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Division 3 match scorecards

For convenience these are arranged alphabetically by home team

* Minimum counting grade of 80 applies when totalling.

438Alsager ACheddleton D431
105Alan Thomason½½Vlade Luzajic114
118Andrew Pitcher10Rob Moruzzi115
118Steve Brown01Carl Gartside116
97John Smith10Peter Tomczak86

431Alsager A31Cheddleton E440
128Ben Zitha10Roger Edwards138
118Andrew Pitcher10Peter Hallen111
105Alan Thomason01Roger Walker104
*Jack Savas10David Hallen87

438Alsager A½Fenton A413
118Andrew Pitcher10John Amison126
118Steve Brown10Steve Emmerton105
105Alan Thomason10Abdulbari Kabiri102
97John Smith½½Carl Mustafa74*

400Alsager AKidsgrove A332
118Steve Brown01Chris Ford104
105Alan Thomason10Gareth Burndred88
97John Smith½½Julian Cook80
E40*John Deas10David Johnson58*

438Alsager A31Meir B426
118Andrew Pitcher10Clive Ferry114
118Steve Brown01Tom Healey109
105Alan Thomason10Steve Gregory108
97John Smith10Mick Andrews95

438Alsager A22Newcastle D434
118Andrew Pitcher10John Day125
118Steve Brown½½Watson Fuller108
105Alan Thomason½½Geoffrey Lee97
97John Smith01Peter Shaw104

431Alsager AStafford B433
128Ben Zitha10Manoj Arora124
118Steve Brown01Kenneth McNulty120
105Alan Thomason10Dusan Grujic109
E40*John Deas½½B Kennedy*

434Cheddleton D40Alsager A431
118Keith Brownlee10Ben Zitha128
114Vlade Luzajic10Andrew Pitcher118
115Rob Moruzzi10Alan Thomason105
87David Hallen10Tim Sullivan50*

411Cheddleton D22Cheddleton E440
114Vlade Luzajic½½Roger Edwards138
118Keith Brownlee10Roger Walker104
99Edward Rubin½½Peter Hallen111
66*Frank Bruce01David Hallen87

446Cheddleton D13Fenton A432
115Rob Moruzzi10John Amison126
114Vlade Luzajic01Andy Stott131
118Keith Brownlee01Abdulbari Kabiri102
99Edward Rubin01Robert West73*

Cheddleton D overgraded - board 4 automatically scored to Fenton - makes no difference to scorecard.

413Cheddleton DKidsgrove A374
114Vlade Luzajic10Chris Ford104
118Keith Brownlee10Steve Burndred97
95Paul Shelley½½John Gater93
86Peter Tomczak01David Johnson58*

433Cheddleton D22Meir B406
114Vlade Luzajic½½Clive Ferry114
115Rob Moruzzi01Tom Healey109
118Keith Brownlee½½John Donaldson103
86Peter Tomczak10Tony Cooling69*

433Cheddleton D13Newcastle D434
114Vlade Luzajic½½John Day125
115Rob Moruzzi01Watson Fuller108
118Keith Brownlee½½Peter Shaw104
86Peter Tomczak01Geoffrey Lee97

398Cheddleton D13Stafford B433
114Vlade Luzajic01Manoj Arora124
118Keith Brownlee½½Kenneth McNulty120
80Nick Salt01Dusan Grujic109
86Peter Tomczak½½Guy DeVisme79*

426Cheddleton EAlsager A431
138Roger Edwards½½Ben Zitha128
111Peter Hallen01Steve Brown118
90David Rose01Alan Thomason105
87David Hallen10Dave Ross64*

433Cheddleton E40Cheddleton D417
138Roger Edwards10Vlade Luzajic114
111Peter Hallen10Keith Brownlee118
97Philip Hallen10Peter Tomczak86
87David Hallen10Edward Rubin99

440Cheddleton E13Fenton A426
138Roger Edwards½½John Amison126
111Peter Hallen½½Abdulbari Kabiri102
104Karol Grzybowski01Geoffrey Yates93
87David Hallen01Steve Emmerton105

440Cheddleton EKidsgrove A361
138Roger Edwards10Chris Ford104
111Peter Hallen01Steve Burndred97
104Roger Walker½½David Johnson58*
87David Hallen10Steve Nixon53*

