Fixture Files 2017/18 for Download

Just a choice of csv and pdf formats this year. The csv files should create easily editable tables in a variety office type apps.

Div 1 104 Stafford A v H Chapel A to 18 April
Div 2 203 and 245 Crewe A and Cheddleton D swap weeks
Div 5 530 Crewe E v Cheddleton I to 1 Nov
Div 5 531 Crewe F v Newcastle E to 2 May
Files below updated.


A one page pdf summary of all fixtures in abbreviated form

Fixtures by Competition

Division 1
Division 2
Division 3
Division 4
Division 5

Fixtures by club

The files below contain league fixtures only.
Cup fixtures need to be downloaded separately, see above.
Remember that the Open cup is a 6 board competition.

Alsager All teams
Cheddleton A to D teams
E to I teams
All teams
Crewe All teams
Fenton All teams
Holmes Chapel All teams
Meir All teams
Newcastle All teams
Stafford All teams


NSDCA grades Aug 2017 edition.
If sheets are printed back to back the whole should fold to make an A5 booklet.
Estimated Grades Methodology
Sheet of 4 scorecards