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Division 2 match scorecards 2006/7

For convenience these are arranged alphabetically by home team

*Minimum counting grade of 100 applies when totalling.

597Alsager A½Caverswall A594
135Nick Edmonds½½Steve Hill144
139John Booth10Tom Healey116
118Steve Brown10Clive Ferry112
105Alan Thomason10David Fuller122
99*John Smith10Peter Woodward80*

645Alsager A23Cheddleton C648
188Simon Hood10Bill Armstrong148
139John Booth10Phil Birks138
118Steve Brown01John Yee139
99*John Smith01Simon Crowley119
U*Oliver Horrocks01Roger Walker104

632Alsager AFenton A577
188Simon Hood10John Amison117
139John Booth01Andy Stott130
U*Nick Edmonds½½Michael Williams118
105Alan Thomason10Steve Emmerton112
U*Roy Pitcher01Geoffrey Yates100

558Alsager AHolmes Chapel Knights570
135Nick Edmonds10Anthony Roberts134
118Steve Brown10John Hicks120
105Alan Thomason½½Ian Chesters109
99*John Smith01Richard Blackwell107
U*Oliver Horrocks10George Scattergood85*

650Alsager AHolmes Chapel Rooks548
188Simon Hood10Malcolm Roberts125
139John Booth10John Blackburn115
118Steve Brown10Hugh Burgess106
105Alan Thomason½½Paul Clifford102
U*Andrew Mine01Sandra Blackburn94*

646Alsager ANewcastle B624
188Simon Hood½½Alan Paling151
135Nick Edmonds½½Martyn Harris141
118Steve Brown½½Tim Stevens131
105Alan Thomason10Peter Shaw101
99*John Smith01Geoffrey Lee90*

 Alsager A5defNewcastle C 

641Alsager A14Stafford B645
188Simon Hood01Roger Butters148
135Nick Edmonds10Stephane Pedder135
118Steve Brown01Manoj Arora136
99*John Smith01Andrew Leadbetter126
U*Dave Cuncliffe01Guy DeVisme86*

594Caverswall AAlsager A602
144Steve Hill01John Booth139
122David Fuller01Andrew Pitcher140
116Tom Healey½½Steve Brown118
112Clive Ferry10Alan Thomason105
*default01John Smith99*

599Caverswall A32Cheddleton C618
144Steve Hill10Bill Armstrong148
122David Fuller½½Roger Edwards145
116Tom Healey½½Martin Davies110
112Clive Ferry01Vlade Luzajic115
105Steve Gregory10David Hallen85*

594Caverswall AFenton A584
144Steve Hill10John Amison117
122David Fuller10Andy Stott130
116Tom Healey11Michael Williams118
112Clive Ferry10Steve Emmerton112
89*Mick Andrews01Ben Zitha107

594Caverswall A23Holmes Chapel Knights625
144Steve Hill½½Andy Raeburn164
122David Fuller01Anthony Roberts134
116Tom Healey01John Hicks120
112Clive Ferry10Richard Blackwell107
80*Peter Woodward½½George Scattergood85*

578Caverswall AHolmes Chapel Rooks542
144Steve Hill01Malcolm Roberts125
122David Fuller01John Blackburn115
112Clive Ferry10Paul Clifford102
89*Mick Andrews½½Sandra Blackburn94*
80*Peter Woodward10Joe MorrisU*

594Caverswall A41Newcastle B624
144Steve Hill½½Alan Paling151
122David Fuller10Martyn Harris141
116Tom Healey½½Tim Stevens131
112Clive Ferry10Peter Shaw101
66*Eddie Burke10Geoffrey Lee90*

599Caverswall ANewcastle C560
144Steve Hill11Michael Roberts129
122David Fuller01John Day126
116Tom Healey01Nic Wright104
112Clive Ferry10Peter Shaw101
105Steve Gregory10default0*

572Caverswall AStafford B625
144Steve Hill½½Roger Butters148
116Tom Healey01Stephane Pedder135
112Clive Ferry10Andrew Leadbetter126
89*Mick Andrews01Kasik Wozniak116
80*Peter Woodward10default*

