From 14th March 2016 Macclesfield Chess Club will meet on Mondays at The Queens Hotel, 5 Albert Place, Macclesfield, SK11 6JW, which is directly opposite the station. Those used to visiting the Liberal Club for chess can make use of the same directions and parking facilities.
Alcoholic and soft drinks are available.


Directions: As the venue is very close to Macclesfield Railway Station, following signs for the latter is advised! From the A523 (Silk Road) turn off for the station and park in any of the adjacent car parks.

The leagues northernmost outpost, it is not surprising that the clubs main focus is on the Stockport League. However Geoff and captain Phil Cattermole continue to lead a team of diehards maintaining long-standing connections with the Stoke League.


Fixtures and Results

Captain: Phil Cattermole
202Mon06.11.2017Cheddleton Bhomelost1½ - 3½
205Wed18.10.2017Newcastle Bawaylost2 - 3
208Wed25.10.2017Crewe Aawaylost2 - 3
209Mon30.10.2017Cheddleton Chomewon3 - 2
212Mon13.11.2017Fenton Aawaylost½ - 4½
221Mon04.12.2017H Chapel Rookshome
227Fri05.01.2018Cheddleton Daway
233Fri19.01.2018Cheddleton Baway
235Mon29.01.2018Newcastle Bhome
240Mon19.02.2018Crewe Ahome
241Mon26.02.2018Fenton Ahome
244Fri09.03.2018Cheddleton Caway
253Thu05.04.2018H Chapel Rooksaway
255Mon16.04.2018Cheddleton Dhome

Individual Records

CBnbwaCCfaHRcd cbNBWAFAcchrCD
Geoff Laurence (162) 00½0.
Carl Gartside (155) ½.0½0
Philip Cattermole (145) 0½1.0
Anthony Brough (140) .½½10
Denzil Lobo (129) 11.½½
Joachim Trier (123) 00...
Marc Jouannet (119) ..0..
Mick Renshaw (117) ...1.
default ....0