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AGM and Quickplay
28/08/17 Club AGM followed by a quickplay tournie will be on Wed 6th Sept.

Jonathan completes a sweep
28/08/17 Jonathan Blackburn won the summer half-hour with a perfect score of 6. Full scores on internal events page.

Quick and Friendly
19/08/17 Simon Edwards organised a five round quickplay friendly in which each member of a Cheddleton A team played each of the Newcastle A reps. 25 games in all, with no draws. Alex and Reinhold gave Newcastle a good start with 5 wins apiece, supported by Alberto on 3, Barry on two and Martyn on 1 as Newcastle ran out 16 - 9 winners. A fun evening of entertaining games which one might have liked to spend more time on, except of course the interesting positions wouldn't have arisen had we had more time to spend on them.

Newcastle Anonymous
17/08/17 Newcastle lost their final South Cheshire Shield match to return to 50%. John won and Brian drew as the team fell against Crewe A

Blackburn pulls clear
09/08/17 Jonathan Blackburn pulled well clear in the summer half-hour, reaching 4/4 as his potential main rivals dropped points.

Half-hour Starts
02/08/17 Ten players turned out for the first pair of games in the Summer Half-Hour last night; we're anticipating several more next week. Early leaders are Jonathan Blackburn and Martyn who both won their games. no prizes for guessing one of the pairings in round 3. Progress can be monitored on the internal events page.

Provisional Grades Published
27/07/17 The first draft of grades for the coming season has been released. Changes shown in the table below are relative to last August's rather than the January list. Don't be too surprised if there are changes to these before the season starts.
John D129+7

Former members listed include
Paul Wallace (Lichfield)213
Richard Lee (Cambridge Uni)197
Ian Jamieson (Newport)178
Andrej Furjel (Weymouth)171
Geoff Marchant (Malvern)167
Daniel Sullivan (Sheffield)167
Dave Cork (Crawley)156
James Rothwell (Ormskirk)156
Simon Maydew (Newport)151
Glyn Valentine (Fenton)148
Catherine Hiley nee Ashton (Rugeley)138
Nick Lowe (Altrincham)124
Derek Northage (Kidsgrove)113
Robert West (Fenton)95
Ivan Prikazchikov93

Shield Team Edge Forward
27/07/17 A win for Brian backed by draws from John and Nic gave our Shield team another point against Alsager last night.

Thivyaa Drawn Out
27/07/17 Thivyaa's record in the Robinson was played five, drawn five. Perfection of sorts!

International Thivyaa
25/07/17 Thivyaa is currently playing for England in Cardiff in the Robinson section (U14s) of the Glorney Gilbert International, competing against teams from Ireland, Scotland, Wales and France.

Summer Half Hour
22/07/17 This year's summer half-hour for members and invited guests will take place ove Weds 2nd, 9th and 23rd of August. Two half-hour games per night, you don't need to attend every night.

John Prevents Whitewash
19/07/17 Johns win was all the Shield team had to show for their visit to Crewe last night, with the host's A team denting our title aspirations.

More Points
12/07/17 The South Cheshire Shield won their return fixture with Crewe B thanks to wins by Nic and Brian and a draw from John.

Point for Shield Team
06/07/17 A win by John backed by draws from Alberto and Nic gained our South Cheshire Shield team a point at Crewe B last night.

Winning Start to Shield Campaign
28/06/17 The started their South Cheshire Shield season with a win at Alsager, with Nic and Brian contributing full points and Alberto and John halves.

Jamboree Capers
21/06/17 Newcastle had three teams in the Jamboree last night, with each side including a guest. The open team in which Steve Hill supported Reinhold, Alan and Barry finished as joint winners. In the U130 our South Team of Pete, Paul and Derrick and guest Pete Windows came second, two places above our North quartet of John, Richard, Nic and Julian Hawthorne. Full details here.

15/06/17 John, Alberto, Richard, Paul and Nic represented the club in the final of the Jackson Cup against Lichfield at Stafford last night. Despite being outgraded on every board by an average of over 10 points Alberto won and John and Paul both drew leaving us on the wrong end of a narrow 2 - 3 scoreline. Indeed an extra half-point on any board would have given us the cup on board count. So close.


Fixtures published
28/08/17 I've uploaded fixture files to my fixture downloads page. Inevitably they are uglier than I would like.

I spy Malcolm
28/08/17 Malcolm Armstrong played in the recent Abu Dhabi Masters. First time I've spotted his name since a quickplay in Hong Kong I think last year.

Cup draws
17/08/17 Dave Hulme and myself made the draws for the cups at Newcastle last night:
Cheddleton v H Chapel
Crewe v Fenton
Stafford bye
Newcastle v Macclesfield
Fenton v Cheddleton
Alsager v H Chapel
Crewe bye
Newcastle bye
Newcastle v Alsager
Crewe v Cheddleton
Newcastle bye
Crewe PA v Alsager
Cheddleton v Fenton
Crewe PB v Meir
In each competition the semi-finals are winner of first match v winner of second, and winner of third v winner of fourth, with the winning team from the top half of the draw being at home in the final, except that Inter starts at semi-final stage.

