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Bentley Motors Crewe Chess Congress 2004

The 2004 Bentley Motors Crewe Chess Congress took place on the 6th to 8th of February at the Bentley Motors works restaurant on Pyms Lane with a total of just under 150 competitors spread across 4 sections. As ever a small number of entries lapsed.

The NSDCA was well represented with 38 entries from members of local clubs - The Blind SC, Broughton Arms, Cheddleton, Creda, Holmes Chapel, Kidsgrove, Macclesfield, Newcastle and Stafford all being represented.

Steve Brown (Broughton Arms) and George Scattergood (Holmes Chapel) put in the outstanding performances by local players scoring perfect fives in winning the Intermediate (U130) and Minor (U90) sections respectively.
The Open section was also won by a player in the local leagues, in this case Robert Shaw - High Peak on the charts, Cheddleton in the league - whose 4 points was enough to win by a half from Laurence Cooper (Stafford).
There was a four way tie in the major (U170) section, which was also the only section not to feature a local winner.

Suzie Blackburn (Holmes Chapel) with 2½ points in the major was the best placed local junior.
Megan Moruzzi (Cheddleton) shared the grading prize in the Minor with 3½ point, as did Kristian Chesters (Macclesfield) in the Inter with 3 points.
Other local players scoring at least 50% were:
Open: Carl Gorka (Macclesfield) 2½.
Major: Simon Edwards (Cheddleton) 3; Michael Hancock (Holmes Chapel) 2½.
Inter: Vlade Luzajic (Cheddleton) 3½; Rob Moruzzi (Cheddleton)3; Hugh Burgess, John Blackburn, Ian Chester, Paul Clifford (all Holmes Chapel), Molly Moruzzi (Cheddleton) 2½.
Minor: Eddie Burke (Creda) 3; Paul Clapham (Newcastle) 2½.
Hope I haven't missed anybody.


None congress players may wonder what people get upto between rounds. Suzy Blackburn and Conrad and Alec Westmoreland were to be seen joking over their schoolwork while Geoff Laurence was taking his more seriously (marking, yuk!). Several local players in the Inter and minor sections could be seen in earnest conversation - plotting the overthrow of the league committee? - the odd person was quietly reading and others too numerous to mention could be seen taking advantage of the refreshment table. Joking, working, plotting, reading, eating. And that was just the ones who stayed on the premises.

2004 Winners
Team: Cheddleton

Open: 11 players
Robert Shaw (Cheddleton) 4 points

Major: (U170) 44 players
Neil Moss (Oldham), Chris Vassiliou (Chorlton), Harry Lamb (Bolton), Robert Clegg (Huddersfield) 4 points

Inter: (U130) 49 players
Steve Brown (Broughton Arms) 5 points

Minor: (U90) 42 players
George Scattergood (Holmes Chapel) 5 points

Roger invited everbody to return next year, preferably with a friend. Certainly the venue could comfortably handle larger numbers. See you then.

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