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Derby League Division 1 Scorecards 2005/06

For convenience these are ordered alphabetically be home team.
1Gilmore Simon 1781Canrtill Chris 1720
2Downham Alan F 1621Wagenback Janos 1420
3Smith Samuel 1351Foreman Sean 1430
4Edwards Roger 1370Smith V W G 1371

1Gilmore Simon 1780.5Burke Steve 1630.5
2Levens David G 1591Jarvis Derek 1530
3Downham Alan F 1620Toothill Andrew 1531
4Smith Samuel 1350.5Graham Neil 1550.5

150BELPER (A)1.5BURTON (A)2.5
1Gilmore Simon 1781Allen Ralph MA 1650
2Alderson Michael Def0Mroz W1
3May Skott Def0Bould Trevor J 1691
4Smith Samuel 1350.5Moore Paul M 1530.5

1Gilmore Simon 1780.5Latham David 1900.5
2Alderson Michael 1580.5Alcock Mick 1760.5
3May Skott 1480Johnson Michael 1651
4Smith Samuel 1350Mort A 1111

1Gilmore Simon 1780.5Shannon John 1830.5
2May Skott 1480Forey Ray 1671
3Downham Alan F 1621Farley Ron 1670
4Smith Samuel 1351Williams Dave 1530

1Gilmore Simon 1780Evans Raymond 1851
2Downham Alan F 1620.5Robins Andy 1500.5
3May Skott 1481Davies Norman 1100
4Smith Samuel 1351Lakhani Anjali 1030

141BELPER (A)3.5SPONDON (A)0.5
1Gilmore Simon 1781Gregory Ian 1380
2May Skott 1481Makinson Paul 1210
3Downham Alan F 1621Loomes Bert 980
4Smith Samuel 1350.5Woods Roy 1210.5

147BELPER (B)1.5BELPER (A)2.5
1Canrtill Chris 1720.5Gilmore Simon 1780.5
2Wagenback Janos 1421May Skott 1480
3Zi Chen0Downham Alan F 1621
4Smith V W G 1370Smith Samuel 1351

1Canrtill Chris 1720Burke Steve 1631
2Wagenback Janos 1420Jarvis Derek 1531
3Retout Steve P 1460Toothill Andrew 1531
4Smith V W G 1370Graham Neil 1551

1Canrtill Chris 1720Bould Trevor J 1691
2Retout Steve P 1460Pickering David J 1461
3Wagenback Janos 1421Hoddy David 1240
4Smith V W G 1370Hedges K Roy 1021

1Canrtill Chris 1720.5Alcock Mick 1760.5
2Wagenback Janos 1420Johnson Michael 1651
3Zi Chen0Mort Andy 1111
4Smith V W G 1370Bracey Steve 1571

1Canrtill Chris 1720Shannon John 1831
2Wagenback Janos 1421Forey Ray 1670
3Oldham Brian 1280Farley Ron1
4Smith V W G 1370Williams Dave 1531

1Canrtill Chris 1720Evans Raymond 1851
2Wagenback Janos 1420.5Gibson Geoffrey 1520.5
3Smith V W G 1370Robins Andy 1501
4Harrison Ronald S 1020.5Lakhani Anjali 1030.5

132BELPER (B)3.5SPONDON (A)0.5
1Canrtill Chris 1721Gregory Ian 1380
2Wagenback Janos 1421Monk Robert 1350
3Retout Steve P 1460.5Sheldon Philip 910.5
4Smith V W G 1371Loomes Bert 980

1Madden Paul 1990Gilmore Simon 1781
2Burke Steve 1630.5Downham Alan F 1620.5
3Jarvis Derek 1531Smith Samuel 1350
4Toothill Andrew 1531Alldread Luke 1040

1Madden Paul 1991Canrtill Chris 1720
2Burke Steve 1631Wagenback Janos 1420
3Jarvis Derek 1530Retout Steve P 1461
4Toothill Andrew 1531Smith V W G 1370

1Burke Steve 1630.5Allen Ralph MA 1650.5
2Jarvis Derek 1531Bould Trevor J 1690
3Toothill Andrew 1530Moore Paul M 1531
4Graham Neil 1550Hedges K Roy 1021

1Madden Paul 1990.5Alcock Mick 1760.5
2Burke Steve 1630.5Latham David 1900.5
3Jarvis Derek 1530Johnson Michael 1651
4Toothill Andrew 1530Mort Andy 1111

