2017/18 Grading Performances

Performances for 2017/18 based on all NSDCA league and cup matches for the season.

As these are meant to be whole season performances a single "current" grade has been used for each player. This is the grade from the August list for those appearing there, with estimates for others, as this is what the league rules say we use. Since estimates may from time to time be changed, performance figures may change despite players not playing further games.

January grades have now been used where possible to overwrite earlier estimated grades and August F category grades.

Note that the ECF database makes monthly updates amending grades in the light of submitted corrections. Amended grades are shown against a partially green background. Grades published elsewhere may be based on thse amendments rather than the August list. A player's August grade can be found on the database by going to their profile and looking for the line showing Standard grade (original unamended).

Although my computer happily crunched the numbers for all players, I have not shown a grading performance in the perf column for those players playing less than 5 games. Additionally, in order to frustrate the morbid curiosity of those who like to search for the lowest numbers, some performances I have simply reported as U50 (for under 50).

Andrew Barker11018113
John Booth1539159
Stephen Brown13012118
Neil Hankey4315U50
Oliver Horrocks881788
Neville Jones10424102
James Marshall10122101
Richard Martin6210U50
Gordon Parker1309127
John Smith13111103
Alan Thomason14812144
Michael Williams901383
Colin Abell11829121
Joseph Alcock9519104
William Armstrong14930137
Ali Arshad582052
Chris Baxtere1272
Allan Beaumonte943
Philip Birks13821138
Jon Blackburn14130139
Sandra Blackburn11829119
Jacob Boswell17718164
Michael BoswellF401
Joshua Brown761772
Lilly Brown65666
David Buxton19417187
Matthew Carr1322
Daniel Coopere60679
Robert Cooper80898
Roger Edwards13113124
Simon Edwards17817186
Les Fancourt1071
Ella Gayes162
Simon Gilmore1805172
Karol Grzybowski13418143
David Hallen1072588
Peter Hallene1101
Jamie Jones4016U50
Jasmine Jones411565
David Millington1266111
Caroline Mountford12022109
Harvey Murray-Smithe1148108
Sam Parry10717116
Marnie PointonF237U50
Arnav Rajinikanth784
Joseph Rawsone701
David Rose10127113
Isabelle Rose3511U50
Corben Rowbotham336U50
Robert Shaw2056205
Paul Shelley927114
David Shiers11612122
Tilly Snape62560
Louisa Swarbrooke402
Charles Swinson1
Christian Tattum621
Roger Walker11718108
Craig Whitfield1882
John Yee13520138
Steve Ballantyne871590
Douglas Barnett12321123
Nicolo Bolidee452
Julian Bulbecke119590
Josh Crosse403
Stephen Crosse1581
Charlie Dodde401
Adam Fields570
Martin Frishere1202
Harry Gardiner762392
Nigel Gardner701770
Martin Gill1191793
Les Hall841571
Richard Hind255U50
Lukasz Holcman1233
David Hulme14116124
Neville Layhe13722127
Simon Layhe11717113
Karl Lockett15722159
Amy Lovatt11826137
Lukasz Michaleke802
Kobus Nienabere70860
David Price12519112
Richard Renegade13526150
Chris Rhodes11129132
Dylan Sayers7215114
Olawale Titiloye15812161
Philip Wright691766
Christopher Brian891058
Kasian Capatina14716149
Grenville Cross9227100
Stephen Emmerton12727130
Petru Floresc18323193
Danny Griffiths1402
Stuart Hull1022
Railton Hyde1564
Maximilien Launay12419127
Michael Smith1088112
Glyn Valentine14822144
Robert West956104
Derek Whitehurst9711112
Ernest Wilkinson101683
Holmes Chapel
Ian Bates1595150
Patrick Bennett17510168
Jonathan Blackburn2007212
Stuart Clarke2091
Paul Clifford931182
Michael Hancock1697170
John Hicks12112109
Michael Lee13013135
Andrew Raeburn1506155
Malcolm Roberts13612139
George Scattergood13813138
John Turner1807171
Julian Cook904
Julian Hawthorne11610120
Brian HitchinsF1368136
David Johnson1158108
Steven Nixon962
Derek Northage1136115
Lee Tiltone803
Rich Wiltshir14414173
Anthony Brough14012155
Philip Cattermole14514147
Philip Colville1292
Nicholas Evans1351
Carl Gartside1557149
Marc Jouannet1191
Geoff Laurence16212151
Denzil Lobo12912138
Francis Moan1441
Mick Renshaw1171
Dave Risley1633
Joachim Trier1239112
Eddie Burke851380
Martin Chadwick601172
Roger Colemane801367
Anthony Cooling811278
Clive Ferry12714130
David Fuller12214110
Stuart Green741382
Ewan HaasF861695
Simon HaasF529U50
David Hackney881254
Steve Hill15314138
Robert Perry79968
Gwyn Price681064
Raymond Rhodes911274
Peter Windows13013121
David Ashby709105
Richard Cantliff12128122
Paul Clapham10616102
Edward Day481454
John Day12927127
Watson Fuller9811106
Alberto Gissi11725120
Martyn Harris1554
Reinhold Heinlein18412176
Joe Hirst9313123
Barry Jones16018160
Alan Paling14926161
Peter Shaw10026114
Jeffrey Tombs9710108
Brian Wagstaff9411106
Hambel Willow13628135
Nicholas Wright11320108
Gerald Acey1935204
David Barker110782
Lawrence Cooper2145196
Geoffrey Cox902
Peter Evans89886
Carlos Fonsecae853
Lee Grinsell1873
Matthew Harborne1912
Andrew Leadbetter11712122
Kenneth McNulty13514135
Pavel Nefyodov1622
Derek Price1511
David Stuarte881
James Topp10211101