Division 2 match scorecards

For convenience these are arranged alphabetically by home team

*Minimum counting grade of 120 applies when totalling.

^ Ineligible player. Game scored to opponent and one game point deducted from team score

707Cheddleton B22Crewe A722
178Jacob Boswell10Bartosz Fajfere163
139Jon BlackburnKarl Lockett149
141^ Philip Birks10Richard Renegade138
129Sam Parry10Neville Layhe137
118*Sandra BlackburnDavid Hulme135

707Cheddleton B31H Chapel Rooks660
178Jacob Boswell10Colin Mills148
139Jon BlackburnMalcolm Roberts137
141Philip BirksMichael Lee135
129Sam Parry10John Hicks113*
118*Sandra BlackburnPaul Clifford92*

720Crewe A22Cheddleton B707
e163Bartosz Fajfer01Simon Edwards178
149Karl LockettPhilip Birks141
144Amy Lovatt10Jon Blackburn139
137Neville Layhe01Sam Parry129
127Chris Rhodes10Sandra Blackburn118*

722Crewe A41H Chapel Rooks678
e163Bartosz Fajfer10Colin Mills148
149Karl Lockett10George Scattergood138
135David HulmeMalcolm Roberts137
138Richard RenegadeMichael Lee135
137Neville Layhe10John Hicks113*

721Crewe A31Macclesfield717
e163Bartosz Fajfer10Philip Cattermole151
162Olawale TitiloyeGeoff Laurence149
149Karl Lockett10Philip Colville140
116*Simon Layhe01Denzil Lobo139
127Chris Rhodes10Anthony Brough138

723Crewe A32Newcastle B722
170Bartosz Fajfer01Reinhold Heinlein187
162Olawale TitiloyeAlan Paling159
144Amy LovattJohn Day130
127Chris Rhodes10Richard Cantliff126
116*Simon Layhe10Peter Shaw111*

716Fenton B23Cheddleton B707
184Petru Floresc01Jacob Boswell178
152Kasian Capatina01Philip Birks141
129Maximilien LaunayJon Blackburn139
131Stephen Emmerton10Sam Parry129
101*Derek WhitehurstSandra Blackburn118*

709Fenton B23Crewe A702
184Petru Floresc01Bartosz Fajfere163
145Glyn Valentine10David Hulme135
131Stephen EmmertonKarl Lockett149
129Maximilien LaunayChris Rhodes127
107*Grenville Cross01Douglas Barnett128

709Fenton B13Macclesfield713
184Petru FlorescPhilip Cattermole151
145Glyn ValentineGeoff Laurence149
129Maximilien LaunayDenzil Lobo139
131Stephen Emmerton01Anthony Brough138
107*Grenville Cross01Joachim Trier136

650H Chapel Rooks13Fenton B709
137Malcolm Roberts01Petru Floresc184
138George Scattergood01Glyn Valentine145
135Michael LeeStephen Emmerton131
113*John Hicks10Maximilien Launay129
92*Paul Clifford01Grenville Cross107*

660H Chapel Rooks32Macclesfield713
148Colin MillsPhilip Cattermole151
137Malcolm Roberts10Geoff Laurence149
135Michael Lee01Denzil Lobo139
113*John HicksAnthony Brough138
*Liam McIlveen10Joachim Trier136

661H Chapel Rooks14Newcastle B700
148Colin Mills01Barry Jones162
138George Scattergood01Alan Paling159
135Michael LeeHambel Willow133
113*John Hicks01Myron Odingoe120
92*Paul CliffordRichard Cantliff126

697Macclesfield22Cheddleton B686
151Philip Cattermole01Jacob Boswell178
149Geoff Laurence10Jon Blackburn139
139Denzil Lobo01Sam Parry129
138Anthony Brough10Sandra Blackburn118*
110*Marc JouannetCaroline Mountford115*

714Macclesfield41H Chapel Rooks678
151Philip Cattermole10Colin Mills148
149Geoff Laurence10George Scattergood138
140Philip Colville10Malcolm Roberts137
138Anthony Brough01Michael Lee135
136Joachim Trier10John Hicks113*

717Macclesfield32Newcastle B677
151Philip Cattermole01Alan Paling159
149Geoff Laurence01Myron Odingo152
140Philip Colville10Richard Cantliff126
139Denzil Lobo10Alberto Gissi119*
138Anthony Brough10Peter Shaw111*

723Newcastle B22Crewe A718
175Thivyaa Rahulan10Bartosz Fajfere163
162Barry Jones10Karl Lockett149
133Hambel Willow01David Hulme135
127Joe HirstAmy Lovatt144
126Richard Cantliff01Chris Rhodes127

724Newcastle B32Fenton B721
175Thivyaa Rahulan10Petru Floresc184
159Alan Paling01Kasian Capatina152
133Hambel WillowGlyn Valentine145
130John Day10Grenville Cross107*
127Joe HirstDerek Whitehurst101*

685Newcastle B23H Chapel Rooks684
159Alan Paling01Michael Hancock161
e140Myron Odingo10Colin Mills148
133Hambel Willow01Michael Lee135
127Joe HirstJohn Hicks113*
126Richard CantliffPaul Clifford92*

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