Division 5

For teams of four having a total grade at most 400.
Maximum individual limit of 125.
Players graded no more than 90 may play for more than one team in this division.

Recent Results

50101.10.18Meir B3½ - ½Meir C
50203.10.18Crewe F0 - 4Crewe E
50305.10.18Cheddleton F2 - 2Stafford B
50410.10.18Newcastle F1 - 3Cheddleton H
50510.10.18Stafford B3½ - ½Meir B
50612.10.18Cheddleton G2½ - 1½Cheddleton F
5th division match scorecards

Table as at 12 Oct 2018

Stafford B 2 1 1 0 3 5.5
Crewe E 1 1 0 0 2 4.0
Meir B 2 1 0 1 2 4.0
Cheddleton H 1 1 0 0 2 3.0
Cheddleton G 1 1 0 0 2 2.5
Cheddleton F 2 0 1 1 1 3.5
Meir C 1 0 0 1 0 0.5
Crewe F 1 0 0 1 0 0.0
Newcastle F 1 0 0 1 0 1.0

Forthcoming Fixtures

507Mon22.10.18Meir CvCheddleton F
508Wed24.10.18Crewe FvStafford B
509Fri26.10.18Cheddleton HvCheddleton G
510Wed31.10.18Crewe EvCheddleton G
511Wed31.10.18Crewe FvMeir C
512Wed31.10.18Stafford BvNewcastle F
513Fri02.11.18Cheddleton FvCheddleton H


  Che F Che G Che H Cre E Cre F Meir B Meir C New E Sta B
Cheddleton F xxx 2 - 2
Cheddleton G 2½ - 1½ xxx
Cheddleton H xxx
Crewe E xxx
Crewe F 0 - 4 xxx
Meir B xxx 3½ - ½
Meir C xxx
Newcastle F 1 - 3 xxx
Stafford B 3½ - ½ xxx

For summary of individual performances, see the relevant club page.

Other Fixtures

514Wed07.11.18Newcastle FvCrewe E
515Wed07.11.18Stafford BvCheddleton H
516Mon12.11.18Meir BvCheddleton F
517Fri16.11.18Cheddleton GvCrewe F
518Fri16.11.18Cheddleton HvMeir C
519Mon19.11.18Meir BvCrewe F
520Wed21.11.18Crewe EvMeir C
521Fri23.11.18Cheddleton FvNewcastle F
522Fri23.11.18Cheddleton GvStafford B
523Wed28.11.18Crewe EvMeir B
524Mon03.12.18Meir BvCheddleton H
525Wed05.12.18Crewe FvCheddleton F
526Fri07.12.18Cheddleton GvNewcastle F
527Mon10.12.18Meir CvCheddleton G
528Wed12.12.18Newcastle FvMeir B
529Fri14.12.18Cheddleton HvCrewe E
530Fri04.01.19Cheddleton FvCheddleton G
531Mon07.01.19Meir CvCrewe E
532Fri11.01.19Cheddleton HvCheddleton F
533Mon14.01.19Meir CvMeir B
534Wed16.01.19Crewe EvCrewe F
535Wed16.01.19Stafford BvCheddleton F
536Fri18.01.19Cheddleton GvCheddleton H
537Mon21.01.19Meir BvCheddleton G
538Wed23.01.19Crewe EvNewcastle F
539Wed23.01.19Stafford BvMeir C
540Fri25.01.19Cheddleton HvCrewe F
541Wed30.01.19Crewe EvStafford B
542Fri01.02.19Cheddleton FvMeir C
543Fri01.02.19Cheddleton HvNewcastle F
544Fri08.02.19Cheddleton FvCrewe E
545Mon11.02.19Meir BvCrewe E
546Wed13.02.19Crewe FvCheddleton G
547Wed13.02.19Newcastle FvStafford B
548Mon18.02.19Meir CvCrewe F
549Wed20.02.19Newcastle FvCheddleton F
550Fri22.02.19Cheddleton GvCrewe E
551Fri22.02.19Cheddleton HvMeir B
552Mon25.02.19Meir CvNewcastle F
553Wed27.02.19Stafford BvCheddleton G
554Wed06.03.19Stafford BvCrewe F
555Fri08.03.19Cheddleton GvMeir C
556Mon11.03.19Meir CvStafford B
557Wed13.03.19Crewe EvCheddleton H
558Wed13.03.19Newcastle FvCrewe F
559Fri15.03.19Cheddleton FvMeir B
560Mon25.03.19Meir BvNewcastle F
561Wed27.03.19Crewe FvCheddleton H
562Wed03.04.19Crewe EvCheddleton F
563Wed03.04.19Crewe FvNewcastle F
564Fri05.04.19Cheddleton GvMeir B
565Fri05.04.19Cheddleton HvStafford B
566Mon08.04.19Meir CvCheddleton H
567Wed10.04.19Newcastle FvCheddleton G
568Fri12.04.19Cheddleton FvCrewe F
569Mon15.04.19Meir BvStafford B
570Wed17.04.19Newcastle FvMeir C
571Wed24.04.19Crewe FvMeir B
572Wed24.04.19Stafford BvCrewe E