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Newcastle are members of the North Staffordshire and District Chess Association, though its main league is usually referred to simply as the Stoke League. Information about our venue can be found under Clubs-Newcastle. Our Privacy Policy can be viewed under Misc-Privacy.

Rambling Rook's Diary

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8 Nov 2017

Newcastle Events

This Week (10 - 14 Dec)

A team: Fenton A, away, Mon
C team: Cheddleton C, away, Fri
D team: Stafford A, away, Wed
F team: Meir B, home
Club Night: Wednesday

Following Week (17 - 21 Dec)

Club Night: Wednesday


F Fall
07/12/18 The F team fell to defeat at Cheddleton G despite Dylan's win and Alberto's draw.

05/12/18 This week's matches for the B team at Cheddleton B and the E team at home to Alsager B have been postponed.

Two draws
29/11/18 The B and E teams drew respectively with the A and D teams of Crewe last night. Thivyaa and Barry won for the B team, with Joe getting the vital draw, whilst for the E team David won and Myron and Pete both drew.

National Joe
28/11/18 Joe's performance at the British Rapidplay over the weekend in conjunction with that at the British over the summer has seen him added to the National Junior Squad. Congratulations.

The Old Win One Lose One
24/11/18 The Club sent two teams to Cheddleton last night with the hosts winning the battle of the As and the visitors that of the Fs. Thivyaa and Barry scored wins for the A team as did Alberto, Henry and Dylan for the F.

Upped Estimate
22/11/18 I have decided to increase Myron's estimated grade to 140, to take effect no later than Fri 30th November.

First Bragging Rights to E
22/11/18 The E team beat the D on Wednesday. John drew with Hambel, Myron and Pete's wins for the E team were answered by Brian's for the D.

Another case of win one, lose one
16/11/18 Wednesday saw two matches at the Bridge Club, with the C team losing to Crewe B despite Barry's win and Hambel's draw, and the D team beating Fenton C on the back of wins from Joe, Richard and Jeff and a draw from Paul.

B win, E lose
14/11/18 Catching up with results since a brief time away I find that the B team won last Thursday at Rooks, but the E lost at Cheddleton E without troubling the scorers. Alan, Barry and Myron all won for the B team, being well supported by draws from Hambel and Richard.

D and F Differ
07/11/18 The D team won 3 - 1 at Crewe D tonight, with John and David winning, Paul and Jeff drawing. The F team were on the wrong end of the same scoreline when entertaining Crewe E, with Alberto being the club's sole scorer.

4NCL Congress
05/11/18 Joe won the U1825 section of the 4NCL International Congress that ended yesterday with a score of 6½/9, unbeaten except against a competitor who zoomed to 8/8 before having all their results scratched presumably for being caught employing technological assistance. Thivyaa found the going considerable tougher in the Open, eventually reaching 2½. Ex-member Ian Jamieson also played the Open, withdrawing on 3/8.

Open Out
03/11/18 The Open team were knocked out of their cup competition by Holmes Chapel on Thursday, with draws from Alan and Hambel all we had to show for the trip north.

Halloween Shocker
31/10/18 A treat for Stafford B tonight as the F team's tricks failed to prevent a whitewash.

Mixed Fortunes
25/10/18 The C team went down narrowly to Meir A last night despite a win from Hambel and draw from Nic. Meanwhile the D team got their season underway with a healthy win against Cheddleton E with wins from Joe, Richard and Jeff and a draw from Paul.

Henry and E off to winning start
24/10/18 The E team won 3 - 1 at Kidsgrove last night with full points from Myron, Watson and debutant Henry.

Perry team through but A lose
18/10/18 The Perry Cup team resched the semi-finals of their competition with 2½ - 1½ victory last night based on wins from Jeff and david backed by a draw from Paul. However draws by Reinhold, Barry and Hambel were unable to save the A team from defeat by Holmes Chapel A

Newcastle at Crewe
15/10/18 Three members turned out for the five round Crewe Congress over the weekend. Alberto scored 3 and Joe 2½ in the Intermediate section and Dylan 2 in the Minor.

