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Division 2 match scorecards

For convenience these are arranged alphabetically by home team

*Minimum counting grade of 100 applies when totalling.

647Cheddleton BCheddleton C601
155Bill Armstrong10John Yee134
148Simon Edwards10Molly Moruzzi134
144Phil Birks½½Chris Simpson118
72*Nick McLean½½Rob Moruzzi115
80*Nick Salt½½Ebrahim Arshad84*

647Cheddleton BHolmes Chapel Knights574
155Bill Armstrong10Andy Raeburn151
148Simon Edwards10John Hicks116
144Phil Birks10Ian Chesters107
90*David Rose½½Richard Blackwell99*
83*Megan Moruzzi01George Scattergood86*

647Cheddleton BHolmes Chapel Rooks542
148Simon Edwards10Malcolm Roberts125
155Bill Armstrong½½John Blackburn117
144Phil Birks10Richard Blackwell99*
95*Paul Shelley10Sandra Blackburn97*
87*David Hallen01George Scattergood86*

650Cheddleton BMacclesfield634
155Bill Armstrong01Philip Cattermole143
148Simon Edwards10Geoff Laurence143
144Phil Birks10Vijay Kumar126
103Neil Dimmick01Anthony Brough122
72*Nick McLean½½Alan Sime97*

647Cheddleton B32Meir A577
148Simon Edwards01Steve Hill138
155Bill Armstrong10Clive Ferry114
144Phil Birks10David Fuller116
72*Nick McLean01Tom Healey109
80*Nick Salt10default*

621Cheddleton B23Newcastle B624
144Phil Birks01Alan Paling150
148Simon Edwards01Martyn Harris139
114Vlade Luzajic½½Martin Davies131
111Peter Hallen½½Peter Shaw104
104Roger Walker10Geoffrey Lee97*

647Cheddleton B32Newcastle C618
144Phil Birks01Alex Richardson176
148Simon Edwards10Francis Westfield130
155Bill Armstrong10Nic Wright108
87*David Hallen½½Geoffrey Lee97*
84*Ebrahim Arshad½½Peter Shaw104

585Cheddleton CCheddleton B647
134John Yee01Bill Armstrong155
118Chris Simpson01Simon Edwards148
118Keith Brownlee½½Phil Birks144
115Rob Moruzzi10David Hallen87*
85*Matthew Wyza01Nick McLean72*

607Cheddleton C23Holmes Chapel Knights575
140Simon Crowley10Andy Raeburn151
134John Yee½½John Blackburn117
118Chris Simpson½½Ian Chesters107
115Rob Moruzzi01Richard Blackwell99*
85*Matthew Wyza01George Scattergood86*

613Cheddleton CHolmes Chapel Rooks542
179David Buxton10Malcolm Roberts125
134John Yee10John Blackburn117
95*Paul Shelley01Richard Blackwell99*
84*Ebrahim Arshad10Paul Clifford98*
72*Nick McLean½½Sandra Blackburn97*

607Cheddleton CMacclesfield634
140Simon Crowley½½Philip Cattermole143
134John Yee10Geoff Laurence143
118Chris Simpson½½Vijay Kumar126
115Rob Moruzzi½½Anthony Brough122
84*Ebrahim Arshad01Alan Sime97*

641Cheddleton CMeir A577
140Simon Crowley10Steve Hill138
134John Yee10David Fuller116
134Molly Moruzzi01Clive Ferry114
118Chris Simpson½½Tom Healey109
115Rob Moruzzi10Peter Woodward75*

646Cheddleton C32Newcastle B649
179David Buxton10Alan Paling150
134John Yee½½Martyn Harris139
118Chris Simpson01Martin Davies131
115Rob Moruzzi10John Day125
72*Nick McLean½½Peter Shaw104

650Cheddleton CNewcastle C650
179David Buxton½½Alex Richardson176
134Molly Moruzzi01Tim Stevens136
118Chris Simpson10Francis Westfield130
115Rob Moruzzi10Nic Wright108
104Roger Walker10Geoffrey Lee97*

