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North Staffs & District Doubles 2015

The North Staffs Doubles was played at the Victoria Club in Holmes Chapel on Saturday 5th December. The upper limit of the lower section was nudged up to 230, giving an upper section of eight teams and a lower one of four.

The upper section started with two all play all pools containing seeds 1, 4, 6 and 7, and 2, 3, 5 and 8 respectively. This was followed by two rounds of swiss, the overall design aimed at ensuring meaningful matches in the later rounds.

The lower section commenced with an all play all, with two further rounds of repeat matches but with individual pairings against the other member of the opposition relative to the first meeting.


320 Section

1 a Colin Davison       157  317    6a=    4a+    7a+    2a+    5b+    6.5    1st
  b Phil Cattermole     160         6b=    4b=    7b-    2b-    5a+

2 a Steve Emmerton      126  316    5a-    3a-    8a+    1a-    4b-    6      2nd
  b Alex Richardson     190         5b+    3b+    8b+    1b+    4a+

3 a Geoff Lawrence      158  316    8a+    2a+    5b-    4b=    6a+    5.5
  b Ian Bates           158         8b=    2b-    5a+    4a-    6b=

4 a Railton Hyde        148  299    7b+    1a-    6a+    3b+    2b-    5.5
  b Robert Taylor       151         7a-    1b=    6b=    3a=    2a+

5 a Roger Edwards       143  290    2a+    8b+    3b-    7a-    1b-    4.5
  b Bill Armstrong      147         2b-    8a=    3a+    7b+    1a-

6 a Rich Wiltshir       153  270    1a=    7b+    4a-    8b+    3a-    5
  b Martin Gill         127         1b=    7a-    4b=    8a+    3b=

7 a Ben Scattergood     165  267    4b+    6b+    1a-    5a+    8b+    5.5
  b George Scattergood  102         4a-    6a-    1b+    5b-    8a=

8 a Jon Blackburn       135  252    3a-    5b=    2a-    6b-    7b=    1.5
  b Sandra Blackburn    117         3b=    5a-    2b-    6a-    7a-

230 Section

11a Doug Barnett        134  228   13a+   12b+   14b-   13b+   14a=    4.5
  b Les Hall             94        13b+   12a-   14a-   13a-   14b-

12a Neville Layhe       127  207   14b+   11b+   13b+   14a-   13a+    5.5    2nd
  b Simon Layhe         e50*       14a=   11a-   13a-   14b-   13b+

13a Alberto Gissi       101  181   11a-   14b+   12b+   11b+   12a-    3
  b Derrick Jones        76*       11b-   14a-   12a-   11a-   12b-

14a Stuart Hull          93  226   12b=   13b+   11b+   12a+   11a=    7      1st
  b Mike Smith          133        12a-   13a-   11a+   12b+   11b+

* Min Counting grade 80
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