440Cheddleton E22Meir B407
138Roger Edwards01Clive Ferry114
104Roger Walker01David Fuller116
111Peter Hallen10Steve Gregory108
87David Hallen10Tony Cooling69

440Cheddleton ENewcastle D434
138Roger Edwards½½John Day125
111Peter Hallen01Watson Fuller108
104Roger Walker10Peter Shaw104
87David Hallen01Geoffrey Lee97

423Cheddleton EStafford B435
138Roger Edwards½½Andrew Leadbetter126
111Peter Hallen10Kenneth McNulty120
87David Hallen½½Dusan Grujic109
87Ian Vaughan½½Gerry Maxwell*

430Fenton A½Alsager A431
131Andy Stott01Ben Zitha128
126John Amison½½Andrew Pitcher118
93Geoffrey Yates01Alan Thomason105
73*Robert West01Tim Sullivan50*

428Fenton A Cheddleton D433
131Andy Stott10Vlade Luzajic114
105Steve Emmerton10Rob Moruzzi115
*E99Robert Taylor½½Keith Brownlee118
93Geoffrey Yates01Peter Tomczak86

437Fenton A22Cheddleton E440
131Andy Stott½½Roger Edwards138
105Steve Emmerton01Roger Walker104
102Abdulbari Kabiri10Peter Hallen111
E99Robert Taylor½½David Hallen87

426Fenton A½Kidsgrove A344
126John Amison10Steve Burndred97
102Abdulbari Kabiri10Julian Cook80
105Steve Emmerton½½Robert Brock87
93Geoffrey Yates10default*

439Fenton A31Meir B382
131Andy Stott10Clive Ferry114
126John Amison½½Steve Gregory108
102Abdulbari Kabiri10Eddie Burke70*
73*Robert West½½Peter Woodward75*

418Fenton ANewcastle D434
131Andy Stott10John Day125
105Steve Emmerton½½Watson Fuller108
102Abdulbari Kabiri10Peter Shaw104
74*Carl Mustafa01Geoffrey Lee97

431Fenton A22Stafford B411
131Andy Stott10Kenneth McNulty120
102Abdulbari Kabiri½½Dusan Grujic109
105Steve Emmerton01Denis Nesbitt94
93Geoffrey Yates½½Peter Evans88

378Kidsgrove A½Alsager A431
93John Gater01Ben Zitha128
100Simon Elliott01Andrew Pitcher118
97Steve Burndred01Alan Thomason105
88Gareth Burndred½½Dave Ross64*

370Kidsgrove ACheddleton D417
100Simon Elliott01Vlade Luzajic114
97Steve Burndred10Keith Brownlee118
80Julian Cook½½Edward Rubin99
93John Gater01Peter Tomczak86

378Kidsgrove ACheddleton E439
100Simon Elliott01Roger Edwards138
93John Gater½½Peter Hallen111
97Steve Burndred½½Martin Gee103
88Gareth Burndred½½David Hallen87

240Kidsgrove Ad4Fenton A396
*defaultd1Andy Stott131
*defaultd1Steve Emmerton105
*defaultd1Carl Mustafa74*
*defaultd1Stuart Hull79*

378Kidsgrove AMeir B335
100Simon Elliott10Mick Andrews95
93John Gater01Eddie Burke70*
97Steve Burndred10Tony Cooling69*
88Gareth Burndred½½Ray Rhodes70*

378Kidsgrove ANewcastle D427
100Simon Elliott½½John Day125
97Steve Burndred½½Watson Fuller108
93John Gater01Peter Shaw104
88Gareth Burndred½½Paul Clapham90

353Kidsgrove A13Stafford B397
100Simon Elliott01Kenneth McNulty120
93John Gater01Dusan Grujic109
80Julian Cook10Peter Evans88
58*David Johnson01Guy DeVisme79*

406Meir BAlsager A439
138Steve Hill10Andrew Pitcher118
108Steve Gregory10Steve Brown118
70*Eddie Burke01Alan Thomason105
75*Peter Woodward½½Oliver Horrocks98

325Meir B½Cheddleton D433
95Mick Andrews½½Rob Moruzzi115
75*Peter Woodward01Vlade Luzajic114
70Eddie Burke01Keith Brownlee118
69*Tony Cooling01Peter Tomczak86

382Meir B13Cheddleton E433
114Clive Ferry01Roger Edwards138
108Steve Gregory½½Peter Hallen111
70*Eddie Burke01Philip Hallen97
75*Peter Woodward½½David Hallen87

447Meir B22Fenton A439
114Clive Ferry½½John Amison126
109Tom Healey½½Andy Stott131
108Steve Gregory10Abdulbari Kabiri102
116David Fuller10Carl Mustafa74*
Meir B overgraded. Board 4 scored to Fenton for league purposes.