602Holmes Chapel Knights23Cheddleton B622
151Andy Raeburn01Bill Armstrong155
128Anthony Roberts01Phil Birks144
116John Hicks01Carl Gartside116
107Ian Chesters10Colin Abell107
86*George Scattergood10Ian Vaughan87*

595Holmes Chapel Knights½Cheddleton C649
151Andy Raeburn01Craig Whitfield141
128Anthony Roberts01Simon Crowley140
116John Hicks½½John Yee134
99*Richard Blackwell01Chris Simpson118
18*Joe Morris01Carl Gartside116

579Holmes Chapel KnightsHolmes Chapel Rooks542
151Andy Raeburn½½Malcolm Roberts125
128Anthony Roberts½½John Blackburn117
99*Richard Blackwell½½Sandra Blackburn97*
86*George Scattergood½½Paul Clifford98*
*David Price½½Connor Gay*

574Holmes Chapel KnightsMacclesfield632
151Andy Raeburn½½Dave Risley158
116John Hicks01Philip Cattermole143
107Ian Chesters10Richard Berenbrinck130
86*George Scattergood01Richard Murphy101
*David Price01Alan Sime97*

595Holmes Chapel Knights23Meir A577
151Andy Raeburn½½Steve Hill138
128Anthony Roberts01Clive Ferry114
116John Hicks½½David Fuller116
86*George Scattergood01Tom Healey109
*David Price10Peter Woodward75*

586Holmes Chapel KnightsNewcastle B649
151Andy Raeburn01Alan Paling150
128Anthony Roberts01Martyn Harris139
107Ian Chesters01Martin Davies131
99*Richard Blackwell½½John Day125
86*George Scattergood10Peter Shaw104

574Holmes Chapel KnightsNewcastle C614
151Andy Raeburn10Alex Richardson176
116John Hicks01Francis Westfield130
107Ian Chesters½½Nic Wright108
99*Richard Blackwell10Geoffrey Lee97*
86*George Scattergood10default0*

587Holmes Chapel Rooks23Cheddleton B650
170Pat Bennett01Bill Armstrong155
117John Blackburn01Phil Birks144
97*Sandra Blackburn01Simon Edwards148
98*Paul Clifford10Martin Gee103
*Connor Gay10David Hallen87*

556Holmes Chapel Rooks½Cheddleton C645
125Malcolm Roberts01Simon Crowley140
117John Blackburn½½John Yee134
114Hugh Burgess01Mark Greenwood138
97*Sandra Blackburn01Chris Simpson118
18*Joe Morris01Rob Moruzzi115

542Holmes Chapel RooksHolmes Chapel Knights579
125Malcolm Roberts½½Andy Raeburn151
117John Blackburn10Anthony Roberts128
98*Paul Clifford01Richard Blackwell99*
97*Sandra Blackburn01George Scattergood86*
*Connor Gay10David Price*

542Holmes Chapel Rooks23Macclesfield642
125Malcolm Roberts½½Tony Soames167
117John Blackburn½½Philip Cattermole143
98*Paul Clifford01Vijay Kumar126
99*Richard Blackwell½½James Lobo106
97*Sandra Blackburn½½Alan Sime97*

542Holmes Chapel Rooks14Meir A561
125Malcolm Roberts01Steve Hill138
117John Blackburn01Clive Ferry114
98*Paul Clifford01Tom Healey109
18*Joe Morris01Mick Andrews95*
U*Connor Gay10Peter Woodward75*

542Holmes Chapel Rooks½Newcastle B650
125Malcolm Roberts01Alan Paling150
117John Blackburn01Martyn Harris139
98*Paul Clifford01Diarmid Gibson132
97*Sandra Blackburn½½John Day125
U*Conor Gay01Peter Shaw104

