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Derby League Division 1 Scorecards 2006/07

For convenience these are ordered alphabetically be home team.
1Gilmore Simon N 1610.5Madden Paul 1920.5
2Alderson Michael J 1680.5Burke Steve 1610.5
3Downham Alan F 1540Jarvis Dedek 1481
4May Skot K 1470.5Toothill Andrew 1580.5

1Gilmore Simon N 1611Briggs Philip J 1870
2Alderson Michael J 1680.5Allen Ralph 1540.5
3Downham Alan F 1540.5Bould Trevor 1580.5
4May Skot K 1470Moore Paul 1571

1Gilmore N 1610.5Alcock Mike 1870.5
2Alderson Michael J 1680.5Latham David 1680.5
3Downham Alan F 1540Johnson Michael D 1601
4May Skot K 1471Mort Andrew J 1380

1Gilmore Simon N 1611Richardson Alax 1880
2Alderson Michael J 1681Fuller David A1220
3Downham Alan F 1541Healey Tommas W 1160
4May Skot K 1471Andrews Mick 890

1Gilmore Simon N 1610.5Forey Ray J 1490.5
2Def 20Williams David 1441
3Downham Alan F 1540Farley Ron T 1431
4Hoddy John D 1460Pearson Terry 1261

1Gilmore Simon N 1611Retout Steve 1420
2Alderson Michael J 1681Miers James 1330
3Downham Alan F 1540.5Smith David 1150.5
4May Skot K 1471Heelan Dave 1140

1Alderson Michael J 1680Evans Raymond G 1811
2Gilmore Simon N 1611Lakhani Kishan 1660
3Downham Alan F 1540.5Robins Andrew 1460.5
4May Skot K 1471Davies Norman J 1160

1Madden Paul 1920.5Alderson Michael J 1680.5
2Burke Steve 1610.5Gilmore Simon N 1610.5
3Jarvis Dedek 1481Downham Alan F 1540
4Toothill Andrew 1581May Skot K 1470

1Madden Paul 1921Briggs Philip J 1870
2Burke Steve 1610.5Allen Ralph 1540.5
3Jarvis Dedek 1480Bould Trevor 1581
4Toothill Andrew 1580Moore Paul 1571

1Madden Paul 1920.5Alcock Mike 1870.5
2Burke Steve 1610Latham David 1681
3Jarvis Dedek 1480Johnson Michael D 1601
4Webster Richard J 1550Mort Andrew J 1381

1Madden Paul 192 1Paling Alan 1510
2Burke Steve 161 0.5Harris Martyn 1410.5
3Jarvis Derek 148 0.5Ferry Clive N 1120.5
4Toothill Andrew 158 1Andrews Mick 890

1Madden Paul 1920.5Shannon John 1790.5
2Burke Steve 1610.5Williams Dave 1440.5
3Jarvis Dedek 1481Farley Ron T 1430
4Toothill Andrew 1581Pearson Terry 1260

1Burke Steve 1610Retout Steve 1421
2Webster Richard J 1550.5Cobham Martin 1290.5
3Jarvis Dedek 1480.5Heelan Dave 1140.5
4Toothill Andrew 1581Polovina Mark 1220

1Madden Paul 1920.5Evans Raymond G 1810.5
2Burke Steve 1611Robins Andrew 1460
3Jarvis Dedek 1481Def 30
4Toothill Andrew 1580.5Davies Norman J 1160.5

118BURTON (A)2.5BELPER (A)1.5
1Briggs Philip J 1870Gilmore Simon N 1611
2Allen Ralph 1540.5Alderson Michael J 1680.5
3Bould Trevor 1581Downham Alan F 1540
4Moore Paul 1571May Skot K 1470

1Briggs Philip J 1871Madden Paul 1920
2Allen Ralph 1540.5Burke Steve 1610.5
3Mroz Chris1Jarvis Dedek 1480
4Moore Paul 1570.5Toothill Andrew 1580.5

1Briggs Philip J 1870Alcock Mike 1871
2Allen Ralph 1540.5Latham David 1680.5
3Bould Trevor 1580.5Johnson Michael D 1600.5
4Moore Paul 1570Andrews David 1461

150BURTON (A)2.5CREDA1.5
1Allen Ralph 1541Paling Alan 1510
2Bould Trevor 1580Harris Martyn 1411
3Moore Paul 1570.5Andrews Mick 890.5
4Hedges K Roy 1421Clapham Paul J 950

