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Division 3 match scorecards

For convenience these are arranged alphabetically by home team

* Minimum counting grade of 80 applies when totalling.

400Alsager A22Cheddleton E354
117Alan Thomason10Karol Grzybowski88
E100Brian Birchall10Nicholas McLean96
103John Smith01Matthew Wyza85
47*Timothy Sullivan01Peter Tomczak85

407Alsager ACheddleton F425
107Stephen Brown01Roger Edwards129
117Alan Thomason10Roger Walker114
103John Smith½½Colin Abell98
47*Timothy Sullivan01David Hallen84

384Alsager A31Fenton B419
117Alan Thomason½½John Amison125
107Stephen Brown½½Jaroskaw GorskiE120
47*Timothy Sullivan10Stephen Emmerton94
54*David Ross10Stuart Hull75*

432Alsager A½Holmes Chapel Pawns342
117Alan Thomason½½George Scattergood102
107Stephen Brown10David Price*
E105Jack Savas10Ben Scattergood36*
103John Smith10Joseph Morris22*
Unofficial estimate

407Alsager A31Newcastle C428
117Alan Thomason10Watson Fuller117
107Stephen Brown01Geoffrey Lee113
103John Smith10John Day99
47*Timothy Sullivan10Peter Shaw99

377Alsager A½Stafford B412
117Alan Thomason01Stephane Pedder135
E100Brian Birchall½½Kenneth McNulty117
80Oliver Horrocks01David Stewart*
47*Timothy Sullivan01Geoffrey Cox*

unofficial estimate

418Cheddleton E40Alsager A384
117Roberto Moruzzi10Alan Thomason117
118Keith Brownlee10Stephen Brown107
85Matthew Wyza10Oliver Horrocks80
98Colin Abell10Timothy Sullivan47*

423Cheddleton E13Cheddleton F407
118Keith Brownlee01Roger Edwards129
124Vlade Luzajic01Roger Walker114
96Nicholas McLean½½David Hallen84
85Peter Tomczak½½Frank Bruce68*

424Cheddleton EFenton B359
124Vlade Luzajic01Jaroskaw Gorski120
117Roberto Moruzzi10default*
98Colin Abell½½Robert Taylor104
85Peter Tomczak10Stuart Hull75

416Cheddleton EHolmes Chapel Pawns342
117Roberto Moruzzi½½George Scattergood102
118Keith Brownlee10Ellen Scattergood35*
96Nicholas McLean01Ben Scattergood36*
85Peter Tomczak10Joseph Morris22*

432Cheddleton E22Newcastle C430
144William Armstrong10Watson Fuller117
118Keith Brownlee01Francis Westfield115
85Matthew Wyza½½John Day99
85Peter Tomczak½½Peter Shaw99

416Cheddleton E31Stafford B373
118Keith Brownlee01Kenneth McNulty117
117Roberto Moruzzi10Denis Nesbitt96
96Nicholas McLean10Peter Evans68*
85Peter Tomczak10Geoffrey Cox*

430Cheddleton FAlsager A357
129Roger Edwards10Alan Thomason117
114Roger Walker01Neville Jones*
103Peter Hallen½½Oliver Horrocks80
84David Hallen10David Ross54*

412Cheddleton F31Cheddleton E419
129Roger Edwards½½Vlade Luzajic124
114Roger Walker10Keith Brownlee118
84David Hallen10Paul Shelley92
85Matthew Wyza½½Peter Tomczak85

425Cheddleton FFenton B439
129Roger Edwards01Jaroskaw Gorski139
114Roger Walker10Abdulbari Kabiri116
98Colin Abell10Robert Taylor104
84David Hallen½½Stuart Hull75*

425Cheddleton F31Holmes Chapel Pawns361
129Roger Edwards01George Scattergood102
114Roger Walker10Richard Blackwell99
98Colin Abell10David Price*
84David Hallen10Joseph Morris22*

430Cheddleton F31Newcastle C430
129Roger Edwards10Watson Fuller117
114Roger Walker10Francis Westfield115
103Peter Hallen½½John Day99
84David Hallen½½Peter Shaw99

425Cheddleton FStafford B400
129Roger Edwards½½Andrew Leadbetter123
114Roger Walker10Kenneth McNulty117
98Colin Abell½½David Stewart*
84David Hallen½½Geoffrey Cox*

393Fenton B½Alsager A407
139Jaroskaw Gorski10Alan Thomason117
94Stephen Emmerton10Stephen Brown107
79*Geoffrey Yates½½John Smith103
80Richard Cantliffe10David Ross54*

403Fenton B½Cheddleton E406
125John Amison½½Vlade Luzajic124
104Robert Taylor10Roberto Moruzzi117
*Jaroskaw Gorski10default*
94Stephen Emmerton10Peter Tomczak85

408Fenton BCheddleton F416
116Abdulbari Kabiri01Roger Edwards129
108Danny Griffiths10Roger Walker114
104Robert Taylor10David Hallen84
80Richard Cantliffe½½Ebrahim Arshad89

