Division 3 match scorecards

For convenience these are arranged alphabetically by home team

* Minimum counting grade of 105 applies when totalling.

514Alsager A31Alsager B425
148Alan ThomasonAndrew Barker110
130Stephen BrownNeville Jones104*
131John Smith10Michael Williams90*
101*James Marshall10Oliver Horrocks88*

514Alsager A3Kidsgrove520
148Alan Thomason01Rich Wiltshir144
130Stephen Brown01Brian Hitchinse155
131John SmithJulian Hawthorne116
90*Michael Williams01Julian Cook90*

514Alsager A21Meir A515
148Alan Thomason10Steve Hill153
130Stephen BrownPeter Windows130
131John SmithClive Ferry127
90*Michael WilliamsRoger Colemane80*

514Alsager A13Newcastle C491
148Alan Thomason01Hambel Willow136
130Stephen Brown01John Day129
131John SmithRichard Cantliff121
101*James MarshallWatson Fuller98*

498Alsager B22Alsager A514
153John BoothAlan Thomason148
130Gordon ParkerStephen Brown130
110Andrew BarkerJohn Smith131
104*Neville JonesJames Marshall101*

473Alsager B12Cheddleton E515
153John BoothWilliam Armstrong149
110Andrew BarkerJon Blackburn141
104*Neville Jones01Sandra Blackburn118
88*Oliver HorrocksDavid Hallen107

498Alsager B12Crewe B517
153John Booth10Karl Lockett157
130Gordon Parker01Richard Renegadee130
110Andrew Barker01Martin Gill119
104*Neville JonesChris Rhodes111

498Alsager B22Kidsgrove519
153John Booth10Rich Wiltshir144
130Gordon Parker01Brian Hitchinse155
110Andrew BarkerDavid Johnson115
104*Neville JonesJulian Cook90*

 Cheddleton E4dAlsager A 

515Cheddleton E12Fenton B505
149William Armstrong01Petru Floresce165
141Jon BlackburnStephen Emmerton127
118Sandra BlackburnMichael Smith108
107David HallenChristopher Brian89*

501Cheddleton E12Meir A515
135John Yee01Steve Hill153
141Jon Blackburn01Peter Windows130
118Sandra BlackburnClive Ferry127
107David Hallen10Robert Perry79*

504Cheddleton E3Newcastle C508
138Philip Birks01Alan Paling149
141Jon BlackburnJohn Day129
118Sandra Blackburn01Alberto Gissi117
107David Hallen01Nicholas Wright113

517Crewe B21Cheddleton E515
157Karl Lockett10William Armstrong149
e130Richard Renegade10Jon Blackburn141
119Martin Gill01Sandra Blackburn118
111Chris RhodesDavid Hallen107

517Crewe B21Fenton B501
157Karl Lockett01Petru Floresce139
e130Richard Renegade10Stephen Emmerton127
119Martin Gill10Grenville Crosse130
111Chris RhodesRobert West95*

517Crewe B31Kidsgrove501
157Karl Lockett10Rich Wiltshir144
130Richard Renegade10Brian HitchinsF136
119Martin Gill01Julian Hawthorne116
111Chris Rhodes10Julian Cook90*

517Crewe B21Newcastle C492
157Karl LockettHambel Willow136
e130Richard Renegade10John Day129
119Martin Gill01Richard Cantliff121
111Chris Rhodes10Paul Clapham106

509Fenton B40Alsager A514
148Glyn Valentine10Alan Thomason148
127Stephen Emmerton10Stephen Brown130
124Maximilien Launay10John Smith131
e110Grenville Cross10default0*

509Fenton B21Alsager B498
148Glyn Valentine01John Booth153
127Stephen EmmertonGordon Parker130
124Maximilien Launay10Andrew Barker110
e110Grenville Cross10Neville Jones104*

501Fenton B31Cheddleton E501
e139Petru Floresc10John Yee135
124Maximilien Launay01Jon Blackburn141
e130Grenville Cross10Sandra Blackburn118
108Michael Smith10David Hallen107

508Fenton B22Crewe B490
147Kasian Capatina10Neville Layhe137
127Stephen EmmertonDouglas Barnett123
124Maximilien LaunayMartin Gill119
e110Grenville Cross01Chris Rhodes111

509Fenton B21Meir A515
148Glyn Valentine01Steve Hill153
127Stephen EmmertonPeter Windows130
124Maximilien Launay10Clive Ferry127
e110Grenville Cross10Eddie Burke85*

508Kidsgrove3Alsager B473
144Rich WiltshirJohn Booth153
F136Brian Hitchins10Andrew Barker110
113Derek Northage10Neville Jones104*
115David Johnson10Oliver Horrocks88*

520Kidsgrove3Cheddleton E515
144Rich Wiltshir10William Armstrong149
e155Brian Hitchins10Jon Blackburn141
116Julian HawthorneSandra Blackburn118
96*Steven Nixon10David Hallen107

480Kidsgrove12Crewe B497
144Rich WiltshirNeville Layhe137
116Julian Hawthorne01Richard Renegadee130
115David Johnson10Martin Gill119
90*Julian Cook01Chris Rhodes111

519Kidsgrove12Meir A515
144Rich Wiltshir10Steve Hill153
e155Brian Hitchins01Peter Windows130
115David Johnson01Clive Ferry127
96*Steven NixonEddie Burke85*

515Meir A22Alsager B450
153Steve HillGordon Parker130
127Clive FerryAndrew Barker110
130Peter Windows01Neville Jones104*
85*Eddie Burke10default*

515Meir A21Crewe B472
153Steve Hill01Neville Layhe137
130Peter Windows10default0*
127Clive Ferry10Martin Gill119
85*Eddie BurkeChris Rhodes111

515Meir A3Fenton B528
153Steve Hill10Kasian Capatina147
130Peter WindowsStephen Emmerton127
127Clive Ferry10Maximilien Launay124
85*Eddie Burke10Grenville Crosse110

515Meir A13Newcastle C491
153Steve Hill01Hambel Willow136
130Peter Windows10John Day129
127Clive Ferry01Richard Cantliff121
e80*Ewan Haas01Watson Fuller98*

511Newcastle C21Alsager A514
149Alan PalingAlan Thomason148
136Hambel Willow10Stephen Brown130
121Richard Cantliff10John Smith131
98*Watson Fuller01James Marshall101*

499Newcastle C3Fenton B507
160Barry Jones10Petru Floresce165
121Richard Cantliff10Stephen Emmerton127
113Nicholas WrightGrenville Crosse110
98*Watson Fuller10Robert West95*

468Newcastle C12Alsager B498
136Hambel Willow01John Booth153
121Richard CantliffGordon Parker130
106Paul ClaphamAndrew Barker110
98*Watson FullerJames Marshall101*

487Newcastle C21Kidsgrove488
136Hambel Willow01Rich Wiltshir144
129John Day10Derek Northage113
117Alberto Gissi10David Johnson115
98*Watson FullerJulian Hawthorne116

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