1Briggs Phillip 1870Shannon John 1791
2Allen Ralph 1541Williams Dave 1440
3Bould Trevor 1580.5Farley Ron T 1430.5
4Moore Paul 1571Thakur Maitreya0

1Briggs Phillip 1871Retout Steve 1420
2Allen Ralph 1541Cobham Martin 1290
3Bould Trevor 1581Heelan Dave 1140
4Moore Paul 1571Polovina Mark 1220

1Briggs Phillip 1870.5Evans Raymond G 1810.5
2Allen Ralph 1540.5Brown David J 1200.5
3Mroz Waldemar1Lakhani Anjali 1160
4Bould Trevor 1581Davies Norman J 1160

1Mossong H0.5Gilmore Simon N 1610.5
2Alcock Mike 1870.5Alderson Michael J 1680.5
3Latham David 1681Downham Alan F 1540
4Johnson Michael D 1600.5May Skot K 1470.5

1Alcock Mike 1871Burke Steve 1610
2Latham David 1680.5Jarvis Dedek 1480.5
3Johnson Michael D 1601Webster Richard J 1550
4Mort Andrew J 1381Toothill Andrew 1580

1Alcock Mike 1870.5Allen Ralph 1540.5
2Johnson Michael D 1600Bould Trevor 1581
3Mort Andrew J 1380.5Moore Paul 1570.5
4Bracey Steve 1501Hoddy Dave 1190

1Alcock Mike 1870.5Paling Alan 1510.5
2Johnson Michael D 1601Harris Martyn 1410
3Andrews David 1460Ferry Clive N 1121
4Bracey Steve 1501Andrews Mick 890

1Alcock Mike 1871Def 10
2Johnson Michael D 1600.5Williams David 1440.5
3Mort Andrew J 1380.5Forey Ray J 1490.5
4Andrews David 1461Rarley Ron T 1430

1Alcock Mike 1870.5Retout Steve 1420.5
2Latham David 1681Miers James 1330
3Johnson Michael D 1600Cobham Martin 1291
4Mort Andrew J 1380.5Heelan Dave 1140.5

1Alcock Mike 187 0Evans Raymond G 1811
2Latham David 168 1Robins Andrew 146 0
3Johnson Michael D 160 1Gibson Geoffrey T 1440
4Mort Andrew J 138 1Davies Norman J 1160

1Paling Alan 1510.5Gilmore Simon N 1610.5
2Harris Martyn 1410.5Alderson Michael J 1680.5
3Ferry Clive N 1120Downham Alan F 1541
4Andrews Mick 890May Skot K 1471

1Paling Alan 1510Madden Paul 1921
2Harris Martyn 1410.5Burke Steve 1610.5
3Andrews Mick 890Jarvis Dedek 1481
4Newton John 860Toothill Andrew 1581

1Paling Alan 1511Bould Trevor 1580
2Harris Martyn 1410.5Moore Paul 1570.5
3Healey Tommas W 1160.5Pickering David J 1390.5
4Andrews Mick 890Hedges K Roy 1421

1Paling Alan 1510Alcock Mike 1871
2Harris Martyn 1410Johnson Michael D 1601
3Healey Tommas W 1160.5Mort Andrew J 1380.5
4Andrews Mick 890.5Andrews David 1460.5

1Paling Alan 1510Shannon John 1791
2Harris Martyn 1410Williams David 1441
3Clapham Paul J 950Farley Ron T 1431
4Andrews Mick 891Pearson Terry 1260

1Richardson Alax 1881Retout Steve 1420
2Paling Alan 1510.5Miers James 1330.5
3Ferry Clive N 1120Cobham Martin 1291
4Andrews Mick 890Heelan Dave 1141

1Paling Alan 1511Robins Andrew 1460
2Harris Martyn 1410.5Gibson Geoffrey T 1440.5
3Ferry Clive N 1120Brown David J 1201
4Andrews Mick 891Davies Norman J 1160

1Shannon John 1790.5Gilmore N 1610.5
2Williams Dave 1440.5Alderson Michael J 1680.5
3Farley Ron T 1431Downham Alan F 1540
4Pearson Terry 1261May Skot K 1470

1Shannon John 1790.5Burke Steve 1610.5
2Farley Ron T 1430Jarvis Dedek 1481
3Williams David 1440.5Webster Richard J 1550.5
4Pearson Terry 1260Toothill Andrew 1581

