14th Newcastle Mini Congress

14th & 15th April 2018
Newcastle Bridge Club

Entries as at 12 April

John-Paul Taylor158
Martyn Harris156
Phil Cattermole154
Steve Hill152
Neville Layhe143
Rich Wiltshir143
Jon Blackburn142
Alex Cartlidge142
Glyn Valentine142
Jacob Cartlidge141
Richard Szwajkun134
Michael Lee133
Steve Emmerton132
Hambel Willow131
Douglas Barnett128
Maximilien Launay128
Richard Cantliff125
Sandra Blackburn118
Amy Lovatt118
Julian Hawthorne116
David Price115
Nic Wright112
Ernest Wilkinson98
Grenville Cross92
Robert West94
Steve Szwajkun91
Les Hall81
Robert Perry80
Lee Tilton80e
Harry Gardiner76
Derrick Jones71
David Ashby70e
Martin Aherne70e
Philip Wright69
Martin Chadwick58
Edward Day47

Entries by text (07565554003), email or post giving Players will automatically be entered for the lowest section for which they are eligible unless they request otherwise.

Payment by cash or cheque payable to Newcastle Chess Club.
Postal entries to:
Alberto Gissi
34 Balfour Street

Acknowledgement of entry will be by e-mail or text only
Acceptance that names, grades, clubs and results may appear on any site having a legitimate interest* in the competition is a condition of entry.

* Defined as a site, not necessarily official, of any organisation having a current or past member playing in the congress.

Other Information

Reports on previous Newcastle mini congresses can be found in the Archive
Tea, coffee and soft drinks available.
Many bars, cafes, takeaways and restaurants within easy walking distance.

Re-pairing after 30 minutes.
If two sections each have an odd number of players in a given round, a graded friendly will be arranged.
If the total number of players in a given round is odd, one player will be given a full point bye. It may be possible to arrange a graded game for them against someone not competing in the whole congress - it has always been so in the past.