620Cheddleton C32Alsager A620
148Bill Armstrong½½John Booth139
144Simon Edwards½½Gordon Parker141
110Martin Davies01Nick Edmonds135
118Rob Moruzzi10Alan Thomason105
94*Alastair McFadden10Dave Ross64*

645Cheddleton C50Caverswall A589
148Bill Armstrong10Steve Hill144
139John Yee10Tom Healey116
144Simon Edwards10John Donaldson112
110Martin Davies10Clive Ferry112
104Roger Walker10Steve Gregory105

620Cheddleton C½Fenton A559
148Bill Armstrong10John Amison117
139John Yee½½Andy Stott130
119Simon Crowley10Steve Emmerton112
110Martin Davies10Geoffrey Yates100
104Roger Walker10default*

642Cheddleton C½Holmes Chapel Knights531
145Roger Edwards½½John Blackburn115
144Simon Edwards10Ian Chesters109
139John Yee10Richard Blackwell107
110Martin Davies10Sandra Blackburn94*
104Roger Walker10George Scattergood85*

643Cheddleton CHolmes Chapel Rooks553
148Bill Armstrong½½Malcolm Roberts125
144Simon Edwards10John Blackburn115
115Vlade Luzajic10Richard Blackwell107
119Keith Brownlee01Hugh Burgess106
117Martin Gee01Sandra Blackburn94*

647Cheddleton CNewcastle B624
148Bill Armstrong½½Alan Paling151
144Simon Edwards½½Martyn Harris141
145Roger Edwards01Tim Stevens131
110Colin Abell½½Peter Shaw101
99*Paul Shelley10Geoffrey Lee90*

648Cheddleton CNewcastle C588
148Bill Armstrong10Chris Hankey135
145Roger Edwards10Diarmid Gibson133
128Yangshan Yu01Michael Roberts129
117Martin Gee½½Peter Shaw101
110Martin Davies10Geoffrey Lee90

637Cheddleton CStafford B570
148Bill Armstrong½½Malcolm Armstrong164
145Roger Edwards01Andrew Leadbetter126
110Martin Davies10Denis Nesbitt94
115Vlade Luzajic10Guy DeVisme86
119Keith Brownlee10default0*

517Fenton A14Alsager A602
117John Amison½½John Booth139
93*John Wunderle01Andrew Pitcher140
100Geoffrey Yates½½Steve Brown118
93*Stuart Hull01Alan Thomason105
42*Philip Grocott01John Smith99*

566Fenton ACaverswall A594
130Andy Stott01Steve Hill144
117John Amison½½David Fuller122
107Ben Zitha01Tom Healey116
112Steve Emmerton01Clive Ferry112
93*John Wunderle10Peter Woodward80*

633Fenton A23Cheddleton C646
152Ryan Palmer01David Buxton179
144Tony Holdford½½Bill Armstrong148
130Andy Stott½½Keith Brownlee119
107Ben Zitha10Paul Shelley99*
93*John Wunderle01David Hallen85*

554Fenton AHolmes Chapel Knights584
117John Amison½½Andy Raeburn164
118Michael Williams01John Hicks120
107Ben Zitha10default*
112Steve Emmerton10George Scattergood85*
95*Kamal Kabiri10Joe MorrisU*

566Fenton AHolmes Chapel Rooks517
130Andy Stott½½John Blackburn115
117John Amison½½Paul Clifford102
112Steve Emmerton½½Sandra Blackburn94*
107Ben Zitha10George Scattergood85*
100Geoffrey Yates10Joe MorrisU*

584Fenton A½Newcastle B624
130Andy Stott01Alan Paling151
117John Amison01Martyn Harris141
118Michael Williams½½Tim Stevens131
112Steve Emmerton01Peter Shaw101
107Ben Zitha01Geoffrey Lee90*