430Meir B40Kidsgrove A361
138Steve Hill10Chris Ford104
109Tom Healey10Steve Burndred97
103John Donaldson10Julian Cook80
70*Eddie Burke10David Johnson58*

383Meir B13Newcastle D434
114Clive Ferry10John Day125
109Tom Healey01Watson Fuller108
70*Eddie Burke01Peter Shaw104
75*Peter Woodward01Geoffrey Lee97

411Meir B31Stafford B373
114Clive Ferry10Kenneth McNulty120
108Steve Gregory½½Denis Nesbitt94
109Tom Healey10B Kennedy*
75*Peter Woodward½½Guy DeVisme79

434Newcastle DAlsager A431
125John Day½½Steve Brown118
108Watson Fuller01Ben Zitha128
97Geoffrey Lee01Alan Thomason105
104Peter Shaw10Dave Ross64*

434Newcastle DCheddleton D395
125John Day01Vlade Luzajic114
108Watson Fuller½½Rob Moruzzi115
97Geoffrey Lee10Peter Tomczak86
104Peter Shaw10Nick McLean72*

440Newcastle D31Cheddleton E433
131Martin Davies10Roger Edwards138
108Watson Fuller10Peter Hallen111
97Geoffrey Lee½½Philip Hallen97
104Peter Shaw½½David Hallen87

434Newcastle D31Fenton A426
125John Day½½John Amison126
108Watson Fuller½½Abdulbari Kabiri102
104Peter Shaw10Steve Emmerton105
97Geoffrey Lee10Geoffrey Yates93

417Newcastle DKidsgrove A381
125John Day10Chris Ford104
108Watson Fuller½½Simon Elliott100
104Peter Shaw01Steve Burndred97
*Tom Davies01Julian Cook80

434Newcastle DMeir B398
125John Day01Clive Ferry114
108Watson Fuller½½Tom Healey109
97Geoffrey Lee10Mick Andrews95
104Peter Shaw10Tony Cooling69*

439Newcastle D31Stafford B412
130Francis Westfield01Manoj Arora124
108Watson Fuller10Kenneth McNulty120
97Geoffrey Lee10Peter Evans88
104Peter Shaw10Guy DeVisme79*

397Stafford BAlsager A431
120Kenneth McNulty01Ben Zitha128
109Dusan Grujic½½Steve Brown118
88Peter Evans01Alan Thomason105
*B Kennedy10Dave Ross64*

433Stafford BCheddleton D433
124Kasik Wozniak01Rob Moruzzi115
120Kenneth McNulty½½Vlade Luzajic114
109Dusan Grujic01Keith Brownlee118
79*Guy DeVisme10Peter Tomczak86

397Stafford BCheddleton E405
109Dusan Grujic½½Peter Hallen111
120Kenneth McNulty½½Roger Walker104
88Peter Evans01Martin Gee103
79*Guy DeVisme½½David Hallen87

383Stafford BFenton A417
120Kenneth McNulty01John Amison126
109Dusan Grujic10Steve Emmerton105
94Denis Nesbitt½½Danny Griffiths101
*Gerry Maxwell10Richard TunstallE95

382Stafford B31Kidsgrove A357
120Kenneth McNulty½½Simon Elliott100
94Denis Nesbitt10Steve Burndred97
88Peter Evans½½Julian Cook80
*G Maxwell10David Johnson58*

411Stafford BMeir B383
109Dusan Grujic01Clive Ferry114
120Kenneth McNulty½½Tom Healey109
94Denis Nesbitt½½Peter Woodward75*
88Peter Evans½½Eddie Burke70*
371Stafford B13Newcastle D434
109Dusan Grujic10John Day125
94Denis Nesbitt01Watson Fuller108
88Peter Evans01Peter Shaw104
*Geoff Cox01Geoffrey Lee97

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