1Madden Paul 1991Shannon John 1830
2Burke Steve 1630.5Forey Ray 1670.5
3Jarvis Derek 1531Farley Ron 1670
4Toothill Andrew 1530.5Williams Dave 1530.5

1Madden Paul 1990.5Lakhani Kishan 1520.5
2Burke Steve 1631Robins Andy 1500
3Jarvis Derek 1531Brown David 1340
4Toothill Andrew 1531Lakhani Anjali 1030

1Madden Paul 1991Edge John 1680
2Burke Steve 1630.5Monk Robert 1350.5
3Jarvis Derek 1530Makinson Paul 1211
4Toothill Andrew 1531Sands Graham 1200

124BURTON (A)3.5BELPER (A)0.5
1Briggs Phillip J 1841Gilmore Simon 1780
2Allen Ralph MA 1650.5Alderson Michael 1580.5
3Bould Trevor J 1691May Skott 1480
4Moore Paul M 1531Smith Samuel 1350

134BURTON (A)2.5BELPER (B)1.5
1Allen Ralph MA 1650.5Canrtill Chris 1720.5
2Bould Trevor J 1691Wagenback Janos 1420
3Moore Paul M 1530Retout Steve P 1461
4Hedges K Roy 1021Smith V W G 1370

1Briggs Phillip J 1840.5Madden Paul 1990.5
2Allen Ralph MA 1650.5Burke Steve 1630.5
3Bould Trevor J 1690.5Jarvis Derek 1530.5
4Moore Paul M 1530Toothill Andrew 1531

1Briggs Phillip J 1841Latham David 1900
2Allen Ralph MA 1650Alcock Mick 1761
3Mroz W0Mort Andy 1111
4Moore Paul M 1531Johnson Michael 1650

1Allen Ralph MA 1650.5Shannon John 1830.5
2Bould Trevor J 1691Forey Ray 1670
3Moore Paul M 1531Farley Ron 1670
4Hedges K Roy 1020Williams Dave 1531

1Briggs Phillip J 1840Evans Raymond 1851
2Allen Ralph MA 1650.5Gibson Geoffrey 1520.5
3Bould Trevor J 1690Robins Andy 1501
4Moore Paul M 1531Brown David 1340

1Bould Trevor J 1690Edge John 1681
2Moore Paul M 1531Gregory Ian 1380
3Pickering David J 1461Monk Robert 1350
4Hedges K Roy 1021Makinson Paul 1210

1Alcock Mick 1761Alderson Michael 1580
2Latham David 1900Downham Alan F 1621
3Johnson Michael 1651May Skott 1480
4Mort A 1111Smith Samuel 1350

1Latham David 1900.5Canrtill Chris 1720.5
2Alcock Mick 1761Retout Steve P 1460
3Mort Andy 1110Wagenback Janos 1421
4Bracey Steve 1571Smith V W G 1370

1Alcock Mick 1760.5Madden Paul 1990.5
2Latham David 1900.5Lewyk Lhor 1610.5
3Johnson Michael 1650Jarvis Derek 1531
4Mort Andy 1110Toothill Andrew 1531

1Latham David 1901Allen Ralph MA 1650
2Alcock Mick 1761Bould Trevor J 1690
3Johnson Michael 1650.5Moore Paul M 1530.5
4Mort Andy 1110.5Pickering David J 1460.5

1Alcock Mick 1760Shannon John 1831
2Latham David 1901Forey Ray 1670
3Johnson Michael 1651Farley Ron0
4Mort Andy 1110Williams Dave 1531

1Alcock Mick 1761Evans Raymond 1850
2Johnson Michael 1651Gibson Geoffrey 1520
3Mort Andy 1110.5Robins Andy 1500.5
4Bracey Steve 1571Davies Norman 1100


1Shannon John 1831Gilmore Simon 1780
2Forey Ray 1670Levens David G 1591
3Williams Dave 1530May Skott 1481
4Caswell Matt 1030.5Smith Samuel 1350.5

1Shannon John 1831Canrtill Chris 1720
2Farley Ron 1670Wagenback Janos 1421
3Williams Dave 1531Smith V W G 1370
4Brd 41Def 40

