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Rambling Rook's Diary

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8 Nov 2017

Newcastle Events

This Week(25 - 29 Mar)

A team: Cheddleton A, home
C team: Alsager A, away, Tue
F team: Meir B, Mon
Club Night: Wednesday

Following Week (1 - 5 Apr)

B team: Cheddleton B, home
F team: Crewe F, away, Wed
Club Night: Wednesday

15th Newcastle Mini

13th and 14th April 2019
U160, U130, U100 sections
Details and entry lists


Point for B
24/03/19 The B team drew at Cheddleton B on Friday, with Myron winning and Barry, Alan and Nic all getting draws.

Better Wednesday
21/03/19 The week improved for the club on Wednesday with the C team beating Alsager A thanks to wins by Myron and David A backed by John's draw, and the Perry Cup team progressed to their final by beating Crewe B Nic and Paul winning and Jeff drawing. They will play Crewe's A team in the final.

Major Concession
21/03/19 The Major Cup team were unable to raise a side for their visit to Meir on Monday, so conceded the match.

F move forward
13/03/19 The F team advanced their points total with a narrow win at home to Crewe F tonight, with Pete and Andrew winning and David A getting the draw.

B close again
13/03/19 The B team lost their fourth successive match 2 - 3, this time to Macclesfield, with Joe winning and Alan and Barry drawing.

E stay in touch
09/03/19 The E team stayed in touch with the division four leaders by beating Kidsgrove at the Bridge Club, with Hambel and David A winning and Alberto getting a draw.

09/03/19 Two of next weeks matches have been postponed, the D team's visit to Fenton C and the E's to Stafford A will now take place on dates to be decided.

C lose to C
07/03/19 Despite Joe's win, the C team lost to Cheddleton C last night.

Week Deteriorates
01/03/19 Following on from the two wins reported below, newcastle lost the other two matches this week. The E team lost at home to Cheddleton's equivalent side, with David A winning and Alberto drawing. The A team's vist to Holmes Chapel saw Alan's draw preventing a whitewash.

D drive on
27/02/19 The D team picked up two more points tonight, this tome against their namesakes from Crewe, with Joe and Jeff winning and Richard and Paul getting draws.

F team off the bottom
25/02/19 A visit to Meir C brought the F team's second win of the season and took them off the bottom of division 5. Alberto and Edward won and Watson got the vital draw.

Win one, lose one
21/02/19 Newcastle's two cup matches this week have both gone to board count. On Tuesday the Jackson Cup team got the better of Rugeley, with Joe winning and John and Alberto both drawing, whilst on Wednesday in the Intermediate Cup Cheddleton progressed despite draws from Richard, Alberto and Nic levelling the score with the help of David A's default win.

C Draw
15/02/19 Alan and Hambel won as the C team shared the spoils at Crewe B on Wednesday.

B Bruised
12/02/19 The B team lost 2 - 3 at Macclesfield last night despite wins from Alan and Myron.

Jeff Delivers for D
10/02/19 With Joe, Paul and Nic all drawing, Jeff delivered the vital match winning point when the D team visited Cheddleton E on Friday.

Point for E
07/02/19 Hambel won and Alberto and Nic drew as the E team picked up a point at Crewe D last night.

Another B near miss
06/02/19 The B team lost 2 - 3 at Crewe A tonight with Reinhold winning and Alan and John getting draws.

F Lose Again
02/02/19 The F team suffered another narrow defeat last night, this time at the hands of Cheddleton H, despite David A winning and Alberto getting a draw.

D Delight
31/01/19 The team ran out 3½ - ½ winners at home to Kidsgrove last night with Paul drawing whilst Joe, Richard and Jeff all secured wins.

C win
29/01/19 The C team won at Meir A on Monday thanks to wins from Myron and Pete and draws from Alan and Nic.

Match Off
29/01/19 Fenton have called off tomorrow's division one match between the clubs.

Bad Night
24/01/19 The club played and lost two matches last night with the B team going down narrowly to Rooks despite a win from Myron and draws from Joe and Richard, and the F team having only Alberto's draw to show for their trip to Crewe E.

E Jilted
22/01/19 The E team turned up at Alsager tonight to find no home team waiting for them, resulting in a walkover win for the visitors.

Weather Victim
22/01/19 The D team's match at Kidsgrove tonight has fallen victim to the weather.

Derby Revenge for D
17/01/19 The D team took revenge on the E team for their defeat earlier in the season, running out 2½ - 1½ winners this time round. Richard and Jeff won for the D team, Myron for the F, whilst captains Paul and David A drew.

Nic goes South
14/01/19 Nic continued his good start to the year, scoring 3/5 in the Minor Section at the Somerset Congress at Clevedon over the weekend.

New Date
14/01/19 The D team's match at Kidsgrove that should have been played at the start of the season will now take place on 22nd January.

E ease into New Year
10/01/19 The E team enjoyed a narrow victory over Stafford A to start the New Year with Myron and Dave A winning and a returning David Meakin getting a draw. The D team's match was postponed as Alsager were unable to raise a team.

New Year, New Nic
06/01/19 Despite being one of the lowest seeds Nic scored 3/5 in his section at the Shropshire Congress. Well done. Newcastle old boy Simon Maydew was also present in a higher section, but didn't threaten the prize list.

06/01/19 Hambel too found herself lowly seeded, this time at Hastings, so 2/5 was a perfectly respectable score. Also at Hastings Thivyaa was dipping her toes in the open, reaching 3½/9 before leaving one round early. Wouldn't be school getting in the way would it?

