Stafford play at Amasal Sports and Social Club, St Albans Road Industrial Estate, Stafford ST16 3DR.
The southernmost club in our league, Stafford also have allegiances to the Wolverhampton and Cannock leagues. This creates some problems when drawing up fixtures, and no doubt for them when chasing substitutes, but it is presumably better than having too few opportunities for playing.

Fixtures and Results

Stafford A

Captain: Andrew Leadbetter
102Wed25.10.2017Newcastle Aawaydrew2½ - 2½
106Wed20.12.2017Cheddleton Ahome
107Thu04.01.2018H Chapel Aaway
110Wed07.03.2018Newcastle Ahome
111Fri16.03.2018Cheddleton Aaway
104Wed18.04.2018H Chapel Ahome

Stafford B

Captain: Peter Evans
403Wed11.10.2017Crewe Dhomedrew2 - 2
405Fri20.10.2017Cheddleton Fawaylost1 - 3
409Wed01.11.2017Newcastle Dhomewon2½ - 1½
410Wed22.11.2017Crewe Cawaywon2½ - 1½
414Wed13.12.2017Fenton Chome
418Wed17.01.2018Cheddleton Fhome
421Wed31.01.2018Newcastle Daway
423Wed28.02.2018Crewe Chome
426Mon19.03.2018Fenton Caway
428Wed28.03.2018Crewe Daway

Individual Records

A Team

Lawrence Cooper (214) 1
Gerald Acey (193) 1
Derek Price (F167) 0
Kenneth McNulty (135) 0
Andrew Leadbetter (117) ½

B Team

WDcfNDwcFC CFndWCfcwd
Kenneth McNulty (135) 1010
Andrew Leadbetter (117) .½1.
David Barker (110) 0..½
James Topp (102) 1.01
Geoffrey Cox (90) .0..
Peter Evans (89) ...1
David Stuart (e88) 0...
Carlos Fonseca .½½.