Fenton Chess Club

Fenton have moved again (March 2017), and now meet at the Tollgate Hotel & Leisure Centre, Ripon Road, Blurton, Stoke-On-Trent, ST3 3BS. The complex is clearly visible on the Trentham Road, though the entrance to the car park is on Ripon road.
Fenton have changed their name twice in recent years, having started off as Angel Inn and then being known as Foley so as to match the names of their venues. Venue changes have been even more frequent.


Fixtures and Results

Fenton A

captain: Ray Hyde
201Mon02.10.2017Newcastle Bhomewon4 - 1
206Thu19.10.2017H Chapel Rooksawaywon3 - 2
210Wed01.11.2017Crewe Aawaydrew2½ - 2½
212Mon13.11.2017Macclesfieldhomewon4½ - ½
218Mon27.11.2017Cheddleton Chome
224Fri15.12.2017Cheddleton Daway
232Wed17.01.2018Newcastle Baway
237Fri02.02.2018Cheddleton Baway
239Mon19.02.2018Cheddleton Dhome
246Mon12.03.2018H Chapel Rookshome
249Fri23.03.2018Cheddleton Caway
251Mon26.03.2018Crewe Ahome
254Mon16.04.2018Cheddleton Bhome

Fenton B

Fenton C

captain: Stuart Hullcaptain: Chris Brian
303Mon09.10.2017Cheddleton Ehomewon3 - 1
307Wed18.10.2017Crewe Bawaylost1½ - 2½
314Mon20.11.2017Meir Aawaylost½ - 3½
321Mon11.12.2017Alsager Ahome
322Mon18.12.2017Alsager Bhome
325Fri05.01.2018Cheddleton Eaway
328Wed10.01.2018Newcastle Caway
329Mon15.01.2018Crewe Bhome
332Mon22.01.2018Meir Ahome
344Tue13.03.2018Alsager Aaway
350Tue27.03.2018Alsager Baway
355Mon23.04.2018Newcastle Chome
402Mon02.10.2017Cheddleton Fhomelost½ - 3½
406Wed25.10.2017Newcastle Dawaydrew2 - 2
408Mon30.10.2017Crewe Chomedrew2 - 2
411Wed22.11.2017Crewe Daway
414Wed13.12.2017Stafford Baway
415Mon08.01.2018Newcastle Dhome
419Wed24.01.2018Crewe Caway
422Mon26.02.2018Crewe Dhome
426Mon19.03.2018Stafford Bhome
430Fri06.04.2018Cheddleton Faway

Individual Records

A Team

NBhrwaMCCcdnb cbCDmHRccWACB
Petru Floresc (e165) 1111
Railton Hyde (156) .½0.
Kasian Capatina (147) 0.11
Glyn Valentine (148) 10½1
Grenville Cross (e130) ..0.
Stephen Emmerton (127) 11.½
Maximilien Launay (124) 1½.1d

B Team

CEwbrakAAABce ncWBRAKaaabNC
Kasian Capatina (147) ..0
Petru Floresc (e165) 11.
Grenville Cross (e110) 100
Stephen Emmerton (127) .0½
Maximilien Launay (124) 0.0
Michael Smith (108) 1..
Robert West (95) .½.

C Team

CFndWCwdsb NDwcWDSBcf
Grenville Cross (e130) 0.0
Maximilien Launay (124) ..½
Michael Smith (108) 0.1
Ernest Wilkinson (101) .½.
Derek Whitehurst (97) ½1.
Robert West (95) .½.
Christopher Brian (89) 0.½
default .0.