From 2nd October 2018 the club will meet at the County Staff Club, 77 Eastgate St, Stafford ST16 2NG. Access is available either directly from Eastgate St or by the rear entrance off Tipping St through the car park by the Families First office. this car park can be used evenings and week ends by visitors to the Staff Club.

The venue has the considerable benefit of being within the central ring road. However there is an intricate one way system in which roads are not all one way the same way throughout their length which for now I don't propose to try to reproduce here for fear of omitting an important one way arrow. Hopefully a good satnav will take account of that; else study a good map on which the one way system is marked before you set out. In this respect Google maps and are better than streetmap.

The southernmost club in our league, Stafford also have allegiance to the Wolverhampton league. This creates some problems when drawing up fixtures, and no doubt for them when chasing substitutes, but it is presumably better than having too few opportunities for playing.

Fixtures and Results

Stafford A

Captain: Ken McNulty
407Mon29.10.2018Fenton Cawaywon2½ - 1½
413Wed14.11.2018Kidsgrovehomelost1 - 3
418Wed28.11.2018Alsager Bhomewon4 - -1^
421Fri07.12.2018Cheddleton Eawaylost1½ - 2½
423Wed12.12.2018Newcastle Dhomelost1½ - 2½
425Wed02.01.2019Crewe Dhomedrew2 - 2
428Wed09.01.2019Newcastle Eawaylost1½ - 2½
436Wed06.02.2019Fenton Chome
439Tue26.02.2019Alsager Baway
446Wed13.03.2019Newcastle Ehome
447Wed27.03.2019Newcastle Daway
453Wed10.04.2019Crewe Daway
456Wed17.04.2019Cheddleton Ehome
^ Match score adjusted - Alsager fielded ineligible player

Stafford B

Captain: Peter Evans
503Fri05.10.2018Cheddleton Fawaydrew2 - 2
505Wed10.10.2018Meir Bhomewon3½ - ½
508Wed24.10.2018Crewe Fawaylost1 - 3
512Wed31.10.2018Newcastle Fhomewon4 - 0
515Wed07.11.2018Cheddleton Hhomedrew2 - 2
522Fri23.11.2018Cheddleton Gawaydrew2 - 2
535Wed16.01.2019Cheddleton Fhomewon3½ - ½
539Wed23.01.2019Meir Chomewon3 - 1
541Wed30.01.2019Crewe Eawaylost½ - 3½
547Wed13.02.2019Newcastle Faway
553Wed27.02.2019Cheddleton Ghome
554Wed06.03.2019Crewe Fhome
556Mon11.03.2019Meir Caway
565Fri05.04.2019Cheddleton Haway
569Mon15.04.2019Meir Baway
572Wed24.04.2019Crewe Ehome

Individual Records

A Team

fcKABceNDWDne FCabNEndkwdCE
Kenneth McNulty (129) 0.1½.10
Andrew Mowat (117) 1½1.00.
Andrew Leadbetter (111) ½010001
David Barker (102) 1.1.11½
James Topp (102) ......0
Peter Evans (87) .½.0½..
Geoffrey Cox (79) .0.1...

B Team

cfRBwfNFCHcgCFRC wenfCGWFrcchrbWE
Andrew Mowat (117) .1....½1 .
Andrew Leadbetter (111) 0.½1.½.. .
David Barker (102) 1½½.00.. .
James Topp (102) .1.10..1 0
Peter Evans (87) 1.01.110 ½
Geoffrey Cox (79) .1.11½11 0
John Prout (e90) ..0.1.1. .
default 0....... 0