New Season Entries
as at 16/08/17 I'll be writing fixtures on the basis of the entries below:
Div 1Div 2Div 3Div 4Div 5
Alsager x 2Alsager
CheddletonCheddleton x 3CheddletonCheddletonCheddleton x 3
CreweCreweCrewe x 2Crewe x 2
H ChapelH ChapelKidsgrove
MacclesfieldMeirMeir x 2
NewcastleNewcastleNewcastle NewcastleNewcastle

CreweCreweCreweCrewe x 2
H ChapelH Chapel

Thursday/Friday at the British
05/08/17 Alex has got back up to 50% with a draw and a win, whilst the North Staffs contingent managed 5 draws and a loss betweeen them in their two games each in the Major open.

Jacob Boswell won on Thursday in the U16's, Sam Parry drew on friday in the U12s.

The midweek competitions came to their conclusions, with Les Hall being our star, a further two wins taking him to second place in the U120 section with a score of 4/5. Somewhat perversely he could only reach 2½ in the U100s. Julian Hawthorne recorded four wins over the two days to reach 3/5 in both the U140 and U120 sections. Joe Hirst had a win in each of his two sections to reach 2½ in the U120 and 3½ in the U100 section. The latter was enough for a share of 4th place. Malcolm Roberts and Sam Parry had late consolation wins in the U140 section. A good learning experience for Sam in a section in which Malcolm and Michael Lee ended with modest totals.

Wednesday Winners
03/08/17 North Staffs winners in their games at the British yesterday were Simon Edwards and Jacob Boswell in the Major Open, Michael Lee in the U140, and Les Hall in the U120. Throw in eight draws and it was a much better day than Tuesday.

Tuesday at the British
02/08/17 A bad day for North Staffs at the British - six draws and eight losses, with a solitary win from Joe Hirst in the U100s.

Monday at the British
01/08/17 Alex Richardson got his first win of the championships to return to 50%, alongside amongst others a couple of GMs. Only Jacob Boswell with a draw will be happy with me mentioning the Major Open today.

In the juniors Jacob drew in the U16s and Sam Parry won in the U12s.

Malcolm Roberts' half point bye was the North Staffs highlight in the U140/1750 section. The madness of trying to convert between FIDE ratings and ECF grades especially for juniors was highlighted by Julian Hawthorne's opponent being rated 1272 and graded 145. Les Hall started both his U120 and U100 campaigns with wins, Julian had a default win in the U120s, and Joe Hirst, who we hope will be a future member at Newcastle gained a point in the U100s and a half in the u120s.

First Sunday at Llandudno
31/07/17 Alex Richardson got off the mark with a draw in round 2, so should be safe from a forced bye for a few rounds. Simon Edwards is one of 6 players on 2/2 in the major open, though both Colin Davison and Jacob Boswell picked up blobs to leave them off the early pace.

In the weekender Julian Hawthorne, Martin Gill and Les Hall finished respectively with scores of 3½, 3, and 2½.

Jacob Boswell won his first round U16 game, whilst Sam Parry started with a draw in the U12s.

The midweek competitions are grading/rating restricted, with ratings taking precedence, which results in one or two sharks playing in unreasonably low sections due to a low rating. The U140/1750 will be played in the afternoons and features Malcolm Roberts (claiming a round one bye), Michael Lee, Julian Hawthorne and Sam Parry. Amongst the sharks you are allowed to boo are Robert Clegg and Brendan O'Gorman. U140? You jest. Julian Hawthorne is well into this congress lark, playing also the U120/1600, which conveniently is scheduled for mornings. He may trip over Les Hall who is also lurking in the field for this event, but who in the afternoons will be playing in the U100/1450.

Good luck to all.

And They're Off
30/07/17 The ECF's annual Summer Congress is up and running, this year at Llandudno, with a smattering of local interest. In the British Championship Alex Richardson started with a loss against IM James Adair. Easily done. Today he has black against Brian Hewson. In the Major Open Simon Edwards and Colin Davison both won, Jacob Boswell drew. Both the Championship and Major Open last until next Sunday, playing one game a day.

Into the juniors. Jacob Boswell kicks off his U16 campaign today as the sixth seed. No pressure. Still with a seven round morning event and 9 round afternoon one to keep him busy he'll have no time to ponder what he is upto. Sam Parry starts off as an anonymously middling seed in the U12, another 7 day event.

First weekend events include the Yates in which after three rounds Julian Hawthorne and Martin Gill are on 2, and Les Hall on one. The parents of one of the competitors couldn't resist the temptation to name their offspring Atticus Fear. Could you?

Sheffield Pile-up
04/07/17 Roger Walker and Sam Parry were involved in a seven way tie for first on 4/5 in the Minor Section of the Sheffield Congress played on the last weekend of June. Well done both.

21/06/17 A lower than normal eleven teams rolled up for this year's jamboree. The Open section was a close affair with Stafford and Newcastle tieing on 5½, just clear of Cheddleton A on 5. At half time the u130 section looked likely to equally close, but a storming 4/4 by Crewe in the second games left them clear winners on 6½, ahead of Newcastle South on 5 and Fenton on 4½. Full details here.

South Cheshire Shield
07/06/17 I've somewhat belatedly got around to resetting my South Cheshire Shield page ready for this years action.

Five go to the Lakes
07/06/17 Jacob Boswell, Rich Wiltshir, Malcolm Roberts, Julian Hawthorne and myself all sampled the South Lakes congress at its new venue in Kendal over the weekend. Although Rich, Malcolm and myself all featured on high boards at some stage, none of us had the staying power to reach the prize list. The playing area was a rather echoey (is there such a word?) sports hall which with approx 140 players was only half filled, but Kendal is pleasanter/more fun to explore than other places one could mention with leisure centres, so I intend to return.

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