584Fenton ANewcastle C644
130Andy Stott01Steve Bruce143
117John Amison10Chris Hankey135
118Michael Williams½½Diarmid Gibson133
112Steve Emmerton01Michael Roberts129
107Ben Zitha10Nic Wright104

554Fenton A32Stafford B609
117John Amison½½Roger Butters148
118Michael Williams01Stephane Pedder135
107Ben Zitha10Andrew Leadbetter126
112Steve Emmerton½½Guy DeVisme86*
U*Gabrielle Williams10default*

625Holmes Chapel KnightsAlsager A667
164Andy Raeburn01Simon Hood188
134Anthony Roberts½½Nick Edmonds135
120John Hicks01John Booth139
107Richard Blackwell01Alan Thomason105
85*George Scattergood10Dave Ross64*

Alsager field ineligible side, board three scored to Knights for match result purposes.

614Holmes Chapel Knights½Caverswall A594
164Andy Raeburn10Steve Hill144
134Anthony Roberts10David Fuller122
109Ian Chesters10Tom Healey116
107Richard Blackwell10Clive Ferry112
85*George Scattergood½½Mick Andrews89*

625Holmes Chapel Knights14Cheddleton C618
164Andy Raeburn01Simon Edwards144
134Anthony Roberts½½Roger Edwards145
120John Hicks01Martin Davies110
107Richard Blackwell½½Vlade Luzajic115
85*George Scattergood01Roger Walker104

561Holmes Chapel KnightsFenton A529
134Anthony Roberts½½John Amison117
120John Hicks10Steve Emmerton116
107Richard Blackwell½½Geoffrey Yates100
85*George Scattergood½½Carl Mustafa72*
0*default01Mark Whitby53*

625Holmes Chapel KnightsHolmes Chapel Rooks542
164Andy Raeburn½½Malcolm Roberts125
134Anthony Roberts01John Blackburn115
120John Hicks01Paul Clifford102
107Richard Blackwell10Sandra Blackburn94*
85*George Scattergood10Joe MorrisU*

614Holmes Chapel Knights32Newcastle B624
164Andy Raeburn½½Alan Paling151
134Anthony Roberts01Martyn Harris141
109Ian Chesters½½Tim Stevens131
107Richard Blackwell10Peter Shaw101
85*George Scattergood10Geoffrey Lee90*

627Holmes Chapel Knights32Newcastle C567
164Andy Raeburn10Diarmid Gibson133
134Anthony Roberts01Michael Roberts129
120John Hicks10default*
109Ian Chesters01Nic Wright104
85*George Scattergood10Peter Shaw101

614Holmes Chapel KnightsStafford B626
164Andy Raeburn10Malcolm Armstrong164
134Anthony Roberts½½Manoj Arora136
109Ian Chesters01Andrew Leadbetter126
107Richard Blackwell½½Peter Evans81*
85*George Scattergood½½Guy DeVisme86*

576Holmes Chapel Rooks½Alsager A592
155Suzy Blackburn01Nick Edmonds135
115John Blackburn01John Booth139
106Hugh Burgess½½Steve Brown118
94*Sandra Blackburn01John Smith99*
U*Joe Morris01Oliver HorrocksU*

560Holmes Chapel Rooks23Caverswall A550
143Ian Bates01David Fuller122
115John Blackburn10Clive Ferry112
102Paul Clifford½½Tom Healey116
94*Sandra Blackburn½½Peter Woodward80*
0*Joe Morris01Eddie Burke66*

542Holmes Chapel Rooks14Cheddleton C644
125Malcolm Roberts10Bill Armstrong148
115John Blackburn01Simon Edwards144
102Paul Clifford01Phil Birks138
94*Sandra Blackburn01Martin Davies110
0*Joe Morris01Roger Walker104

542Holmes Chapel Rooks14Fenton A529
125Malcolm Roberts½½John Amison117
115John Blackburn01Steve Emmerton112
102Paul Clifford01Geoffrey Yates100
94*Sandra Blackburn½½Carl Mustafa72*
U*Joe Morris01Mark Whitby53*