410Fenton B31Holmes Chapel Pawns342
120Jaroskaw Gorski10George Scattergood102
116Abdulbari Kabiri10Ellen Scattergood35*
94Stephen Emmerton10Ben Scattergood36*
80Richard Cantliffe01Joseph Morris22*

355Fenton B13Stafford B428
E120Jaroskaw Gorski01Stephane Pedder135
75Stuart Hull01Kenneth McNulty117
E80Karl Walklate01Denis Nesbitt96
80Richard Cantliffe10Geoffrey Cox*

421Fenton BNewcastle C430
139Jaroskaw Gorski½½Watson Fuller117
108Danny Griffiths½½Francis Westfield115
94Stephen Emmerton01John Day99
79*Geoffrey Yates½½Peter Shaw99

360Holmes Chapel Pawns22Alsager A407
120Khalid Azimi10Alan Thomason117
35*Ellen Scattergood01Stephen Brown107
36*Ben Scattergood01John Smith103
22*Joseph Morris10Timothy Sullivan47*

342Holmes Chapel Pawns04Cheddleton E400
102George Scattergood01Roberto Moruzzi117
35*Ellen Scattergood01Keith Brownlee118
36*Ben Scattergood01Peter Tomczak85
*default01Megan Moruzzi73*

342Holmes Chapel PawnsCheddleton F426
102George Scattergood01Roger Edwards129
35*Ellen Scattergood½½Roger Walker114
36*Ben Scattergood01Allan Beaumont99
22*Joseph Morris10David Hallen84

382Holmes Chapel Pawns13Fenton B379
120Khalid Azimi01John Amison125
102George Scattergood10Stephen Emmerton94
36*Ben Scattergood01Mark Whitby80
35*Ellen Scattergood01Stuart Hull75*

342Holmes Chapel Pawns13Newcastle C430
102George Scattergood½½Watson Fuller117
35*Ellen Scattergood01Francis Westfield115
36*Ben Scattergood01John Day99
22*Joseph Morris½½Peter Shaw99

342Holmes Chapel Pawns04Stafford B357
102George Scattergood01Kenneth McNulty117
36*Ben Scattergood01Peter Evans68*
35*Ellen Scattergood01David Stewart*
22*Joseph Morris01Geoffrey Cox*

430Newcastle C31Alsager A384
117Watson Fuller01Alan Thomason117
115Francis Westfield10Stephen Brown107
99John Day10Timothy Sullivan47*
99Peter Shaw10David Ross54*

430Newcastle CCheddleton E428
117Watson Fuller01Conrad Bushnell140
115Francis Westfield10Keith Brownlee118
99John Day10Peter Tomczak85
99Peter Shaw½½Matthew Wyza85

430Newcastle C22Cheddleton F412
117Watson Fuller½½Roger Edwards129
115Francis Westfield01Roger Walker114
99John Day½½David Hallen84
99Peter Shaw10Matthew Wyza85

426Newcastle CFenton B403
113Geoffrey Lee½½John Amison125
115Francis Westfield½½Stephen Emmerton94
99John Day½½Robert Taylor104
99Peter Shaw10Stuart Hull75*

431Newcastle C½Holmes Chapel Pawns342
117Watson Fuller½½George Scattergood102
115Francis Westfield10Ellen Scattergood35*
100Nicholas Wright10Ben Scattergood36*
99Peter Shaw10Joseph Morris22*

430Newcastle C22Stafford B378
117Watson Fuller01Kenneth McNulty117
115Francis Westfield10Denis Nesbitt96
99John Day½½Guy De Visme85
99Peter Shaw½½Geoffrey Cox*

 Stafford B4defAlsager A 

407Stafford BCheddleton E416
117Kenneth McNulty10Roberto Moruzzi117
114Kasik Wozniak10Keith Brownlee118
96Denis Nesbitt01Nicholas McLean96
*Geoffrey Cox½½Peter Tomczak85

425Stafford BCheddleton F412
135Stephane Pedder10Roger Edwards129
114Kasik Wozniak10Roger Walker114
96Denis Nesbitt½½David Hallen84
*Geoffrey Cox01Matthew Wyza85

391Stafford B13Fenton B424
137Roger Butters01Jaroskaw Gorski120
114Kasik Wozniak10Danny Griffiths108
68*Peter Evans01Robert Taylor104
*David Stewart01Richard Tunstall92

357Stafford B13Holmes Chapel Pawns382
117Kenneth McNulty½½Khalid Azimi120
68*Peter Evans01George Scattergood102
*Geoffrey Cox½½Ben Scattergood36*
*David Stewart01Ellen Scattergood35*

434Stafford B½Newcastle C428
123Andrew Leadbetter½½Watson Fuller117
117Kenneth McNulty01Geoffrey Lee113
114Kasik Wozniak01John Day99
*Geoffrey Cox01Peter Shaw99

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