512Holmes Chapel Rooks14Newcastle C614
117John Blackburn01Alex Richardson176
98Paul Clifford01Francis Westfield130
97Sandra Blackburn10default*
18*Joe Morris01Geoffrey Lee97*
*Conor Gay01Nic Wright108

638MacclesfieldCheddleton B647
143Philip Cattermole10Bill Armstrong155
143Geoff Laurence10Phil Birks144
130Richard Berenbrinck01Simon Edwards148
122Anthony Brough10Philip Hallen97*
97*Alan Sime½½Nick McLean72*

647MacclesfieldCheddleton C641
167Tony Soames01Simon Crowley140
143Philip Cattermole10John Yee134
122Anthony Brough10Molly Moruzzi134
115Richard Berenbrinck½½Chris Simpson118
97*Alan Sime01Rob Moruzzi115

623MacclesfieldHolmes Chapel Knights523
143Philip Cattermole10John Hicks116
143Geoff Laurence10Ian Chesters107
131Denzil Lobo10Richard Blackwell99*
106James Lobo01George Scattergood86*
97*Alan Sime½½Joe Morris18*

644Macclesfield32Holmes Chapel Rooks531
143Philip Cattermole01John Blackburn117
143Geoff Laurence½½Hugh Burgess114
E130Richard Berenbrinck10Paul Clifford98*
122Anthony Brough½½Sandra Blackburn97*
106James Lobo10Joe Morris18*

644Macclesfield32Meir A580
143Philip Cattermole01Steve Hill138
143Geoff Laurence10Clive Ferry114
130Richard Berenbrinck½½David Fuller116
122Anthony Brough10Tom Healey109
106James Lobo½½John Donaldson103

644Macclesfield23Newcastle B649
158Dave Risley½½Alan Paling150
143Geoff Laurence01Martyn Harris139
143Philip Cattermole01Martin Davies131
97*Alan Sime½½John Day125
94*Alan Millward10Peter Shaw104

647Macclesfield23Newcastle C650
167Tony Soames01Alex Richardson176
143Geoff Laurence½½Tim Stevens136
131Denzil Lobo½½Francis Westfield130
106James Lobo10Nic Wright108
97*Alan Sime01Geoffrey Lee97*

585Meir ACheddleton B647
138Steve Hill½½Bill Armstrong155
116David Fuller01Simon Edwards148
114Clive Ferry10Phil Birks144
109Tom Healey½½Ian Vaughan87*
108Steve Gregory½½Matthew Wyza85*

580Meir ACheddleton C591
138Steve Hill01John Yee134
114Clive Ferry01Molly Moruzzi134
116David Fuller01Rob Moruzzi115
109Tom Healey½½Chris Baxter108
103John Donaldson10Nick McLean72*

569Meir A41Holmes Chapel Knights507
138Steve Hill10Ian Chesters107
114Clive Ferry10Richard Blackwell99*
109Tom Healey10George Scattergood86*
108Steve Gregory10Joe Morris18*
61*Bob Perry01David Price*

566Meir A23Holmes Chapel Rooks553
138Steve Hill½½Malcolm Roberts125
116David Fuller½½John Blackburn117
114Clive Ferry01Hugh Burgess114
95Mick Andrews01Sandra Blackburn97
103John Donaldson10Joe Morris18*

563Meir A½Macclesfield612
138Steve Hill½½Geoff Laurence143
116David Fuller01Raymond Pomeroy132
109Tom Healey01Denzil Lobo131
95*Mick Andrews01James Lobo106
70*Eddie Burke01Alan Sime97*

576Meir A½Newcastle B649
138Steve Hill01Alan Paling150
116David Fuller01Martyn Harris139
114Clive Ferry01Martin Davies131
108Steve Gregory½½John Day125
75*Peter Woodward01Peter Shaw104

585Meir A14Newcastle C618
138Steve Hill01Alex Richardson176
114Clive Ferry01Francis Westfield130
116David Fuller10Nic Wright108
109Tom Healey01Geoffrey Lee97*
108Steve Gregory01Peter Shaw104