542Holmes Chapel Rooks23Holmes Chapel Knights627
125Malcolm Roberts½½Andy Raeburn164
115John Blackburn½½Anthony Roberts134
102Paul Clifford½½John Hicks120
94*Sandra Blackburn½½Ian Chesters109
U*Joe Morris01George Scattergood85*

590Holmes Chapel Rooks14Newcastle B623
155Suzy Blackburn½½Alan Paling151
115John Blackburn01Martyn Harris141
120John Hicks01Tim Stevens131
94*Sandra Blackburn½½Geoffrey Lee90*
U*Joe Morris01Stephen Cooper76*

591Holmes Chapel Rooks14Newcastle C594
174Pat Bennett½½Chris Hankey135
115John Blackburn01Michael Roberts129
102Paul Clifford01John Day126
94*Sandra Blackburn½½Nic Wright104
U*Joe Morris01Geoffrey Lee90*

548Holmes Chapel Rooks23Stafford B632
125Malcolm Roberts01Malcolm Armstrong164
115John Blackburn10Manoj Arora136
106Hugh Burgess01Andrew Leadbetter126
102Paul Clifford01Kenneth McNulty106
94*Sandra Blackburn10Guy DeVisme86*

624Newcastle B32Alsager A594
151Alan Paling½½Gordon Parker141
141Martyn Harris01Nick Edmonds135
131Tim Stevens½½Steve Brown118
101Peter Shaw10John Smith99*
90*Geoffrey Lee10Dave Ross64*

577Newcastle B50Caverswall A594
141Martyn Harris10Steve Hill144
131Tim Stevens10David Fuller122
104Nic Wright10Tom Healey116
101Peter Shaw10Clive Ferry112
E70*Mostafa Soleimani10Mick Andrews89*

624Newcastle BCheddleton C607
151Alan Paling10Bill Armstrong148
141Martyn Harris10Roger Edwards145
131Tim Stevens½½Martin Davies110
101Peter Shaw10Roger Walker104
90*Geoffrey Lee01Alastair McFadden94*

623Newcastle BFenton A638
151Alan Paling01Ryan Palmer152
141Martyn Harris10Andy Stott130
131Tim Stevens½½Tony Holdford144
90*Geoffrey Lee01Steve Emmerton112
E70*Mostafa Soleimani01John Wunderle93*

623Newcastle BHolmes Chapel Knights627
151Alan Paling½½Andy Raeburn164
130Francis Westfield½½Anthony Roberts134
141Martyn Harris10John Hicks120
101Peter Shaw½½Ian Chesters109
90*Geoffrey Lee10George Scattergood85*

624Newcastle BHolmes Chapel Rooks546
151Alan Paling10Malcolm Roberts125
141Martyn Harris01John Blackburn115
131Tim Stevens10Hugh Burgess106
101Peter Shaw½½Sandra Blackburn94*
90*Geoffrey Lee10Joe MorrisU*

624Newcastle B Newcastle C607
151Alan Paling 1 0 Chris Hankey135
141Martyn Harris ½ ½ Diarmid Gibson133
131Tim Stevens ½ ½ Michael Roberts129
101Peter Shaw ½ ½ Watson Fuller106
90*Geoff Lee 0 1 Nick Wright104

624Newcastle BStafford B648
151Alan Paling01Gerald Acey181
131Tim Stevens01Stephane Pedder135
141Martyn Harris10Andrew Leadbetter126
101Peter Shaw01Kenneth McNulty106
90*Geoffrey Lee½½Peter Evans81*

592Newcastle CAlsager A619
133Diarmid Gibson½½Nick Edmonds135
129Michael Roberts01John Booth139
126John Day½½Andrew Pitcher140
104Nic Wright½½Alan Thomason105
95*Paul Clapham01John Smith99*

592Newcastle C32Caverswall A594
133Diarmid Gibson10Steve Hill144
129Michael Roberts10David Fuller122
126John Day½½Clive Ferry112
104Nic Wright½½Tom Healey116
0*default01Eddie Burke66*

