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Hampshire seems to admit to two leagues of its own, namely the Southampton and Portsmouth leagues. Although county associations in general were formed before the various reorganisations of the latter part of last century, Bournemouth (and the Bournemouth league) are presumably regarded as Dorset for chess purposes.

There is chess on the Isle of Wight, but it's difficult to track down on the internet. The Hampshire site has contact info for The Isle of Wight CC at Newport and Lake Huron CC at Ryde, and mentions Freshwater Chess Club, whilst Vectis is listed here.

Several of Hampshires clubs are listed on e.volve. Those that were there last time I looked are indicated below unless they have their own site.

Southampton Chess League A

LAndover Chess Club
LBasingstoke Chess ClubAlso play in Berkshire league and in the Surrey/Hants border league (see Surrey)
Eastleigh Railway
AFareham Chess ClubAlso play in Portsmouth League.
Ordnance Survey
Hamble Chess Club
LRingwood Chess Club Also play in Bournemouth league
P+Salisbury Chess Club
PSouthampton Chess Club
University of Southampton
ZWinchester Chess Club

Portsmouth League

AChichester Chess Club Field joint teams with Bognor and Arum Chess Club A
AEmsworth Chess Club
AFareham Chess ClubAlso play in Southampton League.
Gosport Chess Club
Portsmouth Chess Club

Other Hampshire Clubs

P+Fleet & Farnborough Chess ClubPlay in Surrey Borders league. Also listed on the e.volve site here
LLymington Chess ClubPreviously played in Bournemouth league. May not still exist.
LNew Milton Chess ClubPlay in Bournemouth league

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