1Shannon John 1791Briggs Philip J 1870
2Farley Ron T 1431Allen Ralph 1540
3Williams David 1440.5Bould Trevor 1580.5
4Pearson Terry 1261Moore Paul 1570

1Williams David 1440.5Alcock Mike 1870.5
2Farley Ron T 1430Latham David 1681
3Pearson Terry 1260Johnson Michael D 1601
4Thakur Maitreya1Mort Andrew J 1380

1Shannon John 1791Richardson Alax 1880
2Williams Dave 1440.5Paling Alan 1510.5
3Forey Ray J 1491Ferry Clive N 1120
4Baker A L ug0.5Andrews Mick 890.5

1Williams Dave 1441Retout Steve 1420
2Forey Ray J 1490Miers James 1331
3Farley Ron T 1431Smith David 1150
4Pearson Terry 1260.5Heelan Dave 1140.5

1Williams Dave 1440.5Evans Raymond G 1810.5
2Forey Ray J 1490Lakhani Kishan 1661
3Farley Ron T 1430.5Robins Andrew 1460.5
4Pearson Terry 1260Gibson Geoffrey T 1441

1Retout Steve 1420.5Gilmore Simon N 1610.5
2Miers James 1331Alderson Michael J 1680
3Cobham Martin 1290.5Downham Alan F 1540.5
4Heelan Dave 1140May Skot K 1471

1Miers James 1330.5Burke Steve 1610.5
2Smith David 1150Jarvis Dedek 1481
3Heelan Dave 1140.5Toothill Andrew 1580.5
4Cockburn Andrew 960Webster Richard J 1551

1Miers James 133 0Allen Ralph 1541
2Cobham Martin 129 0Mroz Chris1
3Smith David 115 0Bould Trevor 1581
4Heelan Dave 114 0Moore Paul 1571

1Retout Steve 1420Alcock Mike 1871
2Miers James 1330Latham David 1681
3Cobham Martin 1290.5Johnson Michael D 1600.5
4Cockburn Andrew 960Mort Andrew J 1381

1Retout Steve 1420Paling Alan 1511
2Cobham Martin 1291Harris Martyn 1410
3Smith David 1151Ferry Clive N 1120
4Heelan Dave 1141Andrews Mick 890

1Retout Steve 1420.5Forey Ray J 1490.5
2Miers James 1330Williams Dave 1441
3Cobham Martin 1290.5Farley Ron T 1430.5
4Lamont Stephen0Thakur Maitreya1

1Retout Steve 1420.5Evans Raymond G 1810.5
2Miers James 1330.5Robins Andrew 1460.5
3Smith David 1151Gibson Geoffrey T 1440
4Heelan Dave 1140Lakhani Anjali 1161

1Evans Raymond G 1811Gilmore Simon N 1610
2Lakhani Kishan 1661Alderson Michael J 1680
3Robins Andrew 1460Downham Alan F 1541
4Brown David J 1201May Skot K 1470

1Evans Raymond G 1811Jarvis Dedek 1480
2Lakhani Kishan 1661Cranmer Stanley 1390
3Robins Andrew 1460Morgan P1
4Gibson Geoffrey T 1441Graham Neil 1330

1Evans Raymond G 1810.5Briggs Philip J 1870.5
2Lakhani Kishan 1660.5Allen Ralph 1540.5
3Robins Andrew 1460Moore Paul 1571
4Gibson Geoffrey T 1441Bould Trevor 1580

1Robins Andrew 1460Alcock Mike 1871
2Lakhani Anjali 1161Latham David 1680
3Davies Norman J 1160Johnson Michael D 1601
4Moss Richard 750Mort Andrew J 1381

1Evans Raymond G 1810.5Paling Alan 1510.5
2Robins Andrew 1461Harris Martyn 1410
3Gibson Geoffrey T 1441Ferry Clive N 1120
4Davies Norman J 1161Andrews Mick 890

1Evans Raymond G 1811Shannon John 1790
2Robins Andrew 1461Williams Dave 1440
3Gibson Geoffrey T 1440.5Forey Ray J 1490.5
4Davies Norman J 1160.5Farley Ron T 1430.5

1Evans Raymond G 1811Retout Steve 1420
2Lakhani Kishan 1661Miers James 1330
3Robins Andrew 1460.5Heelan Dave 1140.5
4Gibson Geoffrey T 1441Polovina Mark 1220

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