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North Staffs & District Doubles 2013

The North Staffs Doubles was played at the Victoria Club in Holmes Chapel on Saturday 30th November. As it only resulted in only a minor inconvenience for the U220 pairs, the two sections were kept apart.

In the 320 section Mike Hancock, this year partnered by Malcolm Roberts, narrowly missed out on a successful defence of his title, being pipped by Alex Richardson and Steve Emmerton; these pairings having been part of a three way tie with Railton Hyde and Robert Taylor going into the last round.

Dave Price and Paul Clifford looked well placed to defend their 220 title, going into the last round with a 1½ point lead. However defeat for both players allowed Jacob Cartlidge and Dominic Taylor to sneak into first place.

Note on the running of the 220 section: Inspection of the results will show that rounds one and three combined to give two complete matches for each pairing, as did rounds two and four. This completed a round robin. Round five necessarily involved a rematch.


320 Section

1 a Alex Richardson    193  319   2a+   4a+   6b+   3b=   5a+   6.5   1st
  b Steve Emmerton     126        2b=   4b=   6a=   3a-   5b=

2 a Mike Hancock       175  299   1a-   3a+   5b+   6b+   4b+   6     2nd=
  b Malcolm Roberts    124        1b=   3b=   5a-   6a+   4a-

3 a Railton Hyde       153  305   5a+   2a-   4a-   1b+   6a-   6     2nd=
  b Robert Taylor      152        5b+   2b=   4b+   1a=   6b+

4 a Simon Edwards      158  304   6b-   1a-   3a+   5b+   2b=   5
  b Roger Edwards      146        6a=   1b=   3b-   5a=   2a-

5 a Ben Scattergood    163  287   3a-   6a+   2b+   4b=   1a-   3.5
  b George Scattergood 124        3b-   6b=   2a-   4a-   1b=

6 a Geoff Laurence     150  281   4b-   5a-   1b=   2b-   3a+   3
  b Denzil Lobo        131        4a+   5b=   1a-   2a-   3b-

220 Section

11a Dave Price         116  209  12b+  13b=  15b+  14b+  15a-   6.5   2nd 
  b Paul Clifford       93       15a-  14a+  12a+  13a+  14b-

12a Doug Barnett       115  195  13b+  14b-  11b-  15b+  13a+   4 
  b Les Hall            79*      11a-  15a-  13a-  14a+  15b- 

13a Derek Whitehurst    99  186  14b+  15b-  12b+  11b-  12a-   3.5 
  b Stuart Hull         87       12a-  11a=  14a=  15a-  14a=
14a Oliver Horrocks     96  177  15b+  11b-  13b=  12b-  13b=   4 
  b Richard Martin      81       13a-  12a+  15a-  11a-  11b+  

15a Jacob Cartlidge     94  175  11b+  12b+  14b+  13b+  11a+   7    1st 
  b Dominic Taylor      81       14a-  13a+  11a-  12a-  12b+   
* Min Counting grade 80
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