E set the tone (we hope!)
03/01/19 The E team led the club into 2019 with a victory over Fenton C thanks to wins by Myron and David and a draw from Nic.

Capital Joe
01/01/19 Scoring 6/9 Joe came 4= out of 80+ entrants in the major U12 section at the recent London Junior Championships.

C draw at C
15/12/18 The clash of C teams at Cheddleton last night finished honours even with Pete winning and Hambel and Nic getting draws.

Three for Two
13/12/18 Two of the clubs teams picked up three points between them as as D team won at Stafford A on the back of victories by Richard and Paul and a draw from Brian, whilst the F team drew with 3 man Meir B with Alberto winning.

A off the Mark
11/12/18 The A team recorded their first victory of the season at Fenton last night, thanks to wins from Thivyaa and Reinhold and draws from Barry and Richard.

F Fall
07/12/18 The F team fell to defeat at Cheddleton G despite Dylan's win and Alberto's draw.

05/12/18 This week's matches for the B team at Cheddleton B and the E team at home to Alsager B have been postponed.


03/03/19 A host of North Staffs players competed in the Blackpool Congress over the weekend. None made a fool of themselves with all scores lying between 1½ and 3½ inclusive. Best scores were from Fajfer Bartosz with 3½ in the Major and Jon Blackburn with 3 in the Intermediate.

First Title
03/03/19 Holmes Chapel are the first club to secure silverware this season, the division one title becoming theirs when the A teams of Chedleton and Fenton fought out a draw on Friday.

Doncaster and Warwickshire
03/03/19 Last weekend Roger Walker finished joint second in the Minor section at Doncaster with a score of 4/5, with Sam Turner scoring 2 in the Major section there. at the same time Les Fancourt was finding the going tough in the Intermediate section at the Warwickshire congress.

Winter in Bristol
19/02/19 Thivyaa Rahulan and Sam Turner both outscored their status in the Bristol Winter Congress over the weekend, with Thivyaa reaching 3½/5 in the Open section and Sam 2½ in the Major.

04/02/19 The set of performances I put up over the weekend were strange in places. I'd like to claim computer error, but the truth is of course human error in use of computer. Now corrected (I hope!).

The Price is Right
04/02/19 Dave Price won the U120 section at the Frodsham Congress over the weekend with a score of 4½/5. Julian Hawthorne came joint second on 4, with Les Hall further down on 2.

Meanwhile in the U160 section Geoff Laurence came second on 4, with Andy Raeburn, Michael Lee, Phillip Colvelle and Doug Barnett all on 3 and Neville Layhe on 1½.

22/01/19 Nic Wright scored 2½/4 in the minor section at the latest 4NCL Congress at Harrogate, having to skip the last round to get to his band practice. Sam Turner came just below half-way in the Major, whilst in the same section Malcolm Roberts had the sort of weekend after which things can only get better.

Junior Success
22/01/19 Cheddleton continue to organise a team to play in the Junior 4NCL, with the side winning the top division at the most recent event held at Solihull last weekend. Jacob Boswell scored an excellent 4½/5 backed up by Sam Parry 4/5, Joe Hirst 2½/5, Joe Alcock 1/4 and Dylan Whitney 0/1. One aspect not shared with the main 4NCL is the provision of a reserves competition which encourages reserves to travel in the knowledge they will get games. In this Dylan scored 3/4. The final event for the season will be held in Daventry at the beginning of March.

Julian again
14/01/19 Julian Hawthorne scored 2½/4 in the Minor Section at the Somerset Congress at Clevedon.

Score round-up
06/01/19 In the Hastings Masters Jacob Boswell and Malcolm Armstrong both scored 5/10, Carl Gartside had mixed fortunes in his second week events, and Matthew Carr took a break from arbiting to play in the blitz in which there was quite a bit of power on display.
Meanwhile this weekend saw a North Staffs invasion at the Shropshire Congress, at least as far as the middle two sections were concerned. In the Major Jon Blackburn reached 50%, just ahead of Neville Layhe, with Sam Turner achieving a score commensurate with someone playing a section up. Julian Hawthorne was top North staffs scorer in the Intermediate with 3½ and a tie for fourth. Doug Barnett, Sandra Blackburn and Simon Layhe were half a point worse off, with a similar further gap down to Chris Rhodes. Les Hall also played despite being eligible for the Minor, which explains his finding the going tough.

Hastings Xmas
01/01/19 Carl Gartside came joint second with a score of 4/5 in his first of his Hastings events, designated an Xmas one. Now for the New Year ones.

28/12/18 Thivyaa Rahulan, Jacob Boswell and one time Stafford stalwart Malcolm Armstrong all drew their first round games in the masters event at the Hastings International Chess Congress, with Jacob and Malcolm to meet in round two. Carl Gartside is down to play in several of the side events, and Hambel Willow will join the fun in the New Year.

11/12/18 After 3 rounds in the FIDE open running alongside the London Chess Classic, Simon Edwards is above 50%. May not sound much, until you look at the field.

Preston Play
04/12/18 Eight North Staffs players featured in the Preston Congress over the weekend. Sam Parry and Pavel Nefyodov competed in the major scoring 3 points and 2½ respectively over the five rounds. Neville Layhe and Sam Turner both scored 3½ in the minor, and were matched by Julian Hawthorne in the Standard section. The latter section aslo saw Dave Price and Nic Wright score 2½ and Les Hall 2.

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