Weak Wednesday
11/10/18 The C and F teams both lost against Crewe C and Cheddleton H respectively last night. Alan and Hambel drew for the C team, Alberto and Dylan for the F.

Kidsgrove Klobbered
11/10/18 Newcastle whitewashed Kodsgrove in the intermediate cup on Tuesday in a match that was brought forwards from the end of the month. Richard, Myron, Alberto, Pete and Nic were responsible for the carnage.

Barry to the fore
07/10/18 Barry's win led the C team to a 2½ - 1½ victory at Cheddleton D on Friday.

B Start Well
04/10/18 The B team got off to a winning start against F/enton B last night thanks to wins from Thivyaa and John and draws from Hambel and Joe.

False Start
03/10/18 The club's first match of the league season should have seen the D team at Kidsgrove last night, but that was postponed. The honour now falls to the B team tonight.


Preston Play
04/12/18 Eight North Staffs players featured in the Preston Congress over the weekend. Sam parry and Pavel Nefyodov competed in the major scoring 3 points and 2½ respectively over the five rounds. Neville Layhe and Sam Turner both scored 3½ in the minor, and were matched by Julian Hawthorne in the Standard section. The latter section aslo saw Dave Price and Nic Wright score 2½ and Les Hall 2.

More of the Quick Stuff
28/11/18 The British rapidplay was played over 9 rounds at Ilkley over the weekend. Sam parry was the leading North Staffs light with a score of 8 in the minor, with Joe Hirst amongst those on 6½. After his success at Bolton I'll simply say that Jacob Boswell found the going tougher this time out.

Bolting Bolton
20/11/18 Half a dozen North staffs players turned out at the Bolton Rapidplay on Sunday. Jacob Boswell scored 4½/6 for a tie for second in ther open, while the same score for Neville Layhe earned joint third in the Knights section where he was a half point clear of Les Hall. In the major Bartosz Fajfer scored 3½, Geoff Laurence reached 50% and Doug Barnett didn't.

Membership Matters
18/11/18 A check through the matches played so far reveals that five players have each played more than three games without having joined the ECF, contrary to league rules. These count as ineligible players and the match scores have been adjusted accordingly though of course results for grading purposes are unaffected. Eight matches have been affected, including four in which the consequence is a loss of league points.

As things stand the Association is currently on the hook to the ECF for a total of £80 for these five non-members, and whilst this will disappear when the players concerned do join, it should not find itself in this position.

First Sight of Performances
17/11/18 I've put up the first version of the performances page for the season, which will be updated at irregular intervals.

Malcolm on Tour
14/11/18 Malcolm Roberts has spent time on the Devon coast, playing both the Beacon seniors in Exmouth and the Torbay Congress. Between the two he managed plenty of draws.

4NCL International
05/11/18 Sam Parry and Sam Turner both scored 5/9 in the minor section of the 4NCL International Congress played at Telford, with Les Fancourt and Julian Hawthorne both on 4. Rich Wiltshir stopped on 2½ after 5 rounds in the major.

Scarborough Outing
31/10/18 Eight North staffs players made it to Scarborough for the annual congress at the Spa Centre over the weekend. Simon Gilmore scored 3½ in the Open and Malcolm Roberts 3 in the Intermediate. Jon and Sandra Blackburn both reached 50%, as did Hambel Willow, but Sam Parry, Simon Edwards and Les Hall didn't.

Change in Estimate
15/10/18 I have upped the estimated grade for Dylan Whitney from 38 to 50.

Crewe Congress
15/10/18 Crewe had two 100% scorers at their congress over the weekend, with Karl Lockett winning the Major and Harry Gardiner the Minor section. Neville Layhe was involved in an 8 way tie for second behind Karl. The intermediate was dominated by incomers, but Jacob Boswell was involved in a three way tie for first in the Open.

Double Master
07/10/18 is showing Jonathan Blackburn as having gained both Candidate Master and FIDE Master titles for his efforts at Batumi. Hope this is correct.

Junior 4NCL
02/10/18 A squad of Jacob Boswell, Sam Parry, Joe Hirst, Joe Alcock and Corben Rowbotham competed in division one of the first weekend of this year's junior 4NCL. After a tough Saturday they drew both of Sunday's matches.

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