649Newcastle B23Cheddleton B647
150Alan Paling10Bill Armstrong155
131Martin Davies01Phil Birks144
139Martyn Harris01Simon Edwards148
125John Day½½David Hallen87*
104Peter Shaw½½Nick McLean72*

629Newcastle B23Cheddleton C597
150Alan Paling½½Craig Whitfield141
139Martyn Harris01John Yee134
132Diarmid Gibson10Chris Simpson118
108Nic Wright01Karol Grzybowski104
90*Paul Clapham½½Nick McLean72*

649Newcastle B32Holmes Chapel Knights574
150Alan Paling01Andy Raeburn151
139Martyn Harris10John Hicks116
131Martin Davies½½Ian Chesters107
125John Day10Richard Blackwell99*
104Peter Shaw½½George Scattergood86*

618Newcastle B41Holmes Chapel Rooks542
150Alan Paling½½Malcolm Roberts125
139Martyn Harris10John Blackburn117
125John Day10Sandra Blackburn97*
104Peter Shaw10Paul Clifford98*
97*Geoffrey Lee½½Joe Morris18*

649Newcastle B32Macclesfield648
150Alan Paling½½Dave Risley158
139Martyn Harris½½Philip Cattermole143
131Martin Davies½½Raymond Pomeroy132
125John Day10Richard Berenbrinck115
104Peter Shaw½½Alan Sime97*

649Newcastle BMeir A577
150Alan Paling01Steve Hill138
139Martyn Harris10David Fuller116
131Martin Davies01Clive Ferry114
125John Day½½Tom Healey109
104Peter Shaw10Peter Woodward75*

649Newcastle BNewcastle C650
139Martyn Harris01Alex Richardson176
150Alan Paling10Tim Stevens136
131Martin Davies½½Francis Westfield130
125John Day10Nic Wright108
104Peter Shaw01Geoffrey Lee97*

650Newcastle CCheddleton B647
176Alex Richardson10Bill Armstrong155
136Tim Stevens01Phil Birks144
130Francis Westfield01Simon Edwards148
108Nic Wright½½Peter Tomczak86*
97*Geoffrey Lee01Nick McLean72*

650Newcastle CCheddleton C621
176Alex Richardson½½Simon Crowley140
136Tim Stevens½½John Yee134
130Francis Westfield10Chris Simpson118
108Nic Wright½½Rob Moruzzi115
97*Geoffrey Lee10Vlade Luzajic114

650Newcastle C23Holmes Chapel Knights574
176Alex Richardson10Andy Raeburn151
136Tim Stevens10John Hicks116
130Francis Westfield01Ian Chesters107
108Nic Wright01Richard Blackwell99*
90*Paul Clapham01George Scattergood86*

650Newcastle C23Holmes Chapel Rooks612
176Alex Richardson01Pat Bennett170
136Tim Stevens½½Malcolm Roberts125
130Francis Westfield01John Blackburn117
108Nic Wright½½Sandra Blackburn97*
97*Geoffrey Lee10Joe Morris18*

650Newcastle C½Macclesfield549
176Alex Richardson10Philip Cattermole143
136Tim Stevens10James Lobo106
130Francis Westfield½½Alan Sime97*
97*Geoffrey Lee10Peter Neal65*
108Nic Wright10default*

650Newcastle C½Meir A577
176Alex Richardson10Steve Hill138
136Tim Stevens10Clive Ferry114
130Francis Westfield10David Fuller116
108Nic Wright½½Tom Healey109
97*Geoffrey Lee10Tony Cooling69*

650Newcastle CNewcastle B649
176Alex Richardson10Alan Paling150
136Tim Stevens01Martyn Harris139
130Francis Westfield½½Martin Davies131
108Nic Wright10John Day125
97*Geoffrey Lee10Peter Shaw104

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