607Newcastle C14Cheddleton C592
133Diarmid Gibson01Roger Edwards145
135Chris Hankey01Carl Gartside118
129Michael Roberts10Martin Davies110
104Nic Wright01Vlade Luzajic115
106Watson Fuller01Roger Walker104

608Newcastle CFenton A554
143Steve Bruce½½John Amison117
129Michael Roberts10Ben Zitha107
126John Day10Michael Williams118
106Watson Fuller01Steve Emmerton112
104Nic Wright01Geoffrey Yates100

572Newcastle C41Holmes Chapel Knights600
133Diarmid Gibson10Andy Raeburn164
129Michael Roberts10John Hicks120
106Watson Fuller01Ian Chesters109
104Nic Wright10Richard Blackwell107
E70*Mostafa Soleimani10George Scattergood85*

601Newcastle C41Holmes Chapel Rooks548
135Chris Hankey10Malcolm Roberts125
133Diarmid Gibson10John Blackburn115
129Michael Roberts10Hugh Burgess106
95*Paul Clapham½½Paul Clifford102
104Nic Wright½½Sandra Blackburn94*

594Newcastle CNewcastle B624
135Chris Hankey½½Alan Paling151
129Michael Roberts01Martyn Harris141
126John Day½½Tim Stevens131
104Nic Wright½½Peter Shaw101
U*Mostafa Soleimani01Geoffrey Lee90*

644Newcastle CStafford B632
143Steve Bruce01Malcolm Armstrong164
135Chris Hankey10Manoj Arora136
133Diarmid Gibson10Andrew Leadbetter126
129Michael Roberts10Kenneth McNulty106
104Nic Wright½½Ray Gogerty78*

625Stafford BAlsager A592
148Roger Butters½½John Booth139
135Stephane Pedder01Nick Edmonds135
126Andrew Leadbetter10Steve Brown118
116Kasik Wozniak10John Smith99*
81*Peter Evans10Michael Brown34*

631Stafford B32Caverswall A599
148Roger Butters01Steve Hill144
141Trevor Owen10David Fuller122
126Andrew Leadbetter½½Tom Healey116
116Kasik Wozniak10Clive Ferry112
78*Ray Gogerty½½Steve Gregory105

594Stafford B41Cheddleton C631
135Stephane Pedder10Simon Edwards144
126Andrew Leadbetter01Roger Edwards145
116Kasik Wozniak10Vlade Luzajic115
106Kenneth McNulty10Martin Davies110
111Dusan Grujic10Martin Gee117

641Stafford B½Fenton A530
148Roger Butters½½John Amison117
135Stephane Pedder10Danny Griffiths113
136Manoj Arora10Geoffrey Yates100
116Kasik Wozniak10John Wunderle93*
106Kenneth McNulty10Kamal Kabiri95*

642Stafford B32Holmes Chapel Knights600
164Malcolm Armstrong½½Andy Raeburn164
135Stephane Pedder01John Hicks120
126Andrew Leadbetter½½Ian Chesters109
106Kenneth McNulty10Richard Blackwell107
111Dusan Grujic10George Scattergood85*

645Stafford BHolmes Chapel Rooks548
148Roger Butters10Malcolm Roberts125
135Stephane Pedder½½John Blackburn115
136Manoj Arora½½Hugh Burgess106
126Andrew Leadbetter½½Paul Clifford102
0*default01Sandra Blackburn94*

638Stafford B32Newcastle B624
141Trevor Owen01Alan Paling151
135Stephane Pedder10Martyn Harris141
136Manoj Arora01Tim Stevens131
126Andrew Leadbetter10Peter Shaw101
86*Guy DeVisme10Geoffrey Lee90*

642Stafford BNewcastle C602
164Malcolm Armstrong½½Chris Hankey135
135Stephane Pedder10Diarmid Gibson133
126Andrew Leadbetter10Michael Roberts129
106Kenneth McNulty01Nic Wright104
111Dusan Grujic10Peter Shaw101

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