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North Staffs Doubles 2012

The North Staffs Doubles was played at the Victoria Club in Holmes Chapel on Saturday 1st December. With ten teams of two it was played as a single event with separate ranking lists for 320 and 220 sections.


320 Section

1 a Geoff Laurence     156  314   5b+   4b+   6b-   7b+   3a-    5.5
  b Denzil Lobo        158        5a+   4a-   6a-   7a=   3b+

2 a Alan Paling        176  308   7b-   3a-  11a+   9a+  10b+    6.5    2nd=
  b Peter Shaw         132        7a=   3b-  11b+   9b+  10a+

3 a Mike Hancock       159  301   9b+   2a+   4a+   6a+   1b+    7      1st
  b Ian Chester        142        9a-   2b+   4b-   6b+   1a-

4 a George Scattergood 123  276  11b+   1b+   3a-   5a-   6a=    6.5    2nd=
  b Ben Scattergood    153       11a+   1a-   3b+   5b+   6b+

5 a Malcolm Roberts    152  274   1b-  11b+   9b=   4a+   7a-    5
  b Jon Blackburn      122        1a-  11a+   9a+   4b-   7b=

6 a Robert Taylor      136  294  10a+   7a=   1b+   3a-   4a=    6
  b Martyn Harris      158       10b+   7b+   1a+   3b-   4b-

7 a Martin Gill        122  237   2a+   6a=  10b-   1b=   5a+    5
  b Sandra Blackburn   115        2b=   6b-  10a+   1a-   5b=

220 Section

9 a Dave Price         114  217   3b+  10a-   5b-   2a-  11a+    4.5     1st
  b Paul Clifford      103        3a-  10b+   5a=   2b-  11b+    

10a Richard Martin      96  190   6a-   9a+   7b-  11b-   2b-    2.5     2nd
  b Oliver Horrocks     94        6b-   9b-   7a+  11a=   2a-

11a Paul Clapham       100  180   4b-   5b-   2a-  10b=   9a-    1.5
  b Derrick Jones       78*       4a-   5a-   2b-  10a+   9b-   

* Min Counting grade 80
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