1Shannon John 1830.5Madden Paul 1990.5
2Farley Ron 1670.5Burke Steve 1630.5
3Williams Dave 1531Jarvis Derek 1530
4Polovina Mark 1170Toothill Andrew 1531

1Shannon John 1830.5Allen Ralph MA 1650.5
2Forey Ray 1671Bould Trevor J 1690
3Williams Dave 1531Moore Paul M 1530
4Farley Ron0Hedges K Roy 1021

1Shannon John 1830.5Latham David 1900.5
2Forey Ray 1670Alcock Mick 1761
3Williams Dave 1530.5Johnson Michael 1650.5
4Farley Ron1Mort Andy 1110

1Shannon John 1830Evans Raymond 1851
2Forey Ray 1670.5Lakhani Kishan 1520.5
3Farley Ron 1670Robins Andy 1501
4Williams Dave 1531Brown David 1340

1Forey Ray 1670Gregory Ian 1381
2Farley Ron 1671Makinson Paul 1210
3Williams Dave 1531Bramley Doug 1010
4Pearson Terry0Woods Roy 1211

1Gibson Geoffrey 1520Gilmore Simon 1781
2Lakhani Kishan 1521May Skott 1480
3Robins Andy 1500Downham Alan F 1621
4Davies Norman 1100Smith Samuel 1351

1Lakhani Kishan 1521Canrtill Chris 1720
2Robins Andy 1500.5Wagenback Janos 1420.5
3Lakhani Anjali 1030Retout Steve P 1461
4Davies Norman 1100Smith V W G 1371

1Evans Raymond 1850Burke Steve 1631
2Lakhani Kishan 1520.5Lewyk Lhor 1610.5
3Gibson Geoffrey 1520.5Jarvis Derek 1530.5
4Robins Andy 1500.5Toothill Andrew 1530.5

1Gibson Geoffrey 1520Bould Trevor J 1691
2Lakhani Kishan 1521Def 20
3Robins Andy 1501Hedges K Roy 1020
4Davies Norman 1100.5Hoddy David 1240.5

1Evans Raymond 1851Alcock Mick 1760
2Gibson Geoffrey 1520Latham David 1901
3Robins Andy 1500.5Johnson Michael 1650.5
4Davies Norman 1100.5Bracey Steve 1570.5

1Evans Raymond 1850.5Forey Ray 1670.5
2Robins Andy 1501Williams Dave 1530
3Barry Milk 870Pearson Terry1
4Davies Norman 1101Baker Andy 900

1Lakhani Kishan 1520Gregory Ian 1381
2Robins Andy 1501Monk Robert 1350
3Davies Norman 1101Sands Graham 1200
4Lakhani Anjali 1030.5Woods Roy 1210.5

1Edge John 1681Gilmore Simon 1780
2Gregory Ian 1380Downham Alan F 1621
3Woods Roy 1210May Skott 1481
4Bramley Doug 1010Smith Samuel 1351

102SPONDON (A)3.5BELPER (B)0.5
1Edge John 1681Cantrill Chris 1720
2Gregory Ian 1380.5Retout Steve P 1460.5
3Monk Robert 1351Wagenback Janos 1420
4Sands Graham 1201Smith V W G 1370

1Gregory Ian 1381Jarvis Derek 1530
2Woods Roy 1210Toothill Andrew 1531
3Sheldon Philip 910.5Graham Neil 1550.5
4Brd 41Def 40

145SPONDON (A)0.5BURTON (A)3.5
1Makinson Paul 1210Allen Ralph MA 1651
2Orridge Mick 870Bould Trevor J 1691
3Ratner Harry 760Moore Paul M 1531
4Loomes Bert 980.5Hedges K Roy 1020.5

1Edge John 1680.5Latham David 1900.5
2Gregory Ian 1380Alcock Mick 1761
3Monk Robert 1350.5Johnson Michael 1650.5
4Makinson Paul 1210.5Mort Andy 1110.5

1Edge John 1681Farley Ron 1670
2Gregory Ian 1380Williams Dave 1531
3Monk Robert 1350.5Heelan Dave 1210.5
4Makinson Paul 1211Budd Chris 320

1Gregory Ian 1381Gibson Geoffrey 1520
2Makinson Paul 1210.5Robins Andy 1500.5
3Woods Roy 1211Brown David 1340
4Bramley Doug 1010.5Lakhani Anjali 1030.5

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