
178Jason McKenna10Philip Birks141
156Simon Edwards10William Armstrong144
155Simon Crowley10Roger Edwards129
127John Yee½½Chris Baxter103

807Cheddleton B41Holmes Chapel Kings767
188Robert Shaw10Michael Hancock165
178Jason McKenna½½John Turner163
156Simon Edwards½½Patrick Bennett161
158Martin Olsson10Ian Bates141
127John Yee10Andrew Raeburn137

807Cheddleton B32Newcastle A757
188Robert Shaw½½Alex Richardson178
178Jason McKenna½½Ralph Hayward155
158Martin Olsson½½Alan Paling162
156Simon Edwards10Barry Jones149
127John Yee½½Geoffrey Lee113

773Cheddleton B Stafford A683
188Robert Shaw½½Malcolm Armstrong167
178Jason McKenna10Stephane Pedder135
156Simon Edwards10Pavlo Nefyodov141
124Vlade Luzajic½½Andrew Leadbetter123
127John Yee½½Kenneth McNulty117

754Holmes Chapel Kings50Alsager473+
124Jon Blackburn10John Booth146
165Michael Hancock10Alan Thomason117
163John Turner10Stephen Brown107
161Patrick Bennett10John Smith103
141Ian Bates10default 

812Holmes Chapel Kings23Cheddleton A634
182Jonathan Blackburn01William Armstrong144
165Michael Hancock10Philip Birks141
163John Turner01Conrad Bushnell140
161Patrick Bennett½½Carl Gartside124
141Ian Bates½½Matthew Wyza85

812Holmes Chapel Kings23Cheddleton B780
182Jonathan Blackburn½½Robert Shaw188
165Michael Hancock01Martin Olsson158
163John Turner½½Simon Edwards156
161Patrick Bennett01Craig Whitfield151
141Ian Bates10John Yee127

812Holmes Chapel Kings½Newcastle A722
182Jonathan Blackburn½½Alan Paling162
165Michael Hancock10Ralph Hayward155
163John Turner10Barry Jones149
161Patrick Bennett10Martyn Harris143
141Ian Bates10Geoffrey Lee113

720Holmes Chapel KingsStafford A686
165Michael Hancock01Gerald Acey174
161Patrick Bennett01Roger Butters137
141Ian Bates10Stephane Pedder135
137Andrew Raeburn01Andrew Leadbetter123
116Ian Chester½½Kenneth McNulty117

787Newcastle A½Alsager394+
178Alex Richardson10Julian Kirk O'Grady 
155Ralph Hayward½½John Booth146
162Alan Paling10Gordon Parker131
149Barry Jones10Brian Birchall 
143Martyn Harris10Alan Thomason117

760Newcastle ACheddleton A767
156Andrej Furjel½½David Buxton178
162Alan Paling10Simon Gilmore177
155Ralph Hayward½½William Armstrong144
149Barry Jones½½Philip Birks141
138Chris Hankey10Vaughan Smith127

787Newcastle A32Cheddleton B776
178Alex Richardson½½Robert Shaw188
162Alan Paling½½Jason McKenna178
155Ralph Hayward01Simon Edwards156
149Barry Jones10Craig Whitfield151
143Martyn Harris10Chris Baxter103

765Newcastle AHolmes Chapel Kings812
155Ralph Hayward01Jonathan Blackburn182
156Andrej Furjel10Patrick Bennett161
162Alan Paling01John Turner163
149Barry Jones½½Michael Hancock165
143Martyn Harris10Ian Bates141

782Newcastle A32Stafford A719
178Alex Richardson½½Gerald Acey174
155Ralph Hayward01Malcolm Armstrong167
149Barry Jones½½Stephane Pedder135
138Chris Hankey10Andrew Leadbetter123
162Alan Paling10default120

683Stafford AAlsager394+
174Gerald Acey10default 
137Roger Butters10Julian Kirk O'Grady 
141Pavlo Nefyodov½½John Booth146
117Kenneth McNulty½½Gordon Parker131
114Kasik Wozniak½½Alan Thomason117

 Stafford AddCheddleton A 

672Stafford A14Cheddleton B746
167Malcolm Armstrong01Robert Shaw188
135Stephane Pedder01Simon Edwards156
123Andrew Leadbetter01Craig Whitfield151
E130Ray Hyde½½John Yee127
117Kenneth McNulty½½Vlade Luzajic124

Unofficial estimate

683Stafford A14Holmes Chapel Kings812
174Gerald Acey01Jonathan Blackburn182
137Roger Butters½½Michael Hancock165
135Stephane Pedder½½John Turner163
123Andrew Leadbetter01Patrick Bennett161
114Kasik Wozniak01Ian Bates141

663Stafford A14Newcastle A765
174Gerald Acey½½Alan Paling162
167Malcolm Armstrong½½Ralph Hayward155
137Roger Butters01Andrej Furjel156
117Kenneth McNulty01Barry Jones149
68Peter Evans01Martyn Harris143

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