Division 4

For teams of four having a total grade at most 460.
Players graded under 90 count as 90 for totalling purposes.
Players graded no more than 105 may play for more than one team in this division.

Recent Results

40101.10.18Fenton C½ - 3½Alsager B
40202.10.18KidsgrovePPNewcastle D
40305.10.18Cheddleton E0 - 4Crewe D
40410.10.18Crewe D½ - 3½Fenton C

4th division match scorecards

Table at 10 Oct 2018

Crewe D 2 1 0 1 2 4.5
Fenton C 2 1 0 1 2 4.0
Alsager B 1 1 0 0 2 3.5
Cheddleton E 1 0 0 1 0 0.0
Kidsgrove 0 0 0 0 0 0.0
Newcastle D 0 0 0 0 0 0.0
Newcastle E 0 0 0 0 0 0.0
Stafford A 0 0 0 0 0 0.0

Forthcoming Fixtures

405Tue23.10.18KidsgrovevNewcastle E
406Wed24.10.18Newcastle DvCheddleton E
407Mon29.10.18Fenton CvStafford A


  Als B Chedd E Crewe D Fent C Kids Newc D Newc E Staff A
Alsager B xxx
Cheddleton E xxx 0 - 4
Crewe D xxx ½ - 3½
Fenton C ½ - 3½ xxx
Kidsgrove xxx
Newcastle D xxx
Newcastle E xxx
Stafford A xxx

For summary of individual performances, see the relevant club page.

Other Fixtures

402TueTBAKidsgrovevNewcastle D
408Tue06.11.18Alsager BvKidsgrove
409Wed07.11.18Crewe DvNewcastle D
410Fri09.11.18Cheddleton EvNewcastle E
411Tue13.11.18Alsager BvCheddleton E
412Wed14.11.18Newcastle DvFenton C
413Wed14.11.18Stafford AvKidsgrove
414Mon19.11.18Fenton CvCheddleton E
415Tue20.11.18Alsager BvCrewe D
416Wed21.11.18Newcastle EvNewcastle D
417Wed28.11.18Newcastle EvCrewe D
418Wed28.11.18Stafford AvAlsager B
419Wed05.12.18Crewe DvKidsgrove
420Wed05.12.18Newcastle EvAlsager B
421Fri07.12.18Cheddleton EvStafford A
422Tue11.12.18KidsgrovevFenton C
423Wed12.12.18Stafford AvNewcastle D
424Wed02.01.19Newcastle EvFenton C
425Wed02.01.19Stafford AvCrewe D
426Fri04.01.19Cheddleton EvKidsgrove
427Wed09.01.19Newcastle DvAlsager B
428Wed09.01.19Newcastle EvStafford A
429Wed16.01.19Newcastle DvNewcastle E
430Tue22.01.19Alsager BvNewcastle E
431Wed23.01.19Crewe DvCheddleton E
432Mon28.01.19Fenton CvCrewe D
433Wed30.01.19Newcastle DvKidsgrove
434Tue05.02.19KidsgrovevAlsager B
435Wed06.02.19Crewe DvNewcastle E
436Wed06.02.19Stafford AvFenton C
437Fri08.02.19Cheddleton EvNewcastle D
438Mon11.02.19Fenton CvKidsgrove
439Tue26.02.19Alsager BvStafford A
440Wed27.02.19Newcastle DvCrewe D
441Wed27.02.19Newcastle EvCheddleton E
442Wed06.03.19Newcastle EvKidsgrove
443Fri08.03.19Cheddleton EvFenton C
444Mon11.03.19Fenton CvNewcastle D
445Tue12.03.19KidsgrovevCrewe D
446Wed13.03.19Stafford AvNewcastle E
447Wed27.03.19Newcastle DvStafford A
448Fri29.03.19Cheddleton EvAlsager B
449Tue02.04.19Alsager BvFenton C
450Tue02.04.19KidsgrovevStafford A
451Tue09.04.19Alsager BvNewcastle D
452Tue09.04.19KidsgrovevCheddleton E
453Wed10.04.19Crewe DvStafford A
454Mon15.04.19Fenton CvNewcastle E
455Wed17.04.19Crewe DvAlsager B
456Wed17.04.